Impostor Syndrome

Will you recognise me without the crown? It’s the real me yet so unlike me emeralds of wisdom rubies of knowledge diamonds of trust which you gave me… I wander between gems blinded by lustre find myself in cracks burst out in full glory

Life after Death

How does it feel like to see light at the end of the tunnel? It was there all along, but I was focussed on darkness in the tunnel and claustrophobia. I even forgot to explore depths of darkness and discover hidden secrets there. Limited me! absolute darknessblinded by infinity-Regain your powerSee your soul merged with … More Life after Death


There are three kittens looking like Kitty, probably her offspring. They look at me with curiosity, but my eyes look for my friend. Hope she recognises me… It was a deep bond, but not a free one. Reciprocity was the name of the game. I taught her how to use a laptop and the internet, … More Impostor

Close All Tab!

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The spotlight focuses on an ensemble of ideas, incomplete tasks and memories, that take center stage without an invite, blaring their discordant voices. With a conscious effort, I scat them away one by one, much to my dismay, a multitude of others pop up. The plethora of thoughts vying for attention…

Note To Self

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Checking symptoms for possible diagnosis: tab 1Searching for gluten free recipes for leftover turkey: tab 2Black Friday specials on tab 3Writing a blog post on tab 4Email on tab 5 Too many tabs open to concentrateand Christmas is loomingand the fridge needs cleaningand I got the groceriesbut forgot…

Tab, tab, clear

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Too many tabs. Reboot! Reboot! Too many tabs, I don’t compute. Just want to stop for a while Find another way of life; Colouring, painting, writing until all the tabs close and all is still.

The Tabs of the Mind

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My brain has too many tabs open,Each tab has a story to convey,Not all the tabs however clicked,Displays the content in itSome are hidden, Some are Open,Some are a feeling of a painful wound,Some are the joyous precious moments,Some are sorted and some are tangled and complex,When many tabs open together,The…