Stains of distrust on the psyche got deeper and difficult to erase, as I saw your imperviousness to the color of my dreams. Relationships have different hues at different stages in life – what matters is the intensity. Love and mutual respect should be un-erasable pigments responding to external inputs, and creating different shades, but … Continue reading Fading


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #79

Welcome to a colourful week! Different versions of the Spring Festival are celebrated across the world. Here, we celebrate Holi, a festival of colors. The image below gives an idea of how the festival is celebrated. Holi-festival of colors So, here goes the theme for this week’s prompt. Use one or more of the words … Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #79

Unusual Leaf

I alternate between worlds I undulate, I’m serrated, I arrange myself in whorls as a flower, I’m rated   stoma – my windows to worlds absorb toxic carbon - give oxygen epidermis hides vital activity but I lend meaning to acrogens   pressed in pages of life I constitute memories read with care - the … Continue reading Unusual Leaf

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #78

Welcome back! Today, we have a paragraph as a prompt. Do whatever you can with it. Reflect on it, twist it, break it into pieces and use a phrase or just write if you agree/disagree or whatever you think about it. As usual, there are no restrictions on length or format. Suit yourself. PROMPT “That … Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #78

Woman – her journey

PROMPT Twisted out of shape to please others, she did not recognize herself. When she rose on her feet, with straight shoulders and looked in the eyes of the world – the world did not recognize her. She has shed the burden of imposed expectations, but needs to carve out a fresh identity. Will a … Continue reading Woman – her journey

Reena’s Exploration Challenge – 77

Welcome to a very special week of the year! Many of us look forward to it, many are weary of the hoopla that doesn’t get anywhere. The journey has been chronicled by a few, but the story gets outdated very fast, as newer versions emerge. Yes, you got it right. It is about half of … Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge – 77

We are all made of stardust

PROMPT You are made of stardust, and to stardust you will return RESPONSE Stardust is hydrogen and helium and some more, and so are elements of earth. We glamorize our building blocks, and compare with a shining object in the sky, to motivate people. Building blocks are life givers, and yet so elementary. It is … Continue reading We are all made of stardust