A letter from…

“I’ve never been valued for my sake, just used to satisfy your needs. It’s something you lacked in early years, something you’re desperate for, something you wanted as the means to fulfil desires, but did not have. When I came, you wasted me …coz it gave you a sense of power that You Can. It … More A letter from…


“We have recorded the statements of all witnesses. A verdict needs to be delivered tomorrow.” “All the pieces do not fit together yet.” “I think a story has emerged.” “A closely tessellated pattern makes me uncomfortable. The gaps have been filled up with stories that suit us.” “What so you intend to do?” “Re-open all … More Tessellate


Self-righteousness and undying loyalty could not resurrect him. Little did he know he’s a tool used by his mother to usurp power. The matriarch set a rule, everyone had to obey her first-born son. She made sure that he obeyed no one but her, and wielded control through him. Little did the loyal soldier know … More Power

Language as a Service

“Can’t take it any more. I’m at the end of my tether.” “Hmmm.. they are not backing it up with dollars, but their assets which include loans. Not trustworthy, for sure…” “Who?” “Those who spoke about stability in a volatile world…. Bitcoin, Dogecoin are riding the Musk bandwagon. Would you consider Ethereum or Cardano?” I’m … More Language as a Service

Leap of faith

I dig in my heels in the groundand the unknown knocks….making me want to fly againI dislodge from the ground and the unknown knocks….Truth harsh, triggering escapeI dislodge from the groundand take a leap of faith Truth harsh, triggering escapeI dig  my heels in the groundand take a leap of faithmaking me want to fly … More Leap of faith


“I’m curious about how your name gets excluded from the galaxy of stars. You came pretty close to it though, and more than once….” “You missed a very important characteristic of a galaxy. Stars and planets rotate around a central force.” “So what?” “I could never align myself to that one GOD, around whom I … More Galaxy


“The name is Homo Sapiens, and it gives no inkling about the persona of the applicant – race, religion, gender, colour whatever…. The picture gives no clue either.” “At least you know, it’s not a plant or animal.” “C’mon … stop cracking silly jokes. The selection criteria includes diversity and many other quotas. Nomenclature and … More Nomenclature