On camera

Parenting is a huge topic of discussion, as a superstar’s son is arrested for drug abuse. Everybody talks about setting examples, and a deteriorating value system. I guess values change from generation to generation, and it happens with every generation, not just the ones following or preceding us. “Do you really think our parents were … More On camera


Slices of life, and a life lived in pieces skin – for all that happens inside a being walls conceal a story and human history

Rocky Terrains

Prompt line given by Mish on dVerse What are the roots that clutch, what branches grow out of this stony rubbish? The Wasteland, T.S. Eliot It is her first email, six months after she got married. “I did not communicate, because I did not know what to tell you. …that it was a rash decision … More Rocky Terrains

Darkest hours

She constantly brushes against invisible shadows. She develops physical symptoms to eliminate toxicity, but nobody believes that the shadows are real. She watches their fireside chats passing judgement on people they don’t know, and who won’t acknowledge their existence. She hears them giving advice nobody wants to hear. She ridicules posturing as jailors, with no … More Darkest hours


The death of celebrities is no less an event than shenanigans during their lifetime. The eagerness of fans belied pandemic fears, as they thronged to have a last look at the prima donna. Shock is the only word that moved through the crowds like lightning. “Its not her, for sure…” uttered one who could hold … More Revelation

An eye for detail

“That’s me, stupid, not my grandmother..” “I can’t believe it.” “Don’t. Renting a period outfit, and using the right filters does the trick.” “But why should you want to look like this?” “I’m auditioning for a role in a period drama.”

Kolaba Fort, Alibag

Silly me! I led my colleagues to a fort in between the sea, without checking high tide timings. And there we were …. stuck in the fort for the entire day, because we couldn’t go across the water to reach shore. Luckily for us, there was a feast on in the temple inside. They served … More Kolaba Fort, Alibag


“I was given these notions about success, and I spent more than half my life chasing power. It was always about finding that handle, that lever, that screw-tightener and wondering about the impact each would have.” The audience listens in stunned silence, as one of the most powerful man in the world speaks, “… all … More Power

Late Interactions

She finally succeeds in getting her mother’s soul behind the mirror. Twilight is setting in, just as it was …. all those years ago. The haze is almost the same …as it was then. It refuses to clear off, even in broad daylight. The temperature in the room drops and there’s a stench like that … More Late Interactions