Rituals are not for the Strong

What if there were no rituals to be followed, and you had absolute freedom to decide what to do, with your day or life? Brush your teeth at 5.30 pm, file annual tax returns in any convenient month, and celebrate New Year in July. The actions would still have the same impact, though reducing your … Continue reading Rituals are not for the Strong


Self Control

It feels like an eerie shot from a paranormal movie. I stand back, and watch myself. I see myself working in the much-desired state of Flow. The theme occurred to me in a split second, and then, a force took over. I do not know what is driving me, but I keep clicking the mouse, … Continue reading Self Control

The New Normal or No Normal

It is our concept of normal, which restricts and constricts us. And there are so many versions of ‘being normal’, that one never gets around to being totally acceptable. Yet, parents, teachers and priests keep struggling to propagate their own concepts of acceptable behavior.  Excellence is deemed to lie in reproducing published answers from a scripture … Continue reading The New Normal or No Normal

Genius or Idiot?

The meek shall inherit the Earth. It was meant to encourage certain personality traits. In my view, the average will, because going by the Law of Averages, they balance out extremes. The concept of ‘likeability’ actually boils down to being similar to others. Extremes of any kind, or even the different  ones are quickly rejected, … Continue reading Genius or Idiot?

Update the Map

Our mental maps come from experience, and beliefs ingrained from childhood. I never had an opportunity to question their validity. There was no need to do that. Honesty is a virtue. Nobody thinks about contesting the concept. Why should I? I saw a girl in dishevelled state running across the street. She turned towards the … Continue reading Update the Map

The One Mindset that enslaves you to Habit

Everybody tells you about the Power of Habit – how it becomes your character, personality or destiny. Nobody tells you about that one mind-set which creates habit. It is not an addiction. It is not a compulsion. It is not inheritance. It is a sense of pride in being different. It is self-glorification in doing … Continue reading The One Mindset that enslaves you to Habit

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 14

Welcome to Week 14! The Thanksgiving Season compels us to think of the blessings in our life. The whole idea is to focus on the positive. The SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results) analysis is the other side of SWOT, where we eliminate the negatives altogether, and focus on what can be done. Let us expand … Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 14