Did we know?

I’d no clue memories we make together will be the cushion to which I return again and again in search of comfort… I’d no clue life will be very different from whatever I dreamt with limited imagination on a very small slate I’d no clue I will have more, yet less spreading oneself out for … More Did we know?

Old Friend

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By the pond’s edgean acorn fallsrippling my reflectionbut we are meetingfor the first timeI say aloudwho was that strangerI say to nobodymy reflection returnswith something morethan I had beforean awareness of impermanenceawe of greater forcein a little acornthat can make medisappear and appear again. For Reena’s Xploration!!!

Wandering words, or: Meandering meanings — The skeptic’s kaddish

An Alliterisen Silver stars sparkling up above pensive poet Trees trembling as brisk breeze blows through gnarly bifurcations Fingers feeling for lightless letters on keys Elbows resting upon stiff, supportive table top Tongue tasting tangy, satisfying sounds Words wandering after meandering meanings Squinting through thick leaves, sees self sitting ‘pon a star The Alliterisen The […] … More Wandering words, or: Meandering meanings — The skeptic’s kaddish

Revenge #Flash Fiction

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Shruti got married and came home with her husband. Her husband’s parents kept their honeymoon in a famous 5 star hotel instead of at home. Shruti’s friends teased her and let her go.”Tell us tomorrow, who among you won,” her friend said jokingly. Somehow Shruti was embarrassed. Their honeymoon room…

Bouquet Bomb

irresistible fragrance but thorns make my fingers bleed and then… that bomb hidden inside Who’d expected this? It’s a bouquet called Life

Endless Love

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfvZsMYBqFw Inspired by Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Bouquet & Reena’s Exploration Challenge #199 With a simple, hand-picked?bouquet?of fragrant flowers, he walked confidently towards her.?“This may only seem like a small gesture on my part. But may it reflect my deepest affection for you and allow me to express more…