“Individualism is a form of escapism, if you refuse to take responsibility for another’s life and expect them to manage their own.” “But are others not happy with their freedom?” “Maybe, they need help. Can we dissociate ourselves from a collective human responsibility?” “No. But you need to differentiate exchange from charity, and authoritarianism from … Continue reading Escapism



“Is there a story surrounding this structure?” “Yes. A genie appears whenever thunder strikes the structure, and unleashes destruction on the world.” The sky changed color. I saw lightning, and stretched out my hands to wring the guide’s neck. I wondered what was getting inside me. Or rather WHO? I guess destiny finds a medium … Continue reading Genie


shreds of existence falling between the cracks emerge as insanity or fierce independence -to be berated by the pieces that stayed afloat above the surface   eerie silence of lava rocks threatens to explode with toxic vigor polluting green life sky laments its nothingness in a conspiracy of clouded facts

Dreamy mornings

“Wanna start a cult?” “Why not? A cult that will make leaders and followers redundant….. There will be a code of conduct based on truth, transparency and reason. If there is no falsehood or manipulation, then people will not need a leader. They will do the right thing by instinct. There will be project managers … Continue reading Dreamy mornings

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #78

Welcome back! Today, we have a paragraph as a prompt. Do whatever you can with it. Reflect on it, twist it, break it into pieces and use a phrase or just write if you agree/disagree or whatever you think about it. As usual, there are no restrictions on length or format. Suit yourself. PROMPT “That … Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #78