Fear Psychosis

What if this happens? You can’t imagine … The refrain is familiar. It’s the same fear psychosis that gripped his father. His father ended up with an obsessive compulsive disorder of locking things. He fears his wife’s online interactions with an imagined enemy. Seeing the purported enemy online gives him jitters, and he yells and … More Fear Psychosis


The sight is scary – bodies found floating in holy rivers. Scarier are the human vultures mud larking on the shore, on a spree to find jewels on dead bodies. They don’t realise the families of the unfortunate dead were too scared of infected bodies, and too poor to afford a proper cremation. (52 words)

Oceans in the mind

water is not blue it flaunts colours of sky skies are an illusion the world basks in filtered light reflections galore conclusions galore Our minds being ultimate reflectors -partial absorption changes the world and how we see it

Holding a mirror

If I hold a mirror to you, will you recognise yourself? You may call me disfigured, broken or ugly You may say conforming is the only way to go Will you see shades of your fractured self in me? You may call me disfigured, broken or ugly For all that is different, is alien to … More Holding a mirror


It’s the same room.  The table fan and bookshelf are replaced by contemporary versions. The bookshelf is a wall-unit in W shape with few lightweight books and three soft toys. “Who reads anyway?” My uncle says sheepishly. Yet, vellichor makes me feel my late grandfather’s presence there. (48 words)


Legions of ideas race through fertile ground of the mind, and get stuck at a point. Try hard as I may, it’s impossible to move ahead. Sammi’s word limit is 32 words.

Darkest hours

She constantly brushes against invisible shadows. She develops physical symptoms to eliminate toxicity, but nobody believes that the shadows are real. She watches their fireside chats passing judgement on people they don’t know, and who won’t acknowledge their existence. She hears them giving advice nobody wants to hear. She ridicules posturing as jailors, with no … More Darkest hours


I moved the whole caboodle to a new premise yet bits and pieces lie scattered on deserted floors broken glass with stains of blood sticky particles that defy definition neither carbon or oxygen they just obstruct respiration when I breathe free in my dreams unpacked caboodles release unknown devils strategies to deal with the unfamiliar … More Caboodles

Shadow Work

She is happy being alone. She is busy with shadow work. Facing her hidden triggers, her demons every day, and not blaming them for being bad….. They are real. They are her. She brings them out in the open without waiting for a trigger. It’s her life. It’s her portmanteau. Two sides struggling to unite … More Shadow Work