Prompt So what exactly happened here? A woman felt powerless because she was unable to let go of a story she was holding onto which made her a victim. Even though she no longer saw this man, her former lover, she carried him within, and over and over again inside was keeping this version of … Continue reading Toxicity


Silent Eloquence

the story of life embedded in glances who other than you can decipher nuances? in your language, I did dream over the years piercing pain, shattered bits cannot stop flowing tears we try to reach a pact in the first night away from you half-open peeps can’t count ensuing aeons of blues silence is their … Continue reading Silent Eloquence

Translated poem – Give me a story

let me recognize myself Give me a scar leave some remnants of you Give me a story…… no assurance no promises nothing lost Give me a story….. your benevolence, not love kisses on the forehead not on my lips Give me a story….. one-sided love interpreted as right folly of my innocence Give me a … Continue reading Translated poem – Give me a story

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 63

Welcome to Week 63! Prompt Here is an intriguing picture shared by Harvey Kraft on LinkedIn.   The picture by itself can tell a thousand stories. But I am increasing the complexity a little. Here is a paragraph from another source. So what exactly happened here? A woman felt powerless because she was unable to … Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 63

I negotiate life

This is a poetry form 'Freku' propagated by Ronovan at New Form of Haiku & Poetry   the moon is still dark night moving towards dawn adept at hiding underlying dark stories of those who escape other worlds are few all in the glare of the sun balls moving on orbs to prove universal truths, protect … Continue reading I negotiate life

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 62

The festival of lights made an attempt to light up the dark skies with fireworks, and the earth with strings of lamps … all for a night or two, and then, the Moon goes back to its normal routines. The challenge has ended. For how long? A fortnight, a year or for eternity? What did … Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 62

Eternal Source

Prompt In the immensity of consciousness, a light appears — a tiny point which moves rapidly and traces shapes, thoughts, and feelings, like a pen writing on paper. And the ink which leaves a trace is memory. You are that tiny point and by your movement the world is ever re-created.  Sri Nisargadatta, I Am … Continue reading Eternal Source