The Shift

They hugged each other and cried, though it had been only two hours since they last met. They were strong individuals, but tormented by the agony of being lost in an alien place. They could not speak or read the local language. Phone calls did not go through for reasons unknown. It took ages rewinding … More The Shift

Turning Point

“Don’t be surprised when people and things disappear in a high progress cycle – everything that obstructs your progress will go,” says an astrological forecast. I switch between being a believer and non-believer in astrology, but today, I feel inclined to believe. Life is taking a turn, at a bend I saw everyday but ignored. … More Turning Point

Concepts not clear

“He spent his life for the good of the community, but couldn’t find time for his family …. no wonder the family has grudges, while the world eulogises him.”  Harriet was reflecting after attending the funeral service of the doctor. “No intention of taking away from his goodness, but he failed to separate ego from … More Concepts not clear


“I see bare branches dancing in the light, shorn of leaves. You missed the beauty of natural surroundings.” Sandeve was actually missing his wife. “You know what, Sandeve! I danced alone yesterday. It feels so light to be alone, and free of expectations. I can lead my own life for some time.” “I don’t blame … More Freedom


“Oh, he’s cute…” “Just that?” “Or what?” “I’m lucky enough to live with the most evolved souls in the universe. They also give me a filter to assess other beings.” “That sounds interesting! How?” “The research and its results will be more than interesting to you. I can only live with a person who understands … More Understanding

One up

“Take care, Harry! There’s a shredder in there.” He stepped back in a reflex move. “Don’t worry about your limbs. It shreds egos.” “When will you stop spinning stories?” “I already did. Might throw away the paints and brushes too…” “But why?” “I come here to accept defeat. I can’t replicate the original artist.” “Hmmm… … More One up


“Damn…”, he muttered under his breath, “the same cloudy skies making faces at me again.…” “Uncle Harry, it’s time to go home.” A tiny hand clutched on to Harry’s wrist. “No, not yet. I have to save her.” “There’s no one out there.” The child’s plea passed off unnoticed.  Splash …. Harry jumped in the … More Guilt


I’m not in hiding. There are doors to the left, one of which will take me to the past. There is a road on the right, which goes straight ahead to freedom and bliss. The choice seems obvious. But what are these currents passing through, highlighting alphabets from a script? It feels as if the … More Swaying

Mezzanine floors

The janitor never let me in. I was a mere kid. It left me with a feeling of horizons unexplored. Was there another flight of stairs, beyond the confines of vision? Was there another sky – not blue? My paintings reflect unexplored skies – birds on my shoulder whispering messages from the universe. My adventures … More Mezzanine floors


Aligned shoulder blades and a confident gait set her apart from the crowd. It felt like the metro station turned into a ramp, and escalators moved slow, just because she walked on it. Maybe, it was his perspective. He was seeing her after a long gap. The beauty was intact, but fragility had disappeared. His … More Anti-fragile