Reena’s Exploration Challenge #104

Here’s another week that promises to be full of creativity and fun. PROMPT  104- LONG AND SHORT OF IT Here’s a rather long paragraph by Jiddu Krishnamurthy.. As one sat in the aeroplane amidst all the noise, smoking and loud talking, most unexpectedly, the sense of immensity and that extraordinary benediction which was felt at …

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #103

Welcome back to another week of inspiration and exploration! PROMPT I have a video for you this week If you do not have the patience to watch 6 minutes of it, use the following words as a prompt Delightfully Disorienting Dance The video refers to humans, but you are free to choose nature, music, …

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Their rules become your game

The Influence of Social Media The reach of the social media is utilized to project politically motivated opinions and drown the voices of sanity by trolling. To generate user content for the business entities which make their millions through it.To divide the population into manageable chunks, so that they never become a powerful unified …

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #102

Welcome to Week 102! Challenge 101 has been a fascinating one for me. Hats off to the origami artist, Anastasia Elias who created the piece!  And my lavish compliments to all the writers, who added value by creating different themes. I saw the prompt image fading away with every new contribution, and the writer’s mental …

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Growing up

life pursues expansion to grow from ends narrow to broader views   excited enthusiastic opening eyes discovering our brilliance in the bright new world   tired witty, but sarcastic weary, but wise we return from eminence longing for old moulds   we outgrew the need to know being better than thou -starting anew

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #101

You made my week, friends! A BIG THANK YOU for all the good wishes I received. PROMPT Moving on to this week, here’s an image prompt…. Artist - Anastasia Elias Image Credit: Anastasia Elias The interpretation lies in your imagination. For the device readers which can’t decipher an image, what I see here is a …

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Infinity still beckons

I would love to be somewhere there spreading wings tasting the sky smelling the wind cutting through light falling back on earth smoothly, softly like raindrops to gladden minds and hearts Infinity beckons….   Are you the One, God who keeps me earth-bound with no wings aching feet myopic vision shrivelling up claustrophobic in closed …

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