None prettier than her

Touch them lovingly, be as gentle as you can Each figurine comes from my favorite woman She is a magician, an artist at heart She pulls joy from a hat, no sleeves to conceal Each figurine comes from my favorite woman She's a miracle, magicians embarrassed She pulls joy from a hat, no sleeves to … Continue reading None prettier than her


I clearly see the reflection of outdoor greenery on the television screen, but can’t see her.  Her handbag lies open on the couch. Where is she? Am I turning voyeuristic? Yes, but into people’s minds. I want to see if she turns towards the books or the long-stemmed giant red rose. The last three visitors … Continue reading Inclusion


adore freshness, understand transitorinessanything that's fresh has a short spanfrozen smiles in sub-zero climesas good as Egyptian mummies anything that's fresh has a short spantheir value shifts on a long rideas good as Egyptian mummiessalute them for joys they spread their value shifts on a long rideknow where they started, how you metsalute them for … Continue reading Freshness


There is so much parking space, but she is not in her car today. Delicious lunch in a small cafe, buying a glamor magazine and an intellectual book from the roadside vendor, followed by a lazy afternoon in the salon getting a facial done is her idea of pure bliss. The road still looks deserted … Continue reading Minimalist


I am the first to see his secret chamber - art created, never sold. “Where does the money come from?” I’m curious. “I migrated to the city in search of a living, to keep body and soul together. Anna invited me to see a certain spot in the city. The Queen of Kitsch had just … Continue reading Kitsch

Packing a life

“I can’t leave this behind”. She wailed. “But why? It’s not easy to lug it around, when movement is uncertain.” “My grandma enjoyed the outdoors with us on this chair - in the garden, on the beach and wherever our fancy would take us.” “I’m sure you don’t want her to see fire raining from … Continue reading Packing a life

Times change, not temperaments

The setting is the same as it was years ago. A meal for two, a phone that cannot be put on mute and a mind ready to devour a story….. Televisions are passe. Netflix can be accessed from any screen.  What if the phone rings? Hit the Pause button, tell the caller about the excitement … Continue reading Times change, not temperaments


“It’s a strange city. Why would anyone hang shoes up there?” “Get used to being in a city of high achievers. The shoes are left behind by people who fly away to meet their lofty goals.” “And they want their shoes to be available on dropping down from gorgeous heights?’ “No. We keep those as … Continue reading Marketing


“I’d like to know more about the residents of the palace. It feels like every carefully placed stone has a story to tell.” The guide looked at her with misty eyes, her voice choked. “It was a city, not just a palace. Each stone speaks of dreams destroyed, to appease the ego of palace residents.” … Continue reading Remnants