How do I define crime? Any act that harms another’s life or property, or something that goes against the law of the land? Is it less of a crime, if done to protect another, or for self-defence? Lawyers will have all the answers, but what does nature say? Is it okay to chop off a … Continue reading Harvested


Love and fresh air

The sharp bends on the road make her sick. They stop the car for a while to let her recover, while the guys take a smoking break. A lot more is retching inside her than the motion sickness. This is her moment of freedom. It is either now or never. She drives away alone – … Continue reading Love and fresh air


I switch on the laptop to complete an urgent task. Pop … there are 14 notifications on the right side. It takes a few seconds to close them. It’s the phone now. I have not opened the document as yet. Another notification from a social media site, and I know that I have to switch … Continue reading Anti-Notifications


Hazy skies, clouded vision can’t stop me chasing the Sun It seems like eternity when truth was appreciated honesty not decimated- the world hydrated, not thirsty. So uppity, but transparent battles are not a deterrent Ethics- Majestic in strife trudges along hilly terrains on a drive that looks insane -uncorrupted core of life Conflicts rife, … Continue reading Uphill

हाशिया हूँ मैं

A brilliant poem by Amit Agrawal – English translation in Comments.

Playing with words

बहता हुआ दरिया हूँ मैं
खुद प्यासा रहता हूँ मगर
तृप्ति का ज़रिया हूँ मैं

उड़ती हुई चिड़िया हूँ मैं
सारा आसमां है ज़द में मेरे
गुलशन की प्रिया हूँ मैं

जलता हुआ दिया हूँ मैं
अंधकार मुझमें पर औरों को
भानु रवि आदित्य हूँ मैं

अज़ब एक प्रक्रिया हूँ मैं
अमित हैं क्षमताएँ मेरी पर
कहानी नहीं हाशिया हूँ मैं

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