Weight of Sacrifice

Sacrifice is glorified. Sacrifice puts you in orbs above average. Sacrifice gives you a halo, and binds you to expectations. Sacrifice cries out for a worthwhile cause. There are many who will ask you to put the interest of others before your own, to attain a nobility you did not ask for. They exhort you … More Weight of Sacrifice

Kerala Wall

Only a lunatic can imagine that – building foundations amidst a psunami, with the sea biting her ankles. She looks for collaboration from submerged life beneath the surface. The movement against women entering a revered temple is in full swing. Two women show the courage to break the law, and unrest grips the town. Yet, … More Kerala Wall

Addicted to Success

New Year Resolutions are a quaint custom, that people have stopped trusting, but still continue to follow. Social media has a ball with circulation of jokes and gentle nudges on this topic. Where did the custom originate ? Babylonians made promises to their gods at the start of each year that they would return borrowed objects … More Addicted to Success

Success Factors

This week, we explore a person and how s/he impacts our personality and perspective on life. It could be a pet, since we have strong emotional bonds with these lovely souls. MY TAKE I close my eyes and see the morning sky, resplendent in shades of yellow and orange. These are the colors of sunrise, … More Success Factors


Youth applauds the ingenuity of the sculptor. The artist has outdone himself in capturing the complexities of the world. How are brilliant careers and filthy fortunes built? The world looks for the pull from the top, or the jack – the propeller from the bottom. Networks keep your system functioning, and oil your wheels with … More Hollowness

Women who Care

I take pleasure in introducing Manmeet Dawar, another coachee, who runs The Pink Foundation, along with her sister Harmeet Dawar in Ahmedabad. Their flagship projects are Project Swabhimaan (Market-linking handmade articles by women) Project Khilkhilahat (Getting slum children into boarding schools) Project Sankalp (Awareness on Women’s Health issues) Please visit http://www.tpfworld.org/, for details. FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/pinkfoundation