Fading subtlety

faint glimmer losing glitter sinking on horizons of pre-set time lines   I don’t have forever wait for life to occur mortality lends frameworks as final bells chime   seasonal cycles demonstrate renewals but other shores may have different climes   I see uncertainty losing subtlety etching dark visuals on happy old rhymes     … More Fading subtlety


ageing bodies sighluminescent is the soulimmortalityweaves magic in fading hopesMaker’s invisible wands….


abstractions are unintelligible to some write a few stories for next generations to know what you meant  bring to lifea past buried and dead -folklore is the time machinethat connectsisolated agesin time capsules  


I strive to find the ground I left behind – then wonder if it ever existed. Psychic perceptions have left me dangling between two worlds. belonging – neither here nor there accepted – neither here nor there Can I blame them for not knowing what I do? They are happy in their un-knowing state, while … More Dangling

The night knows

night comes to a standstill ingrained fears rise to surpass moonlight and darken not so silent skies   haunted spirits await a chance to cast away masks challenge earthly pretence of being alive   It’s Halloween – the night knows what’s real or who is naïve?


I’m tired of being rebuffed. I wonder why people build walls to keep me out. I see no reason for anyone to fear or dislike me. I would like my fellow beings to be companions in my journey. There is so much to learn, to discover – all that I did not know some time … More Ignorance

Living with Insanity

I’m talking to you. In a moment, I’m not…. You are not there. I see you being transformed into a familiar, but horrific being – eyes bulging out, a disconnected expression, hands moving aimlessly in the air, clenched teeth and a desire to kill. I survive the night, live in hope of a better future, … More Living with Insanity

Mermaid Reversed

What is that mask you are wearing? I asked you to dress as a scarecrow. Is that how all men see women? Why do we get into feminist arguments all the time? We are dressing for a theme party. I chose ‘Mermaid reversed’. It does not fit into the given theme. Watch the male interest … More Mermaid Reversed