They touched their cheeks to ensure if it was real. They couldn’t fathom if they were lying on grass, or floating high up amongst leaves. The feet were not touching the ground.

The existence was light as a leaf for sure – they were not bothered if their pristine white outfits would stain, or if they presented an ethereal view to onlookers.

The spiritual experience was great. Hannah expressed aloud she would share this rendezvous with a mystic on social media.

“Forget it”, said Anna, “This is a different kind of medium. Just that we don’t know how to use it…”


9 thoughts on “Mystical

  1. Wow, Reena! I love the new look to your blog! It has a nice soft and soothing feel to it! Your piece is superb with a mind-stirring and stunning finale! Your work is always unique and makes one think out of the box. Thank you for joining the challenge.

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