August is not my birth month, but it’s eventful for Leos, even if one was born late  in July. Somehow, the major changes in life occur somewhere around this time. August is full of grey skies and heavy rains, but how one loves this weather in sultry tropical climes…. A couple of festivals also fall … More August

Weight of Sacrifice

Sacrifice is glorified. Sacrifice puts you in orbs above average. Sacrifice gives you a halo, and binds you to expectations. Sacrifice cries out for a worthwhile cause. There are many who will ask you to put the interest of others before your own, to attain a nobility you did not ask for. They exhort you … More Weight of Sacrifice

Counting steps

August approached in a golden sweltering haze. It does every year, as Leo season begins, and astrologers start writing rosy forecasts. In a few days ….life goes back to normal, with all its struggles, joys, sorrows …. as it was before I turned another leaf in the book of Time. How do we end up … More Counting steps


I’m sure I saw Gautam walk through a wall, but I’ve been consigned to an asylum for saying that. Buddha developed these powers after enlightenment, but treated it as of no special consequence. She couldn’t think of Gautam ever meditating, but could it be that she  had developed a special power of seeing his spiritual … More Enlightenment

First Selfie

The Instagram coach promises to share a secret treasure at the end of the program. She speaks about the art and science of video making, and leveraging Instagram for profits. The entrepreneurs and wannabes are thrilled. How can things be so simple and so effective? She makes it so easy for them. The coach sighs. … More First Selfie