No choice

When I elevated you and was pushed downI voted you to power, to look like a clownI’m not imbecile, and I want my rightsHobson’s choice – just one long night I voted you to power, to look like a clownThere was no one there, but your fake smileHobson’s choice – just one long nightI’ll jump … More No choice

No progress

“How can a place remain unchanged for decades? Progress bypasses certain lethargic mindsets and places.” “What makes you say that, Uncle John? The eatery at the corner has just sprung up.” “The yellow-and-black number plates on cabs, the style of parking with two wheels on the sidewalk, and people rushing towards the railway station in … More No progress

A child’s world

I like ladders, but there’s a snake in some squaresI’ve sticks and stones to beat it withbuild a house with blocks to keep me safeMy house has ladders to take me to the sky I’ve sticks and stones to beat it withSerpents can’t pull me down in dark holesMy house has ladders to take me … More A child’s world


Rehab is no joke, especially if you happen to be a celebrity’s son grown in the lap of luxury.  Those inmates I consider below my dignity to interact with, have seen me crying – defenceless, helpless – not the prince I’m supposed to be. They say I’ll overcome the blues one day, and go back … More Underwater

Creativity blocks

“The truck ran over you….” “I’m still alive.” “There’s a magic wand somewhere around you. There’s someone who listens and protects you.” “Are you talking about a previous lifetime?” “I don’t think it makes sense. Dismantle the blocks and put them together all over again.” “I will never complete this novel. This is the fourth … More Creativity blocks


The plan is laid out for execution. After all checks are carried out, Johnson decides to meditate to gather himself. The scene around him is changing … clouds gather …. the light is hazy… The spectre of uncertainty hanging above him assumes larger proportions. It engulfs his existence to the extent of paralysis. He wants … More Sabotage


The family is known for its rich culinary heritage. They enjoy entertaining and experimenting with cuisines. The daughter-in-law is unable to digest the fact that one needs more than bread, butter, jam, ketchup and milk to survive. Life moves on with the help of expert domestic staff. “My Mom never cooked more than this…” she … More Benchmarks

An eye for detail

“That’s me, stupid, not my grandmother..” “I can’t believe it.” “Don’t. Renting a period outfit, and using the right filters does the trick.” “But why should you want to look like this?” “I’m auditioning for a role in a period drama.”

Late Interactions

She finally succeeds in getting her mother’s soul behind the mirror. Twilight is setting in, just as it was …. all those years ago. The haze is almost the same …as it was then. It refuses to clear off, even in broad daylight. The temperature in the room drops and there’s a stench like that … More Late Interactions


The transparent capsule lift in the lobby is the first of its kind in the city. The business magnate is complimented for his eclectic taste. He glides through with his beautiful wife and captures media attention. A year later, it becomes his undoing as dark secrets spill out in the open. He is in police … More Transparent