“I can’t stay here.” She wrinkled her nose in disgust, while the guy looked blank, as if trying to recall … More

Mirrors tell tales

“We will come here late evening, and then, watch the fun…” “This place is not supposed to be safe after … More

Pay it forward

There is something special about this bakery school. One batch in a month is conducted free-of-cost for street urchins, and … More


precipitation of last day’s angst – your life renewed – morning dew   Heeding Haiku with Chevrefeuille


pondering too much makes it such a mystery life is simpler if lived without rancour on a day-to-day basis   … More


Goodness – timeless love positive energy float around in universe afraid – of declaring its existence of being gobbled by … More

Writers’ Block

Be not proud, Sun and Moon! Artificial moons dot the night sky. The writers’ block hits me at this point. … More

Pavement Dwellers

festering wounds unhealed in time throb under the night sky as they remember a spoilt brat crossing the line, driving … More

Inside the box

mind maps brainstorming take me further away from targeted solutions   breakthroughs occur when I work with available tools inside … More

Burst of color

A sudden burst of color had the small township pop up with rumors in the last few months. Who was … More