Speak to us, threaten….

I grew up in an era when television screens received inputs from metal antennae planted on terraces. Watching the sun entangled between bars saddened the child in me. I was taught at home not to catch butterflies and cause them pain, but dissecting a frog in the lab was forgivable. Dear Nature, your silence has … Continue reading Speak to us, threaten….



fungal growthssuperimposed thoughts-divert cleanneural paths-blue moods darken clean landscapesthe black dog barks loud -did you missa dash of yellowin turquoise-did you misstoothless smiles on grey morningsfind what lights your life -reflectionsof skies and deep sea-floating lifein whirlpools-offers seats to optimismWill you miss the chance? What Do You See?


rings of delusionconceal hollow cores-leave scared spacefor doctrines, opinion,-to seep into structuresinvisible alterationrendering existencefettered and futile-on borrowed oxygen the sun does not seton empires-which controlday and nightnomenclatures-the clock shows twelveinstead of 24 hours-hands of poweron the throat of time-calendars of achievementdiscardedevery year -hunger for power is globalthere's no satiety-food and prosperityis no substitutefor control onhumanityin … Continue reading Subjugation

Is it Time for One More Time Poem?

One more Time Poem ….by Artie

Enjoy his ride down memory lane.

Artie & Stu

Here’s one from some time out of mind:

Horses prance

all about

the fairgrounds.

The captain’s epaulette

with dangling

tassels tussle

as he rides.

Freaks and Geeks

dance in shows

saying the time

is ours now.

And Mary doesn’t remember


or she does

but will not/just won’t say.

I recall our

parents smiling

while her Ayrshire

red ribboned

I held a blue
for my cow poem (she pronounces po-em).

We climb the Himalaya

holding tight

amid the screams;

can you tell me

when this hurl

will be over

just to help

us stay sane.

Our head-spinning

stops per doctor ordered

Sizzle Onion


an after-thought

for a bun.

Sweet lemonade

hide my hiccup

looking down from

top of the world

Ferris wheel

her hand in mine

making imprints

on eternity.

Let us get

lost in the

house of mirrors

and just when we become afraid we won’t get out

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The key drops with a thud on the cold floor. Beads of sweat on her forehead glisten in the sun. She has been warned against touching the ancient treasure. Her ancestors guard it in form of snakes and scorpions, and woe begone to anyone who goes near … or so the locals say. There is … Continue reading Folklore

Ah! The indifference of time

Ahh–The Indifference of Time …………by Aishwarya

Kitty's Verses

RxC # 266

Ah! The indifference of time,

I exist everywhere,

In the by-lanes of crime,

In the hearts of poets who rhyme,

In the deathbeds of ailing,

In the newborns wailing,

In the fast lanes of Gen Z,

In the equanimity of all seeing tree,

Ah! The indifference of time,

Ah! The indifference of time,

I exist unscathed,

If I were to be here,

And you were to be there,

Yet life and causes differ,

Differently, even a mother and daughter suffer,

Know not I, much of you, and you of me,

Except for stories we share of sorrows and glee,

Ah spaced divergently! The indifference of time.

Ah! The indifference of time,

I exist eternally,

On different dimensions,

Harbouring similar apprehensions,

Man, riddled by emotions,

And intoxicated self promotion,

I see moon by the night and you star by the day,

Yet we exist until we may,


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At the center of life

decisionsto be weighed and madeat crossroadstravel guides give wayto apps and compasseswhich point in all directionsoffer a range of optionsalarms beepdeadlines hauntasking for quick callsto avail discounts globalization takes you everywhere,except inwardsNow I know...why Buddha chose the Bodhi tree...to discover life’s essence Saturday Mix- Lucky Dip at MLMM