Carefully structured

The organization structure is carefully built. There are special slots for the favoured ones, deliberate spaces between some so that the connections are not too obvious. They need to control it from all sides – ensuring that followers stay on a predetermined path, managing dissent, building intelligence networks to know what’s happening on the ground. … More Carefully structured


I click on an ex-colleague’s Instagram post, and she appears in my dreams that night – a long-lost associate I’ve not been thinking about lately. Stirred memories? A person who stabbed me in the back and earned my hatred appears in dreams – asking for forgiveness or trying to mend fences. Is that a subconscious … More Fascinated


others-centredness desire to communicate need for approval internal compass astray gaps with self — unbridgeable     can I take a break? a space to be just myself touch deep truths within then find a ground to connect with you- but on my own terms   I look for your core untouched by imposed wisdom … More Unbridgeable


give some time to thaw-a still heart fibrosed in snow wants to beat againlet it feel the blood rushingthrough ages of callousness

Drawing boards

creativity efficiency – are they different domains? I look at this magnificent concrete structure and think the architect has done a wonderful job. There were hundreds of people to support –civil engineers, technicians and labourers who implemented the architect’s ideas. Where does the creativity lie? It must have taken some imagination to put the bricks … More Drawing boards


The destruction was gut-wrenching, undoubtedly. What sets it apart is the will power to survive, regenerate, rebuild and be watched in awe by philanthropists, historians and others. I’m sure the souls who departed then, are back now in the same place – empathizing, commemorating, helping their brethren to live again. They are whole again – … More Hiroshima