If people don’t step on my toes, I can remain polite. If people speak for their own rights, I won’t have to lead a rebellion. If acceptance exceeded expectations, there would be less conflict. If power is redefined, there won’t be two segments called the rulers and ruled. If sharing does not incite paranoia, interpersonal … More If….


The negativity is unmistakable. She attributes it to outside pressures. An outsider could never gauge how monstrous the person is. Some worship him as a great human being. Some are obliged to him, so quietly bear his unending instructions and repeated rambling on the same things. He is devoted to certain people in his family, … More Breakthrough

Ticket to individuality

I can’t recall how many tickets have I trashed – travel, entry tickets to events, lottery tickets, coupons. Doctors in the family often referred to certain occurrences or reports as ‘tickets to heaven”. The words that play heavily and incessantly on my mind are “ticket to another world”. No, it is not about death. What … More Ticket to individuality


Cassettes have been an integral part of younger years. Other than music and the occasional tangling of tape, the property that stands out in memory is the “auto-replay” mode.  A friend from Tamil Nadu once put on Tamil music, forgot to switch off the player, and went to work. The neighbours in Pune who did … More Taped

Mind games

Circa 1990. The trade union leaders are protesting against some perceived injustice. A few officers have been suspended for inappropriate conduct. I find a surge of emotion rising within me, on hearing the chants of unity and fighting against injustice. A few months later, I join the Human Resources Department, and see the union leaders … More Mind games


Sharing a few thoughts and techniques on Reading …. A busy mind is not a receptive mind. We read in blocks, and a lot is quickly absorbed, because it is anticipated. At times, these preconceived anticipation can interfere with what the author is trying to say. A small exercise to declutter your mind before reading … More Reading