I walked with heavy footsteps shouldering a burden of explicit emotion -Yours


Born without ….

You were born without a sense of direction. And I am fool enough to plan these trips with you…. Trust me, I remember that we have to go left from here. We did that last time.  <Sigh> Last time was when you were ten years old…. “Dad, we have Google maps,”  interjected a sane voice. … Continue reading Born without ….

Blame It On the Moon

Blame it on the Moon by VJ Knutson

One Woman's Quest

Lethargic, you say –
it is the moon’s withdrawal
that compels this wane –
the current that runs between
defying gravity, depleting –
no sense in fighting
such elemental flow –
total submission is key.

(Written for Reena’s Exploration Challenge: moon; Ragtag Community’s: key; and Fandango’s: lethargic.)

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #74

Indira’s take on the Exploration Challenge!

Sharing Thoughts

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #74


The prompt this week is a collage. Pick any one element of it (a picture or quote), or more and let the thoughts flow. The choice is yours.

I beg to differ

Not everyone is  a moon

With dark side to hide

Maybe with few flaws

Visible or invisible

Nothing which

A little attention

Awareness or a strong cannot mend


They are Stars

small or big

bright or dim


A small candle


Giving light to others

Burning till the wax melts 

Divine blessing indeed

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