Not a deterrent

It was a task well-executed, and now it’s time to celebrate.

I don’t know from where these gun-toting masked creatures emerged. They changed the scenario of the party in a few minutes. I see blood trickling down the bodies of some friends. And there in a corner, lies someone who resembles me.

But I feel lighter, and dance better. My aching knee is no longer a hindrance.

I must be invisible, as I jump over people, but no one objects. I can see a screen, which shows a dark shadow – perhaps mine. Smart camera … but it’s not a deterrent.


9 thoughts on “Not a deterrent

  1. This hurt to read. My soul is still very saddened by this weekend’s mass shootings here in the U.S., both in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. As you know, I’m from Central Ohio originally, and Dayton was one of college years playgrounds. I know this district well and this weekend’s events sadden me.

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