A sky to fly

“Don’t look for me, because you won’t find me.” Dylan almost wanted to put the letter down, and call the police, but then, he stopped to read on. “Thanks for all the support! You are the colonnade that enveloped my existence, helped me stay afloat, but also separated me from the skies I dream of … Continue reading A sky to fly


She won the battle

She had come a long way. The baby girl who survived being thrown against the wall in her infancy, the girl who borrowed books to quench her thirst for learning, the girl who ran away from home to find a new life and landed in a brothel, the girl who poisoned the ‘madam’ to get … Continue reading She won the battle

Glass door

She aced cricket, topped the class in Mechanical Engineering, and moved on to become CEO of a company. Our friends teasingly refer to me as Prince Philip, the one who walks a step behind his wife.  I’m happy to be her support, the ‘man behind her success’. News channels speak of the largest corruption scandal … Continue reading Glass door

Many more suns…..

“They are on Barnard b. Look at the pictures he sent.” “They sent pictures from six light years away?” “That’s not much. Scientists say there is a possibility of life, because of geothermal vents.” “And your guys have even built houses there? I guess the first business to exist there would be real estate.” “Oh, … Continue reading Many more suns…..

What will go with me?

I see my father-in-law, aged 90, act in a childlike manner, and hear the reactions, “He has lost it totally.” He has to be reminded of his wife’s first death anniversary, and he quietens down for some time. There is no calendar memory. Suddenly, he grabs an envelope on the table which is somebody’s medical … Continue reading What will go with me?


“Where does the glass end?” “Judge that by the objects on top of it.” “And also what lies beneath it … Glass lends easily to optical illusions, but photography is art of the possible. One should present imagination in a visual form, and leave it open to further interpretation.” The conversation never left me, when … Continue reading Surreal


The girl sways like a ballet dancer and throws a kiss in the air. Another figure inches closer, but is pushed down by that monster in an undefinable shape. The monster looks dense, as evil is difficult to decipher. The plant shivers in fright, till the pot falls with a thud on the ground. Actually, … Continue reading Screens