The intricacies of design on this instrument can’t match the complexity of emotions that arise on seeing this. It was my wildest dream and my worst nightmare. We matched wonderfully in our musical intelligence. But that’s not enough to sustain a lifetime. Life is about so much more, and unfortunately, we were not on the … Continue reading Compatibility


Control the trolls

they have a way of telling youlove, happiness, sorrownever stand aloneor serve you in times of needit impacts your system todaybecause that is the wolfyou chose to feed they have a way of letting you knowsilent subconscious bitscan come together to createcollages of dreams or surprisesbrighten up life unanticipatedor disrupt seemingly establishednormal days, sunsets, sunrises … Continue reading Control the trolls


The image that stares back at me is not me. This does not match my always optimistic mind. The skin is blue, however improbable it seems. The lake of unshed tears is frozen, and refuses to provide a glance into its dark interiors. Callousness, continued distrust and malicious remarks draw a blank. There’s no disappointment … Continue reading Scarless

Wandering truth

journeysundertaken-destinations complainfor not being a conscious choicebut thenpaths trodden willy nilly taughtweary feet few lessons-bonds establishedfor life-infinityunknown commodityI value the tangible, forI knowno other paths to walk but youdreams, discussions misguidewandering truthlife's here Moonwashed Weekly Prompt

Adventure Next

She gritted her teeth and began the climb. But it felt surprisingly easy as the pull of gravity lessened. Soon, she will see the planets who claim to have influenced her life in so many ways. And boy, does she have questions to ask them? It’s a better idea to thank them first for all … Continue reading Adventure Next