Generation gap

“I don’t see the relevance of this outdated machine being placed here.” “It marks the beginning of an era to make villagers independent.” “Then, it belongs in a museum.” “I value my personal bond with the hands that operated this. It is an object of worship for me.” “I guess, your mindset too, is a … Continue reading Generation gap

The Flippant Queen

“I can’t figure out what they want. People who cannot manage their own lives find solace by placing the blame on others, especially those in higher positions. It is human psychology - fingers pointing at others take away the focus from the source of the problem, their own incapability. If they don’t have bread, they … Continue reading The Flippant Queen

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #237

Welcome back! PROMPT #237 We have a word prompt this week Zeitgeist The dictionary meaning of the word is the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time: "the story captured the zeitgeist of the late 1960s" There is no restriction on length … Continue reading Reena’s Xploration Challenge #237


“There are no permanent enemies or friends in politics”, sighed the party loyalist on seeing his leader shake hands with their bete noire, “all the intense battles we fought have come to nought today.” “The quest for power demands a different discipline. Nobody hands over power to you on a platter,” came another voice with … Continue reading Eclipse


“She’ll never admit she’s wrong. I wonder if it’s an ego problem or a genetic one….” The sounds pass through her ears, but do not pierce consciousness. The judges and the judged are both in their mind. She is unaffected by opinions. She is not exactly floating in air, but feels light.  The moment of … Continue reading Freedom

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #236

Welcome back! And I feel privileged to be back here. There are certain doorways that lead to unknown places. The terminology is different for what we experience - across the threshold or back from there. PROMPT #236 The prompt is a theme again... Rebirth Think of times you've felt revived, reinvigorated, alive -- maybe through … Continue reading Reena’s Xploration Challenge #236

Why is it unacceptable?

“I can handle dissent, not insanity,” the chauvinist speaks in a tone of assumed authority, which is not really his. “What you term as insanity is an eruption of long-suppressed flames or instincts… at least you know what was brewing within.” “Whatever is brewing is not acceptable to me or society…” “Whatever is unacceptable arouses … Continue reading Why is it unacceptable?

Recycled Wisdom

Her hesitation in crossing the threshold is understandable.  She sees her future on the other side of the looking glass. Nobody likes being a has-been. The old man steps back to speak to her. “I’m grateful for being of some use to society. The substance in me is alive and red hot. It has taken … Continue reading Recycled Wisdom


This is a beauty - stunning beyond imagination. Compartments in vibrant colors in constant motion - meeting each other and then growing apart, changing the shape of corridors in between. It appears to reflect my mood. I love the picturesque sight so much more. This strangely familiar splendor is intimidating. My brain threatens to overpower … Continue reading Stunning

Danger Zones

The title of his latest book is “Where there is no fear”. The book cover shows his fingers tapping a keyboard and the image of a brain on the screen, with illuminated zones. The message on the back cover: “Danger zones are nothing but unfamiliar places, where we find ourselves powerless to respond in the … Continue reading Danger Zones