1942- A Love Story

Here is a translation of a lyric from the Hindi film “1942- a Love Story”, vocalised by Kumar Sanu I saw a girl, and thought I saw a girl, and thought (she’s) Like a blossoming rose, like a poet’s dream, Like A bright ray, like a deer in a forest Like a full moon night, … More 1942- A Love Story


The damp fog refused to burn away, eating up their street until the suburb became still and their house an island. This quote knocks at her creativity. The message from her friend looms large on her mind, “The tainted woman CEO of …. Bank is not so bad a person. Her husband is the real … More Fog


The image me reminds me of my friend, who started a business of manufatcuring organic skincare and haircare products. I was the first recipient of a parcel for trial, and endorsement on social media …. just that all the bottles were unlabelled 🙂 I had a tough time getting her on a video call to … More Lotions

Contingency plan

Company headquarters in Germany devised a contingency plan in 2020. What if the workforce in India fails to deliver during the pandemic? It is a country of 1.2 billion with less healthcare facilities. Today, news arrives that we need to plan to deliver more. A major part of the German workforce is indisposed. “Hey! What … More Contingency plan


sets of words – ring hollow with no meaning I break them, put those together again my story peeps through the page – amazing I wonder how long will bonhomie last I’ve seen friends change, goodwill slip away fast she said it again, with envy gleaming she’s an old friend, so I just let it … More Re-emergence