I’ve just completed a tour of the building, after studying the different forms of art on display. The inscrutability of this face bothers me – hiding itself with broken arms, refusing to lend itself to interpretation. It is so much there – in your face - and yet not there. Epiphany strikes, and I resolve … Continue reading Unfamiliar


Guessing games

Rainbows are beautiful, but inadequate to narrate all hues and shades of human emotions. Skies make an effort with a few more colors – notorious blacks, ambiguous grays, perplexing purples and translucent blues. Yet, the barriers to the human mind are insurmountable – physical boundaries, personal space, privacy of thought, secretive silence – all conjure … Continue reading Guessing games

Eternal Myth

Fire changes, and each moth approaches it without knowing the fate of those who died before … at least without being able to connect the cause of death with fatal attraction. The Sun is one, but fields of sunflowers change. Moods and emotions change. Undying love renews itself every moment to sustain itself. Understanding is … Continue reading Eternal Myth

It happens …

“Why does it look hungry for more?” “There are many more in the air.” What are you two talking about? Silence. Two days later, there is another storm which breaks all records. There appears to be a vortex, which sucks everything around it. Trees fall, buildings crash. The strangest phenomenon is several large bird-like creatures … Continue reading It happens …

Whose gain?

“That’s a hell lot of money to pay for painted pipes, and make it occupy pride of place.” “Remember the theme of the conference – Recycling Waste. We needed symbolic art.” “Hmmm… I wonder who is wasting what. We have energized some deep pockets … not sure of the research notes those speakers are doling … Continue reading Whose gain?


“It’s not just a spark. I’ve fireworks in me, which outwit the conservative cape. Brilliance shines through. Beauty is not far behind.” Fire steps back a bit, fearing mercurial temper, but re-emerges with all its warmth and life-giving energy. “Understand, accept and step back if you’ve the slightest desire to dominate.” It’s a very enigmatic … Continue reading Fiery


“Presentations should be idiot-proof”, said an ex-boss I don’t remember too fondly. I couldn’t get why we needed to start every story from the alphabet. “Don’t insult the viewer’s intelligence,” said another glib talker who delighted in spewing management jargon, “they already know all this.” I agreed partially, while thinking silently that the terminology should … Continue reading Presentations