Style Tuesday – ‘Plus Size’ Sarees — SacredCircleforWomen

Are you looking for some zany festive outfits? Is size an issue ? OMG ! The saree is a just a six-yard piece of fabric that can be draped around for maximum effect, in a manner that the actual shape of the body disappears. Wow ! Spend some time at Nariman Point in Mumbai, or […]Style … Continue reading Style Tuesday – ‘Plus Size’ Sarees — SacredCircleforWomen


What is Style? — SacredCircleforWomen WHAT IS STYLE Style is another name for individuality. It is not the latest fashion, or trends which will disappear in a short time. Style is about expression of your taste and individuality, in your attire, manner of speech, body language, home decor, places you shop from …just about everything that involves a choice. … Continue reading What is Style? — SacredCircleforWomen

Style Tuesdays – ‘Shades’ for the eyes — SacredCircleforWomen

Paeans have always been sung for beautiful eyes, yet, never before have eyes been the sole point of focus as it happens now – on masked faces. While eye makeup is gaining prominence, the need to protect skin around eyes is also high. Eye creams are therapy – used to reverse damage which has already […]Style … Continue reading Style Tuesdays – ‘Shades’ for the eyes — SacredCircleforWomen

3 Man-styles that need revival

Elegance is not about being noticed, it is about being remembered Giorgio Armani. I guess the word here should be ‘respected’, or ‘revered’, not ‘remembered’. Swag, grunge and hip-hop are all remembered. It could be for their atrociousness, or for the mind-sets of the generations that sport these styles. We live in an era of … Continue reading 3 Man-styles that need revival

The Indian ‘WaistCoat’ Evolution

The waistcoat (or vest) was a formal garment, introduced by King Charles II in 1666, during the Restoration of British monarchy. The name emerged from the length of the garment ending at the waistline, whereas the other coats were longer. This was a kind of foundation garment, with a triangular cut in the front centre. … Continue reading The Indian ‘WaistCoat’ Evolution

Dressing on the ‘Plus’ Side- Part 2

  Hope you had a good time exploring your wardrobe. Let us see how can we put together various separates to create glam outfits for our ‘plus’ selves. 1. Creating a contrast If we are combining a dark and light color, wear the dark color closer to the skin. It draws the eye in, and … Continue reading Dressing on the ‘Plus’ Side- Part 2