I live alone in fear of arguments, and I sing alone in fear of dissonance, but please do not judge me. I write but do not publish, so that uninitiated readers may not disturb the rhythm with uncalled for comments. Yet, the meter of my verse feels incomplete; it speaks but lacks validation. There are … Continue reading Incomplete



Silhouettes - the dark shape and outline of someone or something visible in restricted light against a brighter background. It’s not just a dictionary meaning. It represents the underground presence, hushed voices, crushed identities that lie beneath a story. They are the ones who created the outline, but disappeared either voluntarily or were compelled to … Continue reading Silhouettes

Unproven Guilt

“Eye-witnesses back out from deposing in the courtroom battle. Those who can afford to buy success by manipulating justice will always do”, my lawyer friend is rambling on. She also happens to be a believer in astrology, occult sciences and ancient scriptures. Have mystics done the greatest harm by redeeming their own souls? So many … Continue reading Unproven Guilt


“It’s an electric pole, not a cross.” “Oh, my Gosh! I see hope and then it vanishes…”  Diana is the eternal pessimist, believing in doomsday predictions and her companions are at the verge of exasperation. They decide to ignore her and get busy clicking pictures of the majestic peak in front of them.  Locals believe … Continue reading Faith


The image that stares back at her is not too flattering. Maybe the camera on her device is harsh. Sadly, only Zoom offers filters. She wonders what people see when they look at her - the image she sees in the mirror or the one that appears on screen. The mirror is kinder. They’ve been … Continue reading Mirage


A drop in the ocean promises to stand by another, till it is swept away by a large wave and merged in strong currents. It meets other drops but is unable to identify its kith and kin that came from the same river of origin, their identities being merged and submerged by  stronger force. Life … Continue reading Unconfined

Story hunt

“I give up”. Sylvia is gasping for oxygen, as she throws her shoes to settle down in the grass. She fails to notice my ashen face. The witch hunt has led us to monstrous insights. I came hunting for a story, but reality stares back at me - mercilessly, silently. The killer has left a … Continue reading Story hunt


It’s an interesting family tree. Each carries a different name by choice, with scant regard for belonging or social identification. Anna tells me it was reinvented after her grandfather left the field open for choice of names. “I’m sure there’s a lot behind that story. I’ve heard about his multiple marriages and large number of … Continue reading De-merger


“What the hell is water?” asks the callow fish. She’s a thalassic creature. Someone’s curious about undiscovered, underwater worlds. They write stories of demons that inhabit the space. There's someone else who can make a train run under water in a chunnel.  It’s just knowing what to do with water. Weekend Writing Prompt

Google it

"You share this planet with googols of other living beings – it’s a huge responsibility.” “What are we talking about - environment, wealth or something else? I’m not playing around with anybody’s life and if certain things do shift, am I supposed to feel guilty about rearranging things in the universe, and giving them a … Continue reading Google it