you and I ~ a trimeric

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look into my eyes turn the pages of my mindwatch the words tessellateyou and Iturn the pages of my mindcelebrate the poetryrhyming our liveswatch the words tessellatesync our worlds in songOh the lyrics feel just rightyou and Ikeep making up storiesin each other’s eyes*** Mindfills fordVerse poetry form ~ Trimeric, hosted…

I Can’t Dance

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“How can I take her out dancing, if I don’t know how to dance” said Jim to his friend Bob while they were at the antique book store.  Bob replied, “Most of the people on a dance floor are doing basic, simple, repetitive steps and you can…

One Is Never Enough

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Pinterest Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #186 & Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Celebration hello fellow bibliophile what is your recommendation what is the latest you’ve read perhaps i would like it too books are always a cause for celebration more stimuli for our fantasies more reflection in our souls…


‘If I had to give one reason why brain science fascinates me so much, it is dreams.” “All of us dream, but don’t really remember all the weirdness.” “You nail it, when you say weirdness. Dreams are complex movies created by remnants of passing thoughts, images, memories, but we have no control on how those … More Dreams


“What have you accomplished in isolation? You left behind a fast moving career and a fortune.” “I don’t think that world remembers me, or needs to know about me.” “But why? I assure you there’s a lot of curiosity about your hermitage.” “Maybe you hope to sell more copies with this story. But the maze … More One-liner