Matured The startup rolls out a scheme to hire experienced candidates wanting to join after a break. The HR manager is concerned about the increase in cost. He opines they can hire freshers at lower salaries and train them. “We are in D2C (Direct to Customer) business where people experience matters,” says the COO. “Fresh … Continue reading Matured

Anger Why do clouds look like angry birds, hungry for revenge on invisible enemies? Anger lives in territories of its own, with deep roots and repressed emotions. It changes its language, depending on who or what it is directed at. I wonder if they recognise their own reflections. How do they label it? Angry birds … Continue reading Anger

Delivery Can exuberant personalities pale into insignificance on hearing a few words? I felt my sister shrinking in size as she struggled to assimilate what she had just learnt. “Is that true, Ronit!?” The executor of the will had just informed her that she inherits the vacation home in Goa along with the personal belongings … Continue reading Delivery

Unfolding The brush feels awkward between my fingers. I’d rather draw dark figures with a charcoal pencil. I’m trained to do that, and it feels effortless. I see kids handle the brush deftly. Splashes of paint blossom into flowers. Onlookers in the cafe make me self-conscious. I don’t want to fail or look stupid. The … Continue reading Unfolding

Work culture

His expression is different tonight, “I’ve been working 14-hour days. Don’t you think I deserve humanistic treatment other than a raise?” “We like people to be obliged, so a raise is possible. But that word ‘humanistic’ - my answer to your Goodnight will be Goodbye.”

Magic The much-hyped magic show is a flop, as people walk out of the auditorium before the show ends. Discussions abound backstage later, “I spent ten years of my life learning the tricks,  so you can’t discredit me with non-performance.” A senior from the audience places his hand on the distraught young man’s shoulder, “It’s … Continue reading Magic

Cycles of cheer The season of cheer is over. Santa moves back to familiar environs of comfort after doling out promises and gifts. The pall bearers of dreams carry the carriers away. Coloured wrapping paper is strewn all around carrying different stories of ecstasy and disappointment. A child exclaims, “Mosquitoes sparkle so much in December.” The homeless … Continue reading Cycles of cheer

A-changing The storyline of some movies I saw in childhood centred around village fairs - lost and found themes, kidnapping, poverty and exploitation.  I see a new tribe of village women here, all made up and wearing red lipstick selling sugarcane juice. It is a marvel how the local mindset has changed from keeping women … Continue reading A-changing

Reena’s Xploration Challenge

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Have great festive times ahead... The Xploration Challenge too, takes an annual break. Meanwhile, I would like to share something I came across, which will invite different perspectives. It may seem creepy to some, and inclusive to others. See the pictures below on how someone has … Continue reading Reena’s Xploration Challenge

What does Santa want? Santa appeared on my mobile screen late night. I expressed joy that Xmas has set in early. “No”, he said, “I won’t come till you content creators give me a revamped look.” “Would you like to dress differently? Beards have become stylish across the world.” “It doesn’t matter really. Let red and white change … Continue reading What does Santa want?