Freedom — SacredCircleforWomen Somebody once commented on a post of mine about Rituals, saying “Too much freedom is scary.” The sentence has stuck with me ever since.Most of us need a structure to exist in, to belong, to excel in. Yet, we complain about a lack of freedom, when the structure we exist in does not match … Continue reading Freedom — SacredCircleforWomen

Wise Wednesdays – Mental Abuse — SacredCircleforWomen The people on a far-off island are afflicted by a rare skin disease. Everybody suffers from the same, for many generations. A doctor happens to land on the island from a shipwreck, and wants to investigate the disease. The locals look at him derisively, and claim it is ‘normal’. It’s not a disease. 2. … Continue reading Wise Wednesdays – Mental Abuse — SacredCircleforWomen

Projection — SacredCircleforWomen

How often have you felt you are being unfairly accused of things you did not think about or do? It’s not about you, it’s about them. PROJECTION Projection is a mechanism where people accuse others of things they feel guilty or inferior about, or don’t like about themselves. Since the process is subconscious, they do […]Projection … Continue reading Projection — SacredCircleforWomen

Wise Wednesdays – A Reason or a Season — SacredCircleforWomen A famous poem was doing the circulation on social media, a couple of years ago. “People come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime.” I was intrigued by it. I applied the learning in many situations in life, and realised that whatever is mentioned is true. It happens. Just like every … Continue reading Wise Wednesdays – A Reason or a Season — SacredCircleforWomen

What stops you?

Photo by Mary Taylor on I forgive those who don’t know what they are doing, and its implications. But what about those who do? What stops you from speaking up when you see injustice and your heart bleeds for the victim? Maybe your heart is not in the act, but you do spare a … Continue reading What stops you?


People see what makes sense to them, reality notwithstanding. I find myself visualising and counting the boxes inside their mind, and sadly watch the gist of what I say fall through the cracks. It hampers communication for sure. I start saying something, and then stop - knowing that it will fall between the cracks or … Continue reading Filtration

Finding something forgotten

Michael asks us to explore deserted lanes in mind spaces - finding something forgotten. I think about  Lost keys and other items found while moving house My husband scanning through his parents’ personal belongings years after they passed away, and revisiting memories associated with those articles Widows telling me stories about how they asked their … Continue reading Finding something forgotten


If people don’t step on my toes, I can remain polite. If people speak for their own rights, I won’t have to lead a rebellion. If acceptance exceeded expectations, there would be less conflict. If power is redefined, there won’t be two segments called the rulers and ruled. If sharing does not incite paranoia, interpersonal … Continue reading If….

What lies around the corner?

Elizabeth Gilbert famously spoke out battling two horses every morning - Fate, which cannot be controlled Free Will, which can be steered in the right direction Choosing the second horse is a no-brainer, since we have no control on the first. And maybe, the second can manipulate the first. But life shows us different scenarios, … Continue reading What lies around the corner?