a tinge of sadnessovertakes the evening skyball of fire weakensin the crepuscular lightno one escapes dusk, night falls

Back to School

It is a school reunion meeting. Wandering in the revamped school premises, I wonder what would be different if I had to do it all over again.  We depended so much on what was written in books, and whatever teachers said. There was nothing wrong in those times. It had a certain quaintness of innocence, … More Back to School


I like living in closed spaces with curtains drawn. The solstice may pass unnoticed in a lockdown situation. Heavy rains and dark clouds, anyway  play a partial block to daylight. I wonder if day and night look forward to equality for six months, or is it something they take in their stride. Day in one … More Benchmarks

Flower Moon

I flip through the pages again – the scene where the girl and boy are being sent to different places in Siberia. They almost know it – they’ll never return or meet each other again. Yet, the girl says ..”Watch the moon in the sky, and think of me. We’ll be looking at the same … More Flower Moon


I think of Charlie Chaplin, as I walk through rain. He said he likes walking in the rain, as no one can see his tears. I know I’ll be busy and back to a normal routine after getting back home. Yet, these moments of solitude and raindrops bring so much to the surface – emotions … More Rain