Threads that bind

It is a beautiful island. I’ve come here to write my book. The residents are nice enough to leave me alone. Till … there is a scare about an impending storm, and the island being flooded after that. The water is crossing the danger mark. People gather to devise a strategy, and get to know … Continue reading Threads that bind


Dear Santa

I slept with your picture under the pillow, and found some cash there in the morning. I believed that you exist. As I grew up, I learnt that you need an agent in this world – who places gifts under the pillow. I dream, and then, I have to go about hunting for that agent … Continue reading Dear Santa


Born in poverty, raised in adversity, she grew up amidst challenges. Her talent was grudgingly noticed, remained unacknowledged and never encouraged. She was expected to lead a mediocre life, try to excel at things she did not like, and be constantly berated for non-achievement. She tasted toxicity, survived it and learnt to hit back at … Continue reading Legendary

Bridge In Time

the moon is rising...

Why was there not a bridge over the river Styx? A bridge could imply an ease of passage both ways, which wouldn’t be a bad thing: Death and an afterlife in Hades seems so absolute. As for Charon, the ferryman, did he not become too weary of the job as he himself approached his end of days? I can imagine him one day setting off and not coming back, his fare paying passengers, their mouths full of drachma, having to roam the shore, with all the penniless souls, for eternity.

There are many rivers to cross, as the old song says, and the metaphor of a bridge aids the idea of linear time. As opposed to an idea of circular time, giving a sense of continuous renewal. Each is a reasonable assumption were it not for modern science leading us to the ideas of entropy and time’s arrow. Yet, are…

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I thought I conquered

I came, I saw, I thought I conquered life decided to go another way winds of change swept everything away goodwill I had - mercilessly squandered I ‘m honourable enough not to sway but- expressed intent stands dishonoured I came, I saw, I thought I conquered life decided to go another way Moments of realization … Continue reading I thought I conquered