“Read my thoughts if you can” is the title of the game. The class is flabbergasted how much the readers revealed about their own mindsets, than the human books. What Harry says or thinks about Tom, is about Harry, not Tom. (220 characters)


Have you ever…

have you ever been there where you wanted to be then hated it?   have you ever been caught indulging in a secret rendezvous   wanting to be in the spotlight then caught unaware   have you ever welcomed help out-of-the-blue with gratitude   have you ever felt warmth of light where ignorance dwelt

Make space

“I like the idea of constructing something on a grave. It shows the world does not end – someone else will replace you.” “Hmmm… thoughts of recently retired people….   Letz place flowers n leave…” Dad died a day b4 my son was born. The tombstone carries a picture of his grandson.


“Do you really care?” “I wouldn’t be here, if I did not.” What kind of chat is this? Who is at the other end? It sounds like commitment. She tapped his shoulder with a thud. He was watching a video. “Use the earphones. I don’t enjoy being carried away by your fictional characters.” (278 characters) … Continue reading Assumptions

Writers’ haven

The signboard is fascinating – INSPIRATIONS “Why don’t you put up some notepads and a coffee bar?” “Why should anyone need that here?” “You’ve so many writing prompts.” The owner is rich now, and has published a book. She even rents out writing devices. Just a change in perspective… (279 characters)


The security checks are stringent, yet I put up with it to reach that building. I don’t know a soul there, but the windows it opens to other worlds are refreshing. Bodies become insignificant, as the vastness of the universe engulfs. I  hope now to transgress my smallness someday. (279 characters)


“Isn’t he cute, Mama?” “Yes. He is. But you can’t cuddle him like a soft toy. Keep your hands in.” Click. Click…. Humans…. They never understand we’re a friendly lot treated well. Their interest ends after a few click sounds. I fancy the cute kid, though .. soft, must be yummy…. mmm (280 characters) reading Mmm…

Hidden treasure

Grandma always said her wealth of a lifetime lay in the trunk, but it can be opened only after she dies. The family found a piece of paper in it after her funeral – “Ignite hope in people. It keeps you going.” Was it the mystery that ensured she was well-cared for? Hidden treasure? (280 … Continue reading Hidden treasure

Spaces in between

What I want? What I don’t? What can I change? What I can’t? What do I do, and how? What should I refrain from, and why? Life happens, or falls between the crevices of Os and 1s A lifetime is not enough to write and manage an ever-changing code. (237 characters)