flutteringeyelashes remind mebutterflies made of gossamer dreams I touch youcheck if you are realor will float away like wispy breeze teardrops onpetal-like rosy cheeksgive me a glimpse of eternity emotionsjust make you more humanto place trust-like in the depth of seas


What kind of bonding runs the deepest? -battles fought together from the same side when dawn is faraway, nights the darkest finding your way out of a dense forest staring at a common enemy - mortified What kind of bonding runs the deepest? It’s superfluous to be modest or smartest only the one with a … Continue reading Companionship

Decoding software

Where would the cellular biologists or astronomers or physicists be without their instruments? Science exists only because a tool to decipher whatever is invisible to the naked human eye exists. And what do human beings do if they are unable to decode the laws of Nature, or nature of the Maker? They devised their own … Continue reading Decoding software


I wonder what's mingling with elements I'm one of those, in a case I did not choose Hell now, I need to disintegrate to test different combinations I'm one of those, in a case I did not choose I look at my components carefully to test different combinations I don't want to die, just know … Continue reading Disintegrate

Connected world

I wrote a book on peace, but who cares to readit's a big game - go money, power, egosoldiers march silently, but who cares to leadwhite flags ignored, tell me who's the last herothe one who bombed towns, or one who got them freedone who saved kids, or one who dealt the last blow a … Continue reading Connected world

Signature moments

I'd love to be a stand-up comediansay all the things I always wanted to sayget away without being called ruffian ignore black and white, take advantage of graymultiple meanings give enough protectioncarry audience in loops, then get away balancing words and time becomes perfectionquite unlike the days when politeness matteredread between the lines, admire all … Continue reading Signature moments

No return Your prompt reminds me of two real-life stories, which do not directly connect to the song, but are about leaving and returning. STORY 1 We are holidaying with an aunt. A strange looking man appears in the courtyard with a piece of ginger in hand. He wants ginger tea. The family looks scared, but … Continue reading No return

Little Saint Nick

Jim's Music Prompt My take your boys keep tossing boxes of dreams Tell me what slipped out in between frozen wishes in drafts of cold breeze fell from the stars, caught in the trees What was not a piece of cake, not workable on a quick uptake let me catch all that is unspent … Continue reading Little Saint Nick