You always knew it. Didn’t you? I was made in a different mould. I couldn’t twist and turn myself to fit into the social moulds of your expectations. What forced your hand to get tough with me, and spew venom? Whose expectations were you living up to, when you criticised every act of mine. You … More Isolation


Spring arrived with mud and a torrent of bad news. “Wash the mud off thoroughly with soap, and spray a sanitiser after that.” “I love the smell of wet earth.” “You need to do it to retain the sense of smell.” I dreamt of trees laden with a spiky fruit, which no one wanted to … More De-sensitised

Paradise Lost

I was woken and shaken up by the novel Atlas Shrugged at one point of time, and then relegated it to the basement of consciousness  – as unattainable idealism. I don’t know why the smell of yellowing pages wafted back into memory, with the news of Covid vaccine patent waivers. An industrialist at the helm … More Paradise Lost

Hens in business

The Feminist Hen is asked to lay off. “Rebels here lose their life and wings in an hour’s time. Don’t push them to the chopping board.” It is time for the Deadly Rooster to declare dawn, but the sun is nowhere to be found. He limps out in the dark to meet a stony silence. … More Hens in business

Maniac’s Dance

Previous poem The dance of a maniac lacks the grace of a gymnast the gay abandon in expression of joy calculated steps to build a rhythm The dance of a maniac disturbs the balance of tolerant earth stirs spasmodic earthquake energy to unearth some more madness The dance of a maniac Strives – to make … More Maniac’s Dance


“Why are these five publications not echoing our stance on burning topics? Only fear and greed will keep people on your side – where have you failed that they still stand on isolated platforms…” the Boss is furious, not used to facing failure or opposition. It is only a matter of time before this fury … More Connection


My five-year old cousin from the countryside visited Mumbai for the first time. He had never seen high-rise buildings and box-like apartments before. While he hankered to catch sight of an actor or celebrity somewhere, and loved the sea, he was not impressed by homes. ‘What’ll you do, if there are more guests? Where are … More Portable

Subconscious alleys

I think I was born out of someone else’s will -unarmed, unprepared I go back enriched, strengthened by lessons I may forget but lurking somewhere -alive in folds of the soul they control me, and once more, I write fresh stories -ink on electronic screens need to learn coding to communicate again express myself in … More Subconscious alleys


Whatsapp groups talk about friends, relatives struggling to breathe in hospitals or those who’ve moved beyond He flicks channels once again only to get on another- flashing Covid updates He slips deeper into depression… He accuses others of being insensitive while imagining who would miss him If he is no more… It hurts – to … More Controls