Fandango’s Provocative Question

THE QUESTION “When you learn about highly regarded artists being accused of inappropriate sexual behavior, especially with minors, can you separate the artists from their art, or would you refuse to listen to, watch, or read the artists’ works?” THE ANSWER While tracing an absconding loan defaulter, we often assume that he must have defaulted … Continue reading Fandango’s Provocative Question


Volcanoes that burst

repressed ‘better half’ of the human race breaks free of the irony finds a voice fights back unafraid of calling out who objectified her pricking the bubbles of the power-intoxicated bringing them down to earth with an unexpected thud.   It was not an earthquake that kills people but … the lava will burn uncontrolled … Continue reading Volcanoes that burst


Just take the first step chains you see are dark smoke.   embers died ages ago while you slept feet heavy with inertia eyes blinded by illusion -you are cared for.   revolution and rotation around its own axis are simultaneous. What kept you tied down while the earth moved?   touch the boundaries where … Continue reading Shackles

For so long….

My stomach churns a yucky feeling overtakes as I watch people shrugging shoulders in indifference, making casual remarks on #MeToo stories “Where were they for so long?”   They won survival battles developed courage to turn the heat where it rightfully belongs after so long….   Quadrille #66

Page of a diary

5th Oct’18 I did the Kickoff meeting for a Women Returners circle on Lean In (, in the morning. We discuss that women on a break are being targeted by companies for getting experienced resources at low cost, and there are many platforms making money out of this huge market. Ironically, the news items that … Continue reading Page of a diary


The reference is the now extinct 'Sati' system, where a widow was burned on the funeral pyre along with her dead husband. The dead women were glorified and had temples built as their memorials.   the bell that chimes echoes my screams from the funeral pyre where I was burnt alive   inheritance issues a … Continue reading Sati


What would I say to Harvey Weinstein? Nothing. That species only deserves to be ignored. What would I say to the guys I trust and respect? Again, nothing. They must have done something to earn the respect and trust. I will continue to enjoy casual and careless chatter with them, without fear of repercussions. I … Continue reading What?