More than a Black Friday

I am a late entrant to the field of budgeting, but wouldn't recommend it to anyone else. I have given in to impulse, all the more when I was transfixed by an item in shop windows. Gifting assumes more serious proportions. I happen to be in an environment, where relationships, affection and devotion are measured … Continue reading More than a Black Friday



todayan offshoot ofa long dead yesterdayor bearer of unknown future-moments count beatsreincarnatewith unique soul beautyof a processed experiencenow dead I planneddifferent songsunsung musical chordsconquered my voice - poetic milesaway I mappedunexplored routesunderground vibrationsblew my plans off to smithereens-earthquakes I liveunredeemed timebreathe unclaimed oxygeninfuse unheard stories to makefutures Sunday Confessionals - Today


watch yellowsturn flaming orangechallenge sun,pallid moonssupported by deep watersthen meet a mountain rigid rockscompel a retreatteach lessonssurvivalneeds good navigation skillsnot raw bravado Written for Photo Challenge #439 at MLMM


beware of friendly conversationswhich quickly change direction-manipulation-don't mentionshock unconcealed venomous expressionwords that cause deep abrasion-manipulation-don't mentionblocks sharp shooting targeted invasionsattacking reputations-manipulation-don't mentionrocks Lucky Dip at MLMM The poetry form used is triquint

Common Sense

We may assume that common sense is acting to achieve a goal, keeping the larger good in mind. The law, religion and etiquette all teach us not to ride roughshod over others in our own interest. Most of us are shocked when we see this basic principle being flouted. Over a period of time, we … Continue reading Common Sense


Your post makes me think about how we define and create our own reality, sticking to the safe and familiar. Knowing too much would create discomfort. A cousin who recently retired said he has taken to reading books on world history, and finds that large sections of mankind have always been racial and cruel. I’d … Continue reading Food