All she knew about this celebrity guest was the note sent by his personal assistant, and a few news clips. She pulled out a picture of his, and pasted another face on it.  “Glad to meet you, Sir! Hope you enjoy our hospitality.” Her tenacity and tolerance for tantrums was well-known, but this time around, … More Dumb-founded


Those monsters are still boiling in the crucible. They drag me back, drive me, set fire to every fibre of my being and give false notions about my identity. Those masks are not me, but everybody thinks so. A face is a lifelong possession, but it is concealed behind the different masks I don every … More Emotions


His candour surprises me. “How old are you?” “Twenty four. Does it matter?” “By this age, people have acquired a certain level of tact and diplomatic skills.” “You find me brutal, don’t you?” “Quite a troglodyte, by your expression …. I can’t think where to place you in the office.” “It’s not about me, it’s … More Troglodyte


“Your response is so lackadaisical. I’m not happy with your languid approach.” “Boss, why do you expect us to work 15 hours in a pandemic? “You are lucky to have a job. So many have got retrenched.” “Sure. I’ve tested Covid positive today. My luck gets transferred to you.” “Hey, you will be paid. Stay … More Transference

A reason to be

Souls talking to each other up there…. “I died of Covid.” “I died of Covid-phobia.” “I understand” (suppressing laughter), “what niggles you now?” “There are so many diseases out there. I missed a chance of dodging those.” “Let’s go back there and find a reason to live …. Sorry, a disease to be afraid of.” … More A reason to be


It was a client who gave the counsellor the right perspective. “The problem is we cannot have part of a person. We need to accept the whole, though certain parts are so exasperating.” Parineeta thought about her husband who mirrored her father’s value system, and had attracted to him for that reason. He valued family, … More Paradox