For so long….

My stomach churns a yucky feeling overtakes as I watch people shrugging shoulders in indifference, making casual remarks on #MeToo stories “Where were they for so long?”   They won survival battles developed courage to turn the heat where it rightfully belongs after so long….   Quadrille #66


Page of a diary

5th Oct’18 I did the Kickoff meeting for a Women Returners circle on Lean In (, in the morning. We discuss that women on a break are being targeted by companies for getting experienced resources at low cost, and there are many platforms making money out of this huge market. Ironically, the news items that … Continue reading Page of a diary


The reference is the now extinct 'Sati' system, where a widow was burned on the funeral pyre along with her dead husband. The dead women were glorified and had temples built as their memorials.   the bell that chimes echoes my screams from the funeral pyre where I was burnt alive   inheritance issues a … Continue reading Sati


What would I say to Harvey Weinstein? Nothing. That species only deserves to be ignored. What would I say to the guys I trust and respect? Again, nothing. They must have done something to earn the respect and trust. I will continue to enjoy casual and careless chatter with them, without fear of repercussions. I … Continue reading What?

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 9

I am unable to get Harvey Weinstein and #MeToo off my mind. He is not the first, nor will he be the last  controversial figure. Trust is certainly on the decline. Arguments and counter-arguments will follow, and the media will get content without much effort. What and how do we teach our daughters and sons … Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 9

Women who Care

I take pleasure in introducing Manmeet Dawar, another coachee, who runs The Pink Foundation, along with her sister Harmeet Dawar in Ahmedabad. Their flagship projects are Project Swabhimaan (Market-linking handmade articles by women) Project Khilkhilahat (Getting slum children into boarding schools) Project Sankalp (Awareness on Women’s Health issues) Please visit, for details. FB Page:

Turning into Stone

Human beings turning into stone? Well, folklore says that Ahalya, a beautiful woman did, aeons ago. She was the wife of a sage, Gautam Rishi. God Indra was captivated by her beauty, and went to meet her in the disguise of her husband, Gautam Rishi. The husband returned home to see his wife with someone … Continue reading Turning into Stone