Speak to us, threaten….

I grew up in an era when television screens received inputs from metal antennae planted on terraces. Watching the sun entangled between bars saddened the child in me. I was taught at home not to catch butterflies and cause them pain, but dissecting a frog in the lab was forgivable. Dear Nature, your silence has … Continue reading Speak to us, threaten….



The key drops with a thud on the cold floor. Beads of sweat on her forehead glisten in the sun. She has been warned against touching the ancient treasure. Her ancestors guard it in form of snakes and scorpions, and woe begone to anyone who goes near … or so the locals say. There is … Continue reading Folklore

Influencing justice

“It’s not possible”, pleaded the advocate helplessly, “all proofs and witnesses are against you.” “Tell me clearly if you cannot do the job, and I’ll hire another lawyer. I am paying you a bomb to manage the legal process.” “Whatever has already gone on record remains unchanged.” “Blur the background of incidents a little, circulate … Continue reading Influencing justice


“I ordered baklava today, but it does not live up to my Mom’s cooking”, coos her daughter on the phone while ordering dinner online. Her husband senses her disappointment. “Let them live their own lives. You did your best.” She used to gloat in compliments after guests enjoyed her lavish dinners, and erroneously built her … Continue reading Retirement

Finding peace

She has changed. The expression is serene, smile relaxed and words very few, quite unlike the Martha Berends everyone knew. Martha was known for her sharp tongue, vivid descriptions of facts nobody was interested in and her propensity to occupy centre stage in all discussions. “Did the cat take your tongue?” “The cat does not … Continue reading Finding peace

What’s Real?

“Am I asleep, or am I dreaming?” This question whirled through her mind. The person standing in front of her looks very real, though his voice is low. “Let me ask you something. Who told you good things happen only in dreams?” “But this was a nightmare….” She stutters, “I’m happy it’s over.” “How do … Continue reading What’s Real?


“An unfinished story invites. It gives everyone the liberty to complete it as they like.” Henry’s words keep haunting me as I browse through his incomplete manuscript. Unfinished structures welcome every new brick or stone. They reach completion but not in the manner as perceived in the beginning. I call the publisher. “If this book … Continue reading Unfinished


“Optimism is a lens” she said, “it helps you tide over life. Isn’t it a wonder that we cannot see things beyond a certain point, and cannot hear anything with a volume less than 20 decibels?” “I guess so. But I can feel the heartbeats, if not hear, and sometimes I question why. Imagination is … Continue reading Optimism

Copy-pasted scripts

The movie star’s fans are baffled by her attempt to commit suicide. So many of them would love to be in her shoes to enjoy her fame, wealth, repeated success and enormous fan following. Media persons send several messages, but all remain unanswered. She announces that she would produce, write, direct and act in her … Continue reading Copy-pasted scripts


“House-house was the most popular game in my childhood. I had no choice but to play as per preference of my playmates. It was better than isolation. I was often castigated and rebuked because I showed a marked preference for administrative and going-out tasks rather than cooking, cleaning and laundry.” “The story has not changed … Continue reading Wisdom