Reena’s Xploration Challenge #283

Welcome back! PROMPT #283 We have a single word prompt after a long time, and the word is FRAUD Write whatever the word brings to mind. Is moonlight a fraud being pulled on for eons? The latest fraud which rocked your world Success stories of fraudsters Forensic Investigations Why do we fall prey to cons? … Continue reading Reena’s Xploration Challenge #283



fear is when mortalsoverwhelmed by infinitydraw lines in the skyto design a boxjust big enoughto hold their competencies. fear is when someoneblames others forgetting too big for their bootsterrified of their own smallness. fear is when you restrictloved ones to ensurethey don’t ever seeanyone better than you. fear is butterfliesfluttering in stomachsnot knowing gardenscomplement their … Continue reading Fear


Vintage is a numberarbitrarinessof those who thinkthey define contemporary Vintage is what lends valueto a historian orarchaeologist’s workor a fashionistarunning out of ideas Vintage is digging intoclosets or atticswhen there’s time to spareand you can return to lifewithout a hint of carefor what you posted onhandles for likes Vintage is an erasmiling at visitorsfrom the … Continue reading Vintage

Freedom is…

Freedom is when I work non-stop,but get to choosethe kind of assignments I likethe kind of work that excites meinspires me to keep learning,delivering to perfectionand not having to worry aboutbudgets or check book balancing Freedom is when peoplewith decades behind,tonnes of experienceon their back and mindlive light ….by rediscovering, reinventinglife in moments to savourcreating … Continue reading Freedom is…

Storytellers’ Nightmare

The sequence of events matters in establishing the cause-and-effect scenario. It’s the meat of the story. Promos are just crumbs thrown around to build up an appetite. The words ring in my ears as I listen to different versions of an unusual incident. It’s a lesson in building narrative. What’s scary is the impact these … Continue reading Storytellers’ Nightmare

Modern Economies

In India, we ridicule ourselves of being called a ‘developing country’. For how long? Aren’t we ever going to reach there? But the fact remains that we are 1.3 billion strong, with 70% of the population being in the 15-64 age group. It means the spending power is there, and is likely to increase. Companies … Continue reading Modern Economies

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #282

Welcome back to another week! PROMPT #282 It is entirely your choice to use either one or both of the images as prompts. There is no restriction on format of the piece. There is no last date either, unless you wish to be featured in the Weekly Wrap.  Any post that is found to be … Continue reading Reena’s Xploration Challenge #282

Window in the wall

Deer have survived as a species because they are extra cautious around water bodies. They understand the risk of being attacked, and take all measures to ensure their safety. Someone saidthe meek shall inherit the earthbare survival through centuriesor a mention in historyfor a stupendous actwhich may be termedbrave or bravadoby perspectivesto build a narrative … Continue reading Window in the wall

Flying envelopes

She has been wearing white clothes for decades, and least of all because she is a Hindu widow. Black was discarded because it revealed the darkest parts of her subconscious. She thought about all the people and events which brought misery to her life, and the non-verbal outpourings from her mind came close to what … Continue reading Flying envelopes

Fading Lights

Will this work?holding setting sunstill they melt-inheritfading light to permeatemy dark existence I see starsstretch non-existentarms towardsmy dwindlingform - to include me in theirborrowed lights night club membershipswill not work for meif they suckout all thatI've held on to justifymy sunless courtyards Liquid Sun!Take me with you towhicheverland you goyour inseparable partnot mere reflection What … Continue reading Fading Lights