Lite? No…

“Youtube shorts are the latest in the market, after Tiktok.” “How do I earn revenue, if there are no ads?” “You increase visibility first. The long videos can come later.” A month later…. “Dammit! That’s not what I intended to say.” “I guess something is lost in editing. I’ll relook.” Jack sounded sheepish. “Look here, … More Lite? No…


The loveseat made her uncomfortable, so she moved to the couch.  The sight of thirteen nude figures on the loveseat upholstery added to her discomfort. Could it have been a better idea to sit on it, rather than watch it? Ughhh… Dining chairs are all in different colours, and the table has an undefinable amoeba-like … More Discomfort

Let’s grow

The rose bushes lay a siege with velveteen petals and curved thornsBabies I pat on the head, have grown hornsThe world is changing fast, let’s grow togetherOr those bushes will soon drive us apart Petals change color, I did not see the thornsI need to keep pace, so keep the meter onOr those bushes will … More Let’s grow


“Modesty is the jewel of a woman”, they said. “What makes you feel threatened – the shine of my intellect or the capability to rule?” “This feminist line of thought….they want to change the world.” “How does it matter?” “We cannot track our lineage, if the female tribe is let loose. Power politics in the … More Lineage


well-crafted words sure have a way great oratory has power to sway followers are assets -she’s so proud engagement on content speaks loud Do they walk to move with her, or await a magic pill to find solutions in blue ether? journeys  can’t be static any movement can then become Pride of the attic

Navigating currents

“I’m moving out – to live independently.” “A heavy silence hung in the air.” “Well, I cannot stop you from doing so. But I guess you have luxuries in this house, you won’t be able to afford on your own, just yet.” “Sure, but I have no freedom. I want to launch my own startup, … More Navigating currents


“We extend full support to our beloved leader. The nefarious strategies of the opposition party have been exposed. “You know that, because it is what the media tells you, and no one is talking about strategies of the ruling party. You will gain deep insights on proverbs such as ‘Offense is the best defense’, ‘ … More Rodeo