Long-term plan

“Kids can’t understand your philosophy. Please don’t pollute their minds.” The school Principal is upset with me. A notice is circulated, re-emphasizing that politics and religion not be discussed in classrooms. Classrooms? There is a huge field out there, where I influence students. I’m their fave, friendly mentor. The administration has no clue about my …

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You’re impossible

Get off the turtle, if you want to move ahead in life. I am moving constantly. The speed is imperceptible to you. Moving to where? I’ll be outta here, before the water reaches my neck. Do your arithmetic right. The tank fills up at a faster rate. I start leaking after that, and some of …

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The missing fragrance

Tuberoses have an interesting name in Hindi – Rajnigandha (fragrance of the night – ‘Rajni’ is night, ‘gandh’ means smell). I always placed these flowers in the rooms of houseguests I cared about. It ensured a good ambience in the evenings, as we often spent the day outdoors. One such couple returned after years. “There’s …

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