Counting steps

August approached in a golden sweltering haze. It does every year, as Leo season begins, and astrologers start writing rosy forecasts. In a few days ….life goes back to normal, with all its struggles, joys, sorrows …. as it was before I turned another leaf in the book of Time. How do we end up … More Counting steps

First Selfie

The Instagram coach promises to share a secret treasure at the end of the program. She speaks about the art and science of video making, and leveraging Instagram for profits. The entrepreneurs and wannabes are thrilled. How can things be so simple and so effective? She makes it so easy for them. The coach sighs. … More First Selfie


Why do we expect weatherto go by the calendar?There’s a will ticking inside….It finds ways to manifest Why go by the calendar?We celebrate inconsistencyIt finds ways to manifestWhy always do what you expect? We celebrate inconsistencyOscar Wilde instructs a childWhy always do what you expect?You’re smart, you’re imaginative Oscar Wilde instructs a childDon’t go for … More Consistency


I knew it before landing in this jungle of well-dressed thorns. They don’t like people who know better than them. They speak to you as if obliging. They probe further to know your alignment to power bases. And that man with one eyebrow quizzically raised… I knew it he will walk away after knowing who … More Recluse

Years later…

She is refreshed by familiar smells after a tiring day – smells that take her back to student days. It’s the same track, same route and same sights from the window. She looks around in the compartment, and finds the commuter profile changed. People are glued to their devices, rather than chatting and playing games.  … More Years later…


“I can’t bring myself to forgive….” Maria veers off mentally, fully knowing the barrage of words that would now be spewed out. She has heard it everyday for more than quarter of a century. She is kind of immune, but the idea of being stuck in a swamp stinks. “I guess one should stop scraping … More Afraid


“These are not weeds, but garlands woven by time on your existence.” It is my tenth day in the seniors’ home. I’m doing a survey for my thesis on speed of social change. I gather distilled wisdom, but the context has changed. They are unable to build a relevance for themselves in new frameworks. I … More Mechanics


The patriarch of the house has passed  away, but there are just three people in attendance at the funeral. His children could not make it for the last rites, since flights are not operational between the countries where they reside. The eldest son is shedding a silent tear, as he watches the funeral on Zoom. … More Connectedness

Leading nowhere

“Looks like the trees fell in yesterday’s storm…” “It is of lesser consequence than the decline in business. I keep cleaning the tables, but there are no customers.” “You never know. Maybe people came to enjoy the shade on sunny days….” “I’ve asked the municipal authorities to get the trees replanted somewhere else.” “Get them … More Leading nowhere


The cafe began to feel like her only real home. The best of her talent is being put to use, and it’s not just about culinary perfection. Organisational tasks from procurement to serving and cleaning up, sales management, manpower planning, book-keeping, managing a decent profit margin and ploughing back a part of the profits in … More Cafe