happy to conceal lack of it or smugly reveal action kits what gets fried poached or boiled perishes untried is Potential

There’s every colour

colours floating on canvas a flow gone berserk -no rules -no direction they change with every new contact they make The only unique factor is Me watching a palm that holds life like an outsider who knows inner strife I draw lines through the flow to separate zones tear through the fabric which looks like … More There’s every colour


People are tardy about returning books. And I’m insistent enough to keep reminding. I can’t let go of books. Received a pile today from a neighbour who had shifted elsewhere a month ago. He dropped in to say Hi, and return the books with apologies. It’s great to catch up with buddies again. I miss … More Coded

Identity theft

A large sum has been swindled out of my bank account. The police says it’s a case of identity theft. Someone has used my credentials to log in the system. Registering complaints is a long drawn out tedious process. I hit the bed after calling eleven numbers, talking to six un-cooperative customer care officers and … More Identity theft