Late Interactions

She finally succeeds in getting her mother’s soul behind the mirror. Twilight is setting in, just as it was …. all those years ago. The haze is almost the same …as it was then. It refuses to clear off, even in broad daylight. The temperature in the room drops and there’s a stench like that … More Late Interactions


Streets are silent. Sounds inside her get unbearable. It takes a lot of strength to pretend everything is fine, when it’s not. She feels the ground beneath and thanks the skies – she is still standing on her own two feet. She just needs courage to walk out and run – breathing in the silence, … More Silence


“I thought the plan was foolproof, least of all did I expect my assistant to catch me,” he’s not as perturbed by the prison sentence, as with the idea of being caught by a junior. “It was just a single thought …if it’s you, there has to be a method to the madness.” “You deciphered … More Plots


The transparent capsule lift in the lobby is the first of its kind in the city. The business magnate is complimented for his eclectic taste. He glides through with his beautiful wife and captures media attention. A year later, it becomes his undoing as dark secrets spill out in the open. He is in police … More Transparent


I’ve been a loner all my life. I do step out at times, but feel totally lost in a sea of people who look as human as me, but carry totally different mindsets. I wonder if the helix of their DNA got twisted a wee bit more than mine, or their neural pathways.. I’m happy … More Loner


Today, Tristan decided to be a pirate. I secretly envied the richness of his imaginary life. He chose a new character to act out every day. I encouraged it, as it inculcated the habit of reading. Videos give a different lens, so I just want him to read and enact it out. I enjoyed the … More Lens


World Pulse, an international feminist initiative received this message from unidentified Afghan women, “We have lost everything that we created for ourselves in a single shot. Help us by keeping the issue alive. Keep talking about it.” What do you think can we do from social and physical distances light years away? What happens when … More Momentum


“I read the author’s first book and could barely recognise it as her writing style. It’s not about slamming it as a bad first effort. It’s about the evolution and the journey to excellence we are all on.” “There is a deterioration in some cases.” “I prefer to call it diversion to other unknown fields. … More Evolution

On a different plane

I’ve heard stories about black holes. People lost and never found are supposed to reside there.  Is a black hole really black, or just a space where gravitational and other powers do not work? It means existence is not relative to any other force. If I meet any of the other people lost before, how … More On a different plane