Reena’s Exploration Challenge #109

Welcome to Week 109! My thoughts go back to a stark neighbourhood – identical yellow buildings with numbers painted on them. I enter 109, the building where my uncle lives. It is a rainy day, trains are stuck on water-logged tracks, college is closed and I have walked on the tracks to reach there. My …

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The alphabet of her life has been reconstructed in the last ten years. She has a new pictorial book in hand, which says A=Acting, B=Bigtime C=Craft, D=Design, E=Excellence, F= …..   she dreads the F-word – failu… The PR people say only a scandal that rocks the film world can save her career. People are fast …

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Fifty years seem like an eternity. Her travails are sufficient material for three books – all from different perspectives, with different protagonists. Eternity may count like a nanosecond in some other parts. But truth feels like fiction, when it is so far away. Her grandchildren did not believe her when she told them she was …

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Writers’ haven

The signboard is fascinating – INSPIRATIONS “Why don’t you put up some notepads and a coffee bar?” “Why should anyone need that here?” “You’ve so many writing prompts.” The owner is rich now, and has published a book. She even rents out writing devices. Just a change in perspective… (279 characters)