absent networks dissolving devices selfies may not reach planet Earth   how I wish to hop back on equipped spaceships Connectivity restored…


The scroll of the screen continued even after she closed her eyes.   Outside, the monitor is showing a straight line, and the doctor has pulled the sheet on her face, declaring death. There is a lot of turbulence inside her - unfulfilled wishes, unanswered questions, anger, resentment, desire to see how he world reacts to …

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Reena's Exploration Challenge #118

Welcome to getting a little more entrenched in the new decade or the new year! Does it already feel stale, or is sparking new hopes within you? As you read these lines, I will be enjoying the opulence of an Indian wedding in a holiday resort. Another couple will enter an uncertain world, feeling certain …

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I will protect you to the end of the world, for in your safety lies my security and in my silence lies your prosperity. we are unusual we are incorrigible partners-in-crime we write stories erasable replaceable where characters change but the core remains evil indelible Power impenetrable