“I’d like to know more about the residents of the palace. It feels like every carefully placed stone has a story to tell.” The guide looked at her with misty eyes, her voice choked. “It was a city, not just a palace. Each stone speaks of dreams destroyed, to appease the ego of palace residents.” … Continue reading Remnants


Reena’s Xploration Challenge

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Have great festive times ahead... The Xploration Challenge too, takes an annual break. Meanwhile, I would like to share something I came across, which will invite different perspectives. It may seem creepy to some, and inclusive to others. See the pictures below on how someone has … Continue reading Reena’s Xploration Challenge


They touched their cheeks to ensure if it was real. They couldn’t fathom if they were lying on grass, or floating high up amongst leaves. The feet were not touching the ground. The existence was light as a leaf for sure – they were not bothered if their pristine white outfits would stain, or if … Continue reading Mystical


The darkness is soothing, but she is grateful for the windows. It prevents claustrophobia. It gives an insight into worlds outside. It gives an opportunity to jump out to end her life. Mental illness was reappearing. It was not possible to get out of this place, or out of her mind. (280 characters)


His eyes darted around the auditorium, as speedily as the fingers strummed the guitar. He awaited magic – the emergence of a voice from the audience, emanating from a beautiful face. Together, they will create a different kind of music and the night will glide away like never before. It will be a kind of … Continue reading Perfection

Not a deterrent

It was a task well-executed, and now it’s time to celebrate. I don’t know from where these gun-toting masked creatures emerged. They changed the scenario of the party in a few minutes. I see blood trickling down the bodies of some friends. And there in a corner, lies someone who resembles me. But I feel … Continue reading Not a deterrent

Artists’ muse

RAINY DAYS often get artists busy, with their writing tools or easel and brush, as they look for inspiration at the shape-shifting clouds flexing muscles to enter imagination The one-bun is a nice format. Try your hand at

Eternal Myth

Fire changes, and each moth approaches it without knowing the fate of those who died before … at least without being able to connect the cause of death with fatal attraction. The Sun is one, but fields of sunflowers change. Moods and emotions change. Undying love renews itself every moment to sustain itself. Understanding is … Continue reading Eternal Myth