She is Me

She is all that I want my woman to be  She is a dream She floats through the nights She is illumination Who blows all my lights She believes all that I like about me She is a collage built from figments of imagination She is a song composed in hallucination Her views are liberal, …

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On the cards

“Are the social media posts ready?” “Yes. Are you sure all should be released at the same time?” “Listen carefully now. The posts will be released from different accounts within an hour, and the team to engage on the posts needs to get active immediately. You will get the cue, as soon as news starts …

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New way of life

have you ever felt being dropped stratospheric existence cropped? -vagaries of disturbed life uncertainty growing rife -then a new order emerged acceptance, will to live surged have you ever felt being dropped stratospheric existence cropped?

Just down, down….

Yes, I’ll be around when you look down wasting a life for a clown I was never taught to value myself no self-respect just a madness … and going down, down watching escalators carry your smartness your ego ballooning assessing, measuring distance between us forever increasing no self respect just a madness…. And going down, …

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People who?

Inbound flights were allowed even after the Covid outbreak in China. The economy is going downhill, and the stimulus package does not land in bank accounts of citizens. Two banks failed. One was rescued from disaster. A mutual fund closed down its schemes. A finance company has cheated citizens in a chit fund scheme, and …

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What was it?

Untouched books crowded his shelves, shiny leather spines and faded first editions, meticulously dusted and never read. She wondered how long it had been, and what had happened in his life after she left. Those days and nights of reading, and long evenings of deep discussions were still fresh in her mind. She had become …

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