“A coaching business thrives because educators failed somewhere,” It seemed a rather rude thing to say at the school reunion, attended by some teachers held in high regard. He continued nevertheless, “You taught us Literature, Science, Maths and so much more, but nothing about the fundamental tenet of existence – Who am I?” “Well, have … More Tectonic


You always knew it. Didn’t you? I was made in a different mould. I couldn’t twist and turn myself to fit into the social moulds of your expectations. What forced your hand to get tough with me, and spew venom? Whose expectations were you living up to, when you criticised every act of mine. You … More Isolation

360 degrees feedback

Scene 1 “I hear the Branch Manager of JNPT branch is in a relationship with one of his colleagues. He is married ….” The boss is digressing from the topic of discussion. “Should we really bother about personal lives of employees? He is an excellent performer.” I suppress a smirk as plenty of unsavoury stories … More 360 degrees feedback


All she knew about this celebrity guest was the note sent by his personal assistant, and a few news clips. She pulled out a picture of his, and pasted another face on it.  “Glad to meet you, Sir! Hope you enjoy our hospitality.” Her tenacity and tolerance for tantrums was well-known, but this time around, … More Dumb-founded

He wished he had…

We want to earn, not beg. Help us earn our livelihood. He saw a huge crowd carrying similar placards, snaking its way through streets. Is that Emily? Yes, she is leading the procession. But why? Later in the evening …. “You don’t qualify to be called domestic help.” “Really? Who has been managing the house … More He wished he had…


“Dr. Diana, did you seek permission from the clients before hypnotising them, as per professional ethics?” “They are not sane enough to decide for themselves, but benefit from the treatment given.” “I understand you wrote “Fairies on the menu tonight” in the invite for Dinner with Diana, and dressed as a fairy yourself.” “It was … More Nested


The black dog followed them home, and then blocked their path. He wouldn’t let them open the door to enter the house. They had ignored him for sometime, but there appeared to be a message in his persistence. “Let’s follow him. He has something to show us.” Tina felt he understood her language, and started … More Angel

Whose traditions?

There is a distinct sense of unease around the oncoming festival. She knows that certain things can’t be done. “But we aren’t having any visitors”, said her husband, \’just cook and eat and decorate the house as you like. Post some pictures with a wistful write-up on social media.” “It’s all a joke for you”, … More Whose traditions?

In a trance

Dinner with Diana on Fridays was a ritual, inmates of the asylum had always followed …. some had to be wheeled in by attendants, in a semi-conscious state after medication, but they were all present. ‘You know what, the shots aren’t as bad as you think, and I like the way they put me in … More In a trance