they hang heavy on minds they force my hands I hear sounds in the silence of tombs I’m yet to be born I’m still in the womb -an unfinished piece not allowed to bloom   my fears pull me in them I’m riding a broom the scene changes Kaboom, Kaboom I’m now the Master worlds …

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embroidered memories of nurtured illusions   innocent doe-eyes were just that   -youthful traps for a thirsty soul   thirst unquenched… youth spent

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #109

Welcome to Week 109! My thoughts go back to a stark neighbourhood – identical yellow buildings with numbers painted on them. I enter 109, the building where my uncle lives. It is a rainy day, trains are stuck on water-logged tracks, college is closed and I have walked on the tracks to reach there. My …

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Life’s a stage

Love is a battlefield - of emotions, opinions, personalities, ingrained beliefs. And one often wonders how did they overlook this in the first flush? We love to be wanted, desired by someone - but often miss the basic question - for what reasons? It has led to theories that marriage is an unnatural state of …

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