The water is so clear that I can see the crocodiles beneath – hungry, monstrous, wicked – showing no intent to hide themselves.  A few stranded passengers from a sunken ship await their fate on the island. They hope for an airlift but it does not happen. The only way back is through water, and … Continue reading Layoffs



Am I dreaming, or am I on another planet? I rub my eyes to see my child dressed for the show in school. I hope the digital background they create is perfect for the storyline.


I found myself on the psychiatrist’s couch. The person sitting opposite me spoke more like a judge than doctor. “You suffer from eleutheromania.” “How did you arrive at that conclusion – whatever that word means?” “I’ve heard what your family has to say about your rebellious nature and lack of discipline?” “But you haven’t bothered … Continue reading Free


Asphyxiation …. Suffocation ….. choking feeling in the throat. She could never find the exact word for the feeling. But this is how she felt all her life with the negativity and pessimism around her. They are all well-meaning, highly respected people in their social and professional spheres, but who lack the capacity to imagine … Continue reading Asphyxiated