Women who Care

I take pleasure in introducing Manmeet Dawar, another coachee, who runs The Pink Foundation, along with her sister Harmeet Dawar … More

Turning into Stone

Human beings turning into stone? Well, folklore says that Ahalya, a beautiful woman did, aeons ago. She was the wife … More

The Muse

The techniques of art ignore the painted lady sorrow spills over   The senryu spills from the accounts I have … More

Barbie’s Revenge

I have been accused of being a sex-symbol, a symbol of womens’ subjugation to outdated gender concepts, a model for … More

The Transformation

Transgression of personal boundaries routinely happened in life as he did not see her as an individual. Her violent act … More

The cat’s out

You walked all over me in your rush to fame and I put up a brave face playing an ace … More

The Sari #SoCS

Six yards of fabric – they can weave magic, be a disaster or just lie unused in the wardrobe, depending … More

Beyond Beauty (Freku)

She was stalked on the streets and she wanted to hide behind a veil. She questioned the mirror in solitude … More

A Woman’s journey

This is in keeping with the Women’s Week theme. One more —   Inspired by Writers’ Quote Challenge at Haddons … More