No prying rights

Why has she not woken up today? The alarm rang half an hour ago… His granddaughter asks him to open a box, and he indulges. The slap from a toy trapped inside shakes him up, but he smiles and moves away. The beaver slap comes in the form of a message from his wife, “Just … Continue reading No prying rights



“The family did not spend Diwali together. It’s an oft-repeated tale about brothers drifting off…”, sighed Neera Aunty. You mean you couldn’t find a solution… How could I? Amar lost his job and defaulted on the home loan. Anand was a guarantor, and was compelled by the bank to pay up. But I hear Anand … Continue reading Rift


If eradicating corruption becomes more difficult than eradicating disease, we need to admit that moral fibre of the ruling class is weak, and the resistance of a formerly healthy society low. Is there a medicine for supercilious minds that believe they can bind the people to their rules forever? Because the punishment for protest is … Continue reading Corruption


“Is the law of diminishing utility applicable to relationships?” The opening sentence of Neerja’s email makes me shut down devices, and vanish into oblivion. Yes, the oblivion is how we describe the offline world. It’s not disinterest, just I know what to expect. Many things gradually lose sheen in life, including relationships. I wanted to … Continue reading Darkness

No ducking

problems need solutionscomplaints ask for resolutionwe tend to duck and crawl aheadand recommend dissolution complaints ask for resolutionwe don't take the bull by the hornand recommend dissolutionthe path not taken haunts us forever we don't take the bull by the hornproblems need solutionsthe path not taken haunts us foreverwe tend to duck and crawl ahead … Continue reading No ducking

When the heinous happens

when does the heinous happen?glorifying the intellectbecoming captive to cognitivelost in thinking, reasoning, repeating glorifying the intellectwe lose connection with the soullost in thinking, reasoning, repeatingwe believe only what can be proved we lose connection with the soulwhen does the heinous happen?we believe what can be provedbecoming captive to cognitive Weekend Writing Prompt #306