Reena's Exploration Challenge #118

Welcome to getting a little more entrenched in the new decade or the new year! Does it already feel stale, or is sparking new hopes within you? As you read these lines, I will be enjoying the opulence of an Indian wedding in a holiday resort. Another couple will enter an uncertain world, feeling certain …

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The Moon is weary of human footprints. Humans invade privacy, erect flags, flaunt achievements, record stories … but do nothing to help the Moon. Mars appears to be within reach. We celebrate, but fail to notice invisible invaders amidst us. Why is our world changing so fast? We need to blame it all on invaders. …

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Reena's Exploration Challenge #116

Welcome to the last Exploration Challenge of 2019! It will be good to take a break for the festive season, and restart in January on a new slate. Yes, I would like to change the cover pic. Suggestions are welcome. You can mail pictures (which are free of copyright and do not need accreditation) in …

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light of dreams glowed so bright blinded me to worlds around -darkness reigned in castles behind   I fail to see controlling hands slowly encircle fragility -trust their strength as cherished support   I feel grips tightening suffocating -I struggle for expression of a suppressed individuality

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #115

Welcome to another week in a space to be yourself! Hats off to all those who responded to last week’s prompt, despite the gut-wrenching nature of the provocation! Evil is never an easy subject to talk about. Real evil is different from the caricatures we see on screen stories. I like the streak of strength …

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Executioner’s Head

The HR Head was persuaded to stay back by the new management, on better terms and conditions. “I will take my pound of flesh now”, boasted the inflated ego to his colleagues. There was a company-wide massacre of senior employees from the old regime, and the HR Head was the weapon they used to fire. …

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #114

Welcome to another soul-searching week! PROMPT I will come straight to the point, because the topic cannot be cushioned in flowery words and smart expressions. I choose the poem “Questionnaire” by Wendell Berry as a prompt. It is hard hitting, it is cold, it is dark, it is stark. QUESTIONNAIRE  by Wendell Berry How much …

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