Where ….

I woke up in 2021… To a world more complex than it has been Where fear separates, not unites Where a hurriedly put together remedy to unprecedented ailments divides people into camps Where Presidents incite violence Where claustrophobia causes relationship breakdowns Where some pine for company, and others pray for solitude Where people are fleeced … More Where ….


Those monsters are still boiling in the crucible. They drag me back, drive me, set fire to every fibre of my being and give false notions about my identity. Those masks are not me, but everybody thinks so. A face is a lifelong possession, but it is concealed behind the different masks I don every … More Emotions

Empty Nest

The table is laid for six.  She has worked three days to handpick ingredients, cook traditional dishes with contemporary flair and present those in a manner appealing to millennial appetites. “Thank you, Mrs. Jones! We love the Christmas dinners at your place. Our families could perhaps never afford such a meal.” “Ohh! Don’t mention that. … More Empty Nest


It moves from East to West or so I think, but are there trajectories I don’t see? It blazes through my psyche, burns consciousness as I struggle to make sense of it. Back on my feet, I await another night, another soil ….. and solitude to plant the seeds of thought. Will the seeds be … More Uncertainty

Jackpot Dreams

I almost thought he would lose that day, and his jackpot ambitions would fall. Oh, did you? We went on our first date after the event… And I told you we would come with our children to watch this some day. Naughty you…. Your grandson awaits his turn to go with you. Oh, yeah….how I … More Jackpot Dreams

Warning bells

“Let’s go back…” “I’m fed up of these daily excuses not to run.” She was training for the next event at national level. “It’s not an excuse. I’ll complete the distance running to and fro, to this point, but not beyond this.” “Why?” There was exasperation in his tone, “there are no ghosts on that … More Warning bells

Double Loss

“I transferred the money to her account. She has to return it.” I could see only the accusing finger in the courtroom, and then her well-moisturised ankle. She hushed up facts about the investment that ran into a loss, and it being in my name, because she expressed inability to sign papers on a working … More Double Loss