Life changes when…..

a light flashes a bulb glows a wave crashes on the shore   when truths lie a spirit is crushed when I want to die ambitions ambushed


Organ transplants set me thinking. How many components of my life are replaceable?  Companies have different policies.  -Some sell gadgets cheap, but charge more on spare parts. -Some create use-and-throw pieces - with no scope for repair or replacement of spare parts. One is compelled to buy a new one. -Some flaunt their after-sales service …

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New currency

Currently, we have the Grand Amazon Once-in-a-lifetime Sale on, which practically happens every three months. Right now, it has an added allure for the impending wedding and festival season. There are also complaints about poor quality of goods, delayed deliveries, problem in refunds. One can easily see the original price being jacked up, and then …

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This prompt raked up a lot. My brother-in-law (husband’s eldest brother, who has been treated as a demi-God in the family) visited us recently. Unilaterally, he decided to shift the furniture in the house as he pleased- a move I did not like and made it known to him. I asked for things to be …

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Their rules become your game

The Influence of Social Media The reach of the social media is utilized to project politically motivated opinions and drown the voices of sanity by trolling. To generate user content for the business entities which make their millions through it.To divide the population into manageable chunks, so that they never become a powerful unified …

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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder – whether external or internal. Nothing could be truer than this. We sort and label stuff as per our perspectives, and store it in designated mental shelves. Changing the classification is not easy. It takes something drastic to happen, to alter a comfort zone. To me, internal …

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