Reena’s Xploration Challenge #232

Welcome back! I'm taking a slight detour from the usual method of concocting prompts. I used an online prompt generator, and found four interesting sentences. PROMPT #232 I’m going to defeat you with the power of friendship! ... And this knife I found. I’m sick and tired of being called 'mortal' like, you don’t know … Continue reading Reena’s Xploration Challenge #232

Emotional Intelligence

“Do you remember how crazy he was about her, just a couple of years ago …. I’m taken aback by the venom he spews about her now, as if all the good in her evaporated in a storm?” “There you are, Julie …. We are unaware of the storms that pass through the mind of … Continue reading Emotional Intelligence

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #230

Welcome to another week between two eclipses! I'm not alluding meaning to it, as different people interpret this gap differently. It just took me to the space between two stages of a relationship or life. Anything can transpire. So, here's your weekly prompt. PROMPT #230 Treat the two images as two stages, and write about … Continue reading Reena’s Xploration Challenge #230

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #229

PROMPT #229 Welcome back to a multi-layered world! Nothing is as it seems to be on the surface. Well, I had almost zeroed down on the word Layers to be used as a weekly prompt, but then another thought struck. I'm not sure if it is better or bad. The prompt line for this week … Continue reading Reena’s Xploration Challenge #229


rolling stones gather no moss smoothness facilitates motion adaptability to different terrains nominates them for victory static rocks acquire character -are worshiped for history they support -till they forget worlds beyond their compressed energy suffocates - unaware that release is possible they can live again…

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #228

Welcome to changing seasons, and whatever it spurs in you! PROMPT #228 The theme is "Assortment" The image given above is your prompt for the week. Write whatever comes to mind. There is no restriction on length or format of the piece. There is no last date either, unless you wish to be featured in … Continue reading Reena’s Xploration Challenge #228


If all goes right, take the right turn. This was Mom’s fave quote, and ‘right’ was to be interpreted as per the situation. Years later, I think of situations when things did not go right. It means things did not go as per expectations. Provocations arose from unexpected quarters at an unexpected time. Teach them … Continue reading Provocation


What kind of bonding runs the deepest? -battles fought together from the same side when dawn is faraway, nights the darkest finding your way out of a dense forest staring at a common enemy - mortified What kind of bonding runs the deepest? It’s superfluous to be modest or smartest only the one with a … Continue reading Companionship

Humans are human, for ….

it takes you where you want to go, on invisible wingsyou are in the driver's seat, yet the bell never ringsmoments captured, embedded in code concealedbecome DNA for stories you tell, songs you sing you are in the driver's seat, yet the bell never ringsyou thought it's over, but it pulls you aheadbecome DNA for … Continue reading Humans are human, for ….

Unending Cycle

‘The Creator, Preserver and Destroyer”, he said with a smirk, “Don’t we all know the Trinity?” “Yes. We do. It is an easily understandable concept. I strive to know if it is a straight line or circle. What happens after the End? Is there recreation, or only new creation?” “Sounds like Copernicus saying the earth … Continue reading Unending Cycle