Spectres and Spectators

“I heard ghosts have feet pointed in the opposite direction – they are so torn between going where they belong now and interacting here in this world.” “That’s a good input. Because this benign ghost will move towards you and hug you …” “whoa …” I don’t know how to manage a fake ghost spectre … More Spectres and Spectators

The Word

I find a word somewhere on my morning walk, and I don’t know what it means. I stash it away in my bag as a keepsake, a reminder of the wonderful morning I feel lucky to breathe in. The horror starts when the bag starts getting heavy. My shoulders ache, so I place it on … More The Word


The plan is laid out for execution. After all checks are carried out, Johnson decides to meditate to gather himself. The scene around him is changing … clouds gather …. the light is hazy… The spectre of uncertainty hanging above him assumes larger proportions. It engulfs his existence to the extent of paralysis. He wants … More Sabotage

Bleeding stories

“Whatever you do, you can’t do that.” “But why?” “It will open up not just a can of worms, but a tanker full of serpents.” “Are you talking of the stories of female foeticide and a girl infant killed because she was born blind? Are you talking about the male sex-addict who indulged in shameful … More Bleeding stories


Mom speaking in an event – “Alphabets becomes words and then emotions, pigments become vibrancy of art. Threads convert yarn to apparel, and innate personality traits become grace.” Son’s silent response – “Yeah, personality … do you see splinters of your barbed comments piercing my psyche?” Mom’s speech continues, “Treatment of the raw material matters, … More Contradiction


The family is known for its rich culinary heritage. They enjoy entertaining and experimenting with cuisines. The daughter-in-law is unable to digest the fact that one needs more than bread, butter, jam, ketchup and milk to survive. Life moves on with the help of expert domestic staff. “My Mom never cooked more than this…” she … More Benchmarks

Rocky Terrains

Prompt line given by Mish on dVerse What are the roots that clutch, what branches grow out of this stony rubbish? The Wasteland, T.S. Eliot It is her first email, six months after she got married. “I did not communicate, because I did not know what to tell you. …that it was a rash decision … More Rocky Terrains


The death of celebrities is no less an event than shenanigans during their lifetime. The eagerness of fans belied pandemic fears, as they thronged to have a last look at the prima donna. Shock is the only word that moved through the crowds like lightning. “Its not her, for sure…” uttered one who could hold … More Revelation

Kolaba Fort, Alibag

Silly me! I led my colleagues to a fort in between the sea, without checking high tide timings. And there we were …. stuck in the fort for the entire day, because we couldn’t go across the water to reach shore. Luckily for us, there was a feast on in the temple inside. They served … More Kolaba Fort, Alibag