Spring arrived with mud and a torrent of bad news. “Wash the mud off thoroughly with soap, and spray a sanitiser after that.” “I love the smell of wet earth.” “You need to do it to retain the sense of smell.” I dreamt of trees laden with a spiky fruit, which no one wanted to … More De-sensitised


Jim Adams gives us a “We just Disagree” theme song for the Music Challenge this week. The video clips that I give below may appear to have an oblique connection with the theme song, but are entertaining. Enjoy! And one more in Hindi with English subtitles. This is a visitor from another planet, who claims … More Clipped


The rat ran and he chased. He came out in the lawn, and looked for the rat between the shrubs. It probably disappeared in a rat hole somewhere. He walked back home to find that six other rats of different sizes were scurrying around the kitchen. They scooted away on seeing him, but with food … More Strategic

The Journey

He won the Best Scholar of the Year Award, in the course of his PhD program. “Sir, can you recapitulate your journey from an East Asian country to Harvard University for us?” asks the intern from another Asian country. He can see the glow of dreams in her dark, pool-like eyes. “I don’t really know … More The Journey


I can hear voices clear and loud till I see your face in the crowd they are all there gunning for me Why’s your expression so wily? a lifetime flashed before my eyes I did not see obvious signs I always thought you admired me It was jealousy, not envy So, here today you celebrate … More Kyrielle


People see what makes sense to them, reality notwithstanding. I find myself visualising and counting the boxes inside their mind, and sadly watch the gist of what I say fall through the cracks. It hampers communication for sure. I start saying something, and then stop – knowing that it will fall between the cracks or … More Filtration


A compass to help me navigate through labyrinthine corridors of the mundane ….. un-peeling layers of incisive thought Maybe, I’ll never get lost again after that…. never be blamed for not having a sense of direction for not remembering routes I pass through every day for the mind will be less busy more focussed on … More Lost