Reena’s Xploration Challenge #182

Welcome back to a world, where we are exploring spaces – inner, outer, safe, unsafe, forbidden …. No space can be classified as completely belonging to one category. The reality of one impinges on others, altering their reality. PROMPT #182 Layers Watch this beautiful video with Zen music for inspiration if needed There is … More Reena’s Xploration Challenge #182

Negative spaces

Soundproof rooms help me focus on the inner voice. I don’t want interference. I don’t want to be told what to do. Cut the cacophony out… I hate the political crap on TV Wait a minute… Doesn’t the inner voice reflect the outer world – a reverse mirror image. Inner reality is what I want … More Negative spaces

Wind under wings

I’m grateful I can walk and run, but I wish I could fly. Mobility and speed matter in the race of life, but more so the perspectives. I see the world moving past me, but in the opposite direction, as I move in high gear.  Then, I move my sights to the ones moving alongside … More Wind under wings


I remember those wooden frames in my grandfather’s courtyard. We covered it with sheets, and made temporary shelters for ourselves on sultry afternoons, when the adults were all enjoying their air-cooled siesta inside. Those were moments of freedom, of creativity for us, when unbound by rules, we created our own worlds and played out imaginary … More Layers

Karma Bites

He was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment on charges of theft. On his way out from the courtroom, he stopped near his mother in the viewers’ seats, and spat on her face. Onlookers were stunned. “I wish you had punished me the first time I stole an extra bun from the baker’s shop. But you … More Karma Bites