driving across continents riding on international law conquering fear of the oblivion risking the unknown   my free spirit hopes to find redemption or salvation -but falls in depths below   imprisoned for seeking a life I hope those I left behind meet a peaceful end wherever they are https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2019/07/16/photo-challenge-272/



Asphyxiation …. Suffocation ….. choking feeling in the throat. She could never find the exact word for the feeling. But this is how she felt all her life with the negativity and pessimism around her. They are all well-meaning, highly respected people in their social and professional spheres, but who lack the capacity to imagine … Continue reading Asphyxiated

Yes, you want to hurt me

I often wonder if the invisibility of mind and soul is responsible for so much of hatred in the world. How and when did our existence get defined by concrete physical boundaries and characteristics? What we do is undoubtedly ruled by the mind, but there is a difference between the acts carried out for day-to-day … Continue reading Yes, you want to hurt me

Sounds of the city

Honking was considered bad manners in this city. He looked helplessly at the traffic jam in front, and the girl on the back seat, struggling for breath. His heart flipped over at the thought of being found with a corpse in his car. His heartbeats were loud, sweat trickling down his temples, but everybody around … Continue reading Sounds of the city