If winter is death, surely, red-slashed autumn is the wound that brought it. Autumnal years have a sense of foreboding, but experience and wisdom add shades of color. Some may nurse wounds of unfulfilled ambition. Yet, the peace of white snow-filled peaks is unbeatable. It holds the enlightenment of truth, after peeling off layers of … More Autumn


You believe you shine with borrowed light. The Sun knows it clothes you, but also conceals beauty of the original. Poets are busy giving you different names to facilitate expression of the complex. You do find courage to shed clothes, but your identity remains enmeshed in nomenclature. You are just the Moon … let adjectives … More Shedding

What a pandemic

I am a museum full of art, and a deck full of music, but…. Expression will open many sealed boxes, and offend those who are exposed. I shake it all up to see if bitterness can be released. Something is released but evaporates, before I can catch it to identify and destroy. Now, it’s all … More What a pandemic