Reena’s Exploration Challenge #100

1,2,3…… and here we reach 100.. 100 is not a great achievement, when I see the stalwarts on WordPress attracting a horde of writers every week. But, I take immense pride in reaching here. When I started, I had planned 10 challenges. I did not have more ideas at that point of time, and I … Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #100



Oh,no! There you go….. once again carrying my dreams with you sketches on that notepad frozen shots entrapped in power zones with glue   ideas that flew so smooth stopped mid-air unaware of destinations I await my fate hanging at your mercy   I come again -yet another meeting notepads, screenshots scribbled thoughts of the … Continue reading Meetings


“Splash some green paint on the apple. It is needed for Halloween décor.” “Do a Google search for ‘poisoned apple’ images. You might get better ideas.” “ I don’t like fairy tale themes. Those are repeated everywhere.” The skeleton surprised me on the party evening. “Where did you get this from?” “Somebody’s cupboard.”  Am I … Continue reading Skeletons


Stone walled in the chamber I live - ignoring open windows   I heard aeons ago stories of a mirage lessons that got etched in stone   I choose rock-hard security over hints of fresh air changing the horizon   prisoner of my own mindset I’m afraid of being cheated – once again