Birds of the same feather?

“There is a right time to pluck the tomatoes. You have both green and red ones on the same plant.” “My tomatoes suffer from an identity crisis. Juicy, the red one at the top is not sure why is it not a part of the decorative salad bowl. The green ones do not fancy being … Continue reading Birds of the same feather?


Time warp

“There’s no connectivity here.” “Have patience! It’s slow.” “The system has not been updated. I’m seeing the same pictures again.” “Look carefully! The people have changed.” TEN YEARS LATER “The people have not changed. For how long have we remained here? They look younger. ” “You need to focus a lot more on what you … Continue reading Time warp

Shifting the Ferris Wheel

He received the same picture postcard from his partner every year. At times, there were tiny stickers in different colors, at different spots. He got the message, and knew what to expect. This year is different – the same picture shows empty seats on the ferris wheel. Does it mean there are no more people … Continue reading Shifting the Ferris Wheel


"Don’t be afraid of gathering enemies! It shows that you have chiselled your life to perfection.” “How can enemies make a life perfect?” She was still reeling under the impact of a breakup, and the threats she received after that. “Chiselling involves making a choice – you keep what you like, need or want and … Continue reading Perfection

Being a parent

“You are missing out on his childhood,” says Deepa’s message with this picture. We have been in a long distance marriage for the last few months, as careers demand a sacrifice at times. “He is lucky to have you with him, you ever-nurturing Mother Earth!” I write back playfully, “Allow me to be a good … Continue reading Being a parent