The intricacies of design on this instrument can’t match the complexity of emotions that arise on seeing this. It was my wildest dream and my worst nightmare. We matched wonderfully in our musical intelligence. But that’s not enough to sustain a lifetime. Life is about so much more, and unfortunately, we were not on the … Continue reading Compatibility


Dawn Break

The night is darker than usual, though the almanac says Full Moon will illuminate the skies soon. She walks through many worlds in her dreams and nightmares, while staying pinned to her uncomfortable bed. All this will soon be a thing of the past, but then…. how soon? There are so many pointers to the … Continue reading Dawn Break

Joker in the pack

“Did you hear that? Arnold has been designated SVP. Aren’t we all doing our duties to perfection and delivering on parameters?” The cafetaria is a place for such conversations. Anybody who wants to understand the company culture should spend more time here. “The joker in the pack always helps you win. Didn’t you see him … Continue reading Joker in the pack

Conscious Fashion

The survivor took great pride in declaring its Indian origin, and the philosophy of non-violence practised by a section of the population. “I pierced the cocoon to come out and am living a full life. The manufacturers still get the silk they need to make those luxurious and visually delightful sarees, but without killing the … Continue reading Conscious Fashion

All that is local

“This is the art that brought me to another country. I was invited by a resident to decorate the alleys with cheap material, and I used rice powder.” “Anybody can do it.” “Yes. Maybe they can. But I kept innovating with my art. The movement from rice powder to vibrant  colours got me international fame. … Continue reading All that is local

On the other side

My friend cribs about her tough life in a sales job, her monstrous boss and unfair incentive schemes. Clearly, she does not enjoy her job - nor did I. But being conversant with something helped me navigate the downturns better. I steer the conversation to what she’d like to do – lounge around in pyjamas, … Continue reading On the other side


There’s something magical about the room, but not in a nice way. Is Ellen imagining the figure on the wall, or is it really there? Dad told her not to make up imaginary friends or foes. Wait and watch if the object under observation can really harm. The figure does not move, but something leaps … Continue reading Preparedness


“Thai cooking is no joke without the right ingredients”, the celebrity chef grumbled, “I found galangal, but kaffir lime leaves are substituted with lemon zest.” “Don’t you think ingredients need to be sourced from abroad, for the astronomical price that you charge for a meal?” the local chef was feeling left out. “Understand the opportunity … Continue reading Exotica

Dirty Linen

This was his desk from where he texted customers every evening. “Have dirty linen to wash? You can trust us to maintain complete secrecy.” It was a marketing technique that worked reasonably well for him. Customers smiled as they handed over their laundry. One afternoon, a well-manicured hand filled the empty cup with coffee. He … Continue reading Dirty Linen

Spinning brains

If a brain can spin, it happens inside these tiny heads. If I had a device to scan the insides of a skull, it would show two different colours on the left and right sides, with the capacity to interchange between left and right, and between the siblings. I’ve never seen any kid carve out … Continue reading Spinning brains