“Oh, he’s cute…” “Just that?” “Or what?” “I’m lucky enough to live with the most evolved souls in the universe. They also give me a filter to assess other beings.” “That sounds interesting! How?” “The research and its results will be more than interesting to you. I can only live with a person who understands … Continue reading Understanding


Taking a Chance

grey skies eager to speak, share secrets colour splash restrains with buoyance who will listen to gloomy songs worlds out there are ready to dance colour splash restrains with buoyance eager to step out of constraining masks worlds out there are ready to dance no time for caution or penance eager to step out of … Continue reading Taking a Chance


He has not eaten an apple for more than a decade. It is that time of the year again. Fruit vendors from the valley crowded markets with their stalls, inviting prospective buyers to come take a bite. He looks around for that rosy glow on a smooth cheek behind the counters, but is disappointed again. … Continue reading Waiting


“Why should I be here, a few levels below?” “Social distancing is the new normal.” “But why is the seating arrangement not at equal level?” “Some people need more care, owing to their precarious health conditions.” “The contempt you’ve always held has come to the fore. The pandemic is being used as a cover to … Continue reading Untouchability

Build new tracks

the train stopped in the middle of nowhere I alighted to build a house there to discover joy and sorrow not felt before… the terrain’e new but lovely…. ghosts came to life imposing values not seen before I felt claustrophobic the terrain’s new and ghastly…. the train stops again in the middle of nowhere I … Continue reading Build new tracks

Long Roads

It’s a long and arduous journey. I’m not sure if I’ll make it.  If you do, will you turn and look at the road you traversed? Yes. If you do, will you regret or celebrate it? It depends on what happens enroute. What do you thing will make it worth celebrating? Overcoming all obstacles on … Continue reading Long Roads

Shades of meaning

“Power lies in changing the shape of the skyline”, said the star architect. “It can change in a few minutes, and go viral,” silently though the military chief. “How will it help me?” calculates the politician. A few strokes of the brush change colours, and the artist smiles, “What are the clouds made of?” “How … Continue reading Shades of meaning


“Turn up the volume of protests …. change is never an easy feat to achieve,” the voice is dominating, emphatic and reeks of impatience to win the war. “Does change even matter any more?” I speak after a long, pregnant pause, sounding ominous to him, but at peace with myself. “What do you mean,” his … Continue reading Ominous


A pair waiting for another, just like that.... for companions on a journey to walk or run together share, yes... but not speak For companions on a journey vocal in silence laden with camaraderie share, yes... but don't speak lest it breaks the spell, my dearie vocal in silence laden with camaraderie they move on, … Continue reading Camaraderie


Friday Fictioneers Out on the streets, I know convergence of views holds no meaning. A houseful of people scrambling for their own safety, fight suspicion, as they want to know where the other had been, and what is the likelihood of contamination. A pandemic has only highlighted existing divergence and mutual distrust. I scribble on … Continue reading Convergence