Web 3.0

watchlayersstacking upsuperimposingcounteracting ruling forcesunproven values, open to interpretationhere comes the metaverse to dare, to scare and change the world as we know it forever donumberedwebs altermillennial-speakor enhance creativityenrich skills, let art crosses linguistic boundariesadd new existential dimensions, relate in multiple new ways, renew, refresh? Written for Weekend Writing Prompt #279 and Friday Faithfuls at MLMM


I’m impressed by the Ikigai diagram, but the book fails short of expectations. Viability of a project matters - whether it is business, art, a social enterprise or development of an individual. It takes resources to make a project viable. What happens if the desire is intense, but resources are not easy to gather? I … Continue reading Ikigai


-breaking the eggshell-outgrowing mediocrity-finding new groundor new surfaces-experimentingwith different channelsof communicationis all so intrinsicto growthto planting meaningin the mundanesoil of life Then, is it a crimeto renege on wordsI did not seeas a binding contract? Written for Weekend Writing Prompt


“You’ve no clue how demeaning it is. I got chucked out of the show at the last minute…I couldn’t fit in the bandage dress, as I measured half an inch more.” “Couldn’t they alter the dress?” “They hold the power to alter careers and damage egos.” The model’s soul was scarred, which no bandage could … Continue reading Fashion

Data science

“Maximum data leaks happen from Google Chrome browsers, and rediffmail ids,” says a report about online frauds. “Download Opera browser. My experience has been good”, says my teenage daughter. Data science tells us different stories, and some suffer from the curse of dimensionality. Certain sets of data will accidentally correlate. “Why are you talking about … Continue reading Data science


He is crestfallen, not finding anyone inside there.  He remembers the girl who guided his boat to anchor on the right spot. She might have some clues about his quest. He sees her helping the locals with their daily chores. “If you’re hungry, there’s enough food for everyone.” “I’m looking for a princess who was … Continue reading Release

New Year

Getting back to normal life is a relief. I recall the number of astrological predictions I’ve checked over the years, to reassure myself the next year will be better. And yet, life has a will of its own. Nonchalantly, it brushes off the audacity of astrologers. As the jamboree of good wishes, good food and … Continue reading New Year

Living up to the image

“We don’t want a new theme, just a variation of the time-tested theme. The money is there”, growled the daily soap czarina. “But that’s what we have been doing for the last ten years. Let’s give the viewers something new.” “It means I need to reinvent my image. Personally, I identify with what I sell.” … Continue reading Living up to the image