Common Sense

We may assume that common sense is acting to achieve a goal, keeping the larger good in mind. The law, religion and etiquette all teach us not to ride roughshod over others in our own interest. Most of us are shocked when we see this basic principle being flouted. Over a period of time, we … Continue reading Common Sense


Gates of history

The future occupies a higher mindshare than the past. There are times I feel history is being raked up only to settle political scores, or justify a stance which is not being accepted. If I could travel on a time machine where would I go? ….to a future I’m curious about. Youtube videos on future … Continue reading Gates of history

Aphorism I recall the same question being asked in interviews - Why do you want to switch over? Whatever answers I concocted; I knew the truth that I was trying to escape something. Today, I shudder to think that I didn't really want any of the things I spoke about. I would have preferred to … Continue reading Aphorism

Kikimora and Domovoy

Life is such a limiting term, if I think of it as related to the body. In how many forms does energy live on the earth, without a body?  Folklore is built by intrigued minds around the unusual experience of a few. Fear is felt by minds that cannot accept the unfamiliar, and their stories … Continue reading Kikimora and Domovoy


I spent a day in a hospital learning that walking without crutches is an ambition. My cook wants her daughters to be educated well. What’s great about that? Every mother would like it that way. It’s also her ambition to have a sturdy roof to withstand the storms, and a strong door latch to keep … Continue reading Motion


Projection is a far more common phenomenon than I ever thought of.  Arrogance never admits folly. Their acts are just a faux pas, always meant to disappear in flames, labeled as a foul mood. But the core evil of intent is passed on to someone else as final judgment, transposed on another to provide relief … Continue reading Projection

Sub-conscious of a nation

The subconscious is something lurking just below awareness, in a human being,in a community, andin the collective awareness of a nation. The collective conscious of a nation is comprised of several sets of beliefs, biases and prejudices. That makes it a rather malleable set, constantly shifting and assuming new shapes. It is an active entity … Continue reading Sub-conscious of a nation

Freedom — SacredCircleforWomen Somebody once commented on a post of mine about Rituals, saying “Too much freedom is scary.” The sentence has stuck with me ever since.Most of us need a structure to exist in, to belong, to excel in. Yet, we complain about a lack of freedom, when the structure we exist in does not match … Continue reading Freedom — SacredCircleforWomen

Wise Wednesdays – Mental Abuse — SacredCircleforWomen The people on a far-off island are afflicted by a rare skin disease. Everybody suffers from the same, for many generations. A doctor happens to land on the island from a shipwreck, and wants to investigate the disease. The locals look at him derisively, and claim it is ‘normal’. It’s not a disease. 2. … Continue reading Wise Wednesdays – Mental Abuse — SacredCircleforWomen

Projection — SacredCircleforWomen

How often have you felt you are being unfairly accused of things you did not think about or do? It’s not about you, it’s about them. PROJECTION Projection is a mechanism where people accuse others of things they feel guilty or inferior about, or don’t like about themselves. Since the process is subconscious, they do […]Projection … Continue reading Projection — SacredCircleforWomen