Colours of darkness

On entering the tunnel, she thinks about the burdens she is carrying, which restrict quick movement. Whatever needs to be shed should be discarded forever. The only way goes forward. It may be the Sun at the other end, or a gentler light or a different colour of darkness. Yeah… this tunnel is ebony. Could … More Colours of darkness


I’m human, I operate on many levels I’m creative I have a method to build new worlds I add new dimensions to my existence open windows draw energy I take pride in varied output.. I celebrate different facets of intelligence I combine energies to create patterns that resonate with life inspire others to meet their … More Incoherence


contemplating, debating A non-existent universe I find myself floating in it feeling the meta verse shaping, imagining what would be, could be what I don’t want it to be for my own reasons to validate my theories to complete unwritten stories surreal impact of virtual avatars enchants many gullible souls to go on a trip … More Metaverse

Light of Truth

Only the elders remembered a blue sky. The sky looked dark and waters muddy after that fateful evening. Mythological tales surround the event.  Some believe it is the result of a long war between humans and gods. Humans won, and the gods were pushed to the Deep, Dark Underground to live there forever. The sky … More Light of Truth

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #206

PROMPT #206 Today’s prompt has a central word LIGHT You may choose a synonym Bright, luminous, shiny, Blaze, flare, glow, illumination, gleam, glow, incandescence, luminescence, radiance Or a word that contains ‘light’ like Flight, lightning, delight, twilight, lightness, lighter, candlelight, torchlight, moonlight, sunlight, starlight, featherlight, slight, alight, streetlight ….. It could even be a word … More Reena’s Xploration Challenge #206