Getting Real

it happened again full moon inspired some dreams just to shrink once more   Heeding Haiku with Chevrefeuille



day by day breath by breath I change with daily accretions shedding burdens each experience is shedding skin to grow a new one more resistant more tolerant looking back I don’t recognise the person that was me nor what I have become life happened somewhere in between   Poetics at dVerse  

Common sense

“The birds know, the pumpkins in the field know…” “What?” “The secrets hiding behind the bushes ….” “And how do we know that?” “Simple, Mama … walk over to the other side of the tree.” My little one can sure apply common sense to fairy tales. Reading out a story is not fun anymore. (277 … Continue reading Common sense

Burnt out

The night’s still young revellers wild, callow what awaits them at the next turn  …. Who the hell wants to know? They enjoy life… Early success, early burnout nothing left to boost sagging spirits beaten hollow chickens come home to roost They regret life (44 words)   Quadrille #67