In Search

The tree looks similar to the one in my backyard, but is small and has leaves of a different color. I’ve not seen this species before. “Wait”, I stop in my tracks at the familiar rustling sound. “I broke away from my roots, and walked here in search of a new identity. The sunk roots … Continue reading In Search



“Why don't you see a dermatologist? That looks like a fungal growth.” “It will disappear. I'm writing a lot these days.” “How is it related to writing?” “These are stories that could not escape my lips. I'm fictionalizing characters, and banging them on the keyboard ...” “How about seeing a shrink, or the priest in … Continue reading Stories

It’s a complete world

Yes, it makes a difference.They are a part of me. The umbilical cord is long gone, but our hearts beat in unison. I know what excites them, and what I would like them to be excited about. I cannot feel a mother’s heart that jumps out on seeing her children. A father’s wisdom knows that … Continue reading It’s a complete world

Secret Mission

“All set for the mission?” “Aye, aye Sir..” “OMG! Your language will expose us. We need to run another program on you.” Three days later, “All set, guys?” No response. “Are you not prepared, or are you afraid?” Two of them moved a few steps ahead, turned around and pulled their guns at the commander. … Continue reading Secret Mission

On the other side….

“I’ve never seen a boat in these waters, not even a fishing trawler.” “Why should you be looking for it?” “I wonder what kind of world exists on the other side….” Nyomo’s tone was wistful. “That is exactly what they don’t want you to see. Or you will not want to work for two meals … Continue reading On the other side….

It’s a choice

“Gender roles are assigned based on biology. A man cannot give birth.” “Sure! But he can raise a child.” “Why did the caveman not do it? There must have been a reason.” “They had no feeding bottles and breast pumps. We live in a different age.” “Is that your condition for marriage?” “Marriage is a … Continue reading It’s a choice