happy to conceal lack of it or smugly reveal action kits what gets fried poached or boiled perishes untried is Potential


Legions of ideas race through fertile ground of the mind, and get stuck at a point. Try hard as I may, it’s impossible to move ahead. Sammi’s word limit is 32 words.

Look within

Well, you’re right when you say I wanna be my own girl. But then what makes you say I’ll need someone to look after me? Check contradictions Clean those outdated mindsets Need no one, just me… Looking after me? Is that what makes one so claustrophobic, eager to break the cage, eager to fly out? … More Look within

On camera

Parenting is a huge topic of discussion, as a superstar’s son is arrested for drug abuse. Everybody talks about setting examples, and a deteriorating value system. I guess values change from generation to generation, and it happens with every generation, not just the ones following or preceding us. “Do you really think our parents were … More On camera


Slices of life, and a life lived in pieces skin – for all that happens inside a being walls conceal a story and human history


Pain is an impermanent state. One wallows in it, internalises it, learns all possible lessons and then gets on with the business of life. juxtapositionhelps highlight what needs to bechucked out or retained What surprises is not the pain, but the response it elicits from others. Some insist on giving you more, some help you … More Pain


a tinge of sadnessovertakes the evening skyball of fire weakensin the crepuscular lightno one escapes dusk, night falls