“I wouldn’t pay a fortune for this painting. The artist’s earlier work was much better.” “He has learnt from experience.” “Then the quality should have improved……” “No. He has learnt that the value goes up with the venue of display and stature of visitors.” “Do I describe him as a dying artist or evolving artist?” … Continue reading Art


No impact

It was her first taste of whiskey. “You look wasted. Learn to stop at the right time,” a so-called well-wisher quipped. “The first sip is the right time.” Gloria replies wryly. She is impressed by the exquisitely carved glass, not the drink. Disappointment boiled and fermented inside, till she changed completely as an individual. Her … Continue reading No impact


I’m sure an alien passed me by, not once but many times. Everybody on a different wavelength of thought is an alien, looking for that split second when minds meet. I feel like an alien within myself, as strange impulses catch me unaware. Do they all look red or green, just because my colour is … Continue reading Aliens


Motionless, she stood gazing down the tunnel. The path extended as far as the eye could see, encased by walls of grimy bricks. She has passed through the same tunnel many times, in between what earthlings call a life and souls here call a project. She wants to make this the last time. She is … Continue reading Nirvana

Comfort Zone

A place to live, with space to flyfeet on ground, mind in the sky walls stretch, and then give wayupwards, outwards – no cause to sway let me find myself before I help youI won’t be bound without a clue angles galore, but not all minesextile, square, conjunction, trine a book or viewpoint - I’m … Continue reading Comfort Zone


He is declared the hero once again, the star performer being applauded for his superlative performance in sales. The announcement of a special bonus warms the cockles of his heart. He waddles through the corridors, unable to carry the weight of his pride. It’s an open secret that his networks are more powerful than the … Continue reading Naivete