You always knew it. Didn’t you? I was made in a different mould. I couldn’t twist and turn myself to fit into the social moulds of your expectations. What forced your hand to get tough with me, and spew venom? Whose expectations were you living up to, when you criticised every act of mine. You … More Isolation


His eyes turn red, and muscles tense up – the onset of another manic episode. The synchronicity is uncanny – it happens after he worships the picture of his dead parents.. It is time to leave … history and characters in it.

Foraging wisdom

She carefully walked down the stairs, into the lawn, and foraged around to find a particular type of blade of grass.  I was infuriated to watch her eat that. “Don’t we feed you enough?” She was astounded for a moment, but came back in my arms in her usual, forgiving manner. The stomach upset she … More Foraging wisdom


Nobody wanted to work in Parliament Street branch of the bank, but I was offered no choice. We had to comply with absurd telephonic requests, where identity of the caller could not be verified. Refusal to comply was considered suicidal. The Machiavellian pattern of acts became clear, only when news of the fraud broke out, … More Machiavellian