I live alone in fear of arguments, and I sing alone in fear of dissonance, but please do not judge me. I write but do not publish, so that uninitiated readers may not disturb the rhythm with uncalled for comments. Yet, the meter of my verse feels incomplete; it speaks but lacks validation. There are … Continue reading Incomplete



Silhouettes - the dark shape and outline of someone or something visible in restricted light against a brighter background. It’s not just a dictionary meaning. It represents the underground presence, hushed voices, crushed identities that lie beneath a story. They are the ones who created the outline, but disappeared either voluntarily or were compelled to … Continue reading Silhouettes


It always happens when I feel betrayedDisgust engulfs me; I can’t digestfood for another’s existenceIt’s toxic; it’s unhealthy;It vitiates social systemsdenies justicerestricts free expressionIt keeps the venomcirculating in blood vesselsThe heart cannot take itThe heart will give up…. ReluctantlyI touch transfused bloodas corpuscles call outfor acceptanceThey hold hatred I nursedanimosity I felt on being let … Continue reading Cesspool

Unproven Guilt

“Eye-witnesses back out from deposing in the courtroom battle. Those who can afford to buy success by manipulating justice will always do”, my lawyer friend is rambling on. She also happens to be a believer in astrology, occult sciences and ancient scriptures. Have mystics done the greatest harm by redeeming their own souls? So many … Continue reading Unproven Guilt


It is the same houseonce inhabited by generositynow plundered by successors-they’ve taken awayvalues and wishes of harmonyprinciples and precious belongings heat of argumentspervades the airwispy strands of warmthdisappear into oblivion legacies do not definethey degenerate.. dVerse Quadrille

Scanning old pics

scanning memoriesentrenched in choppy waters-deep hygge envelopesWhat is it about the past?makes happiness look transient Enjoy the holidays and create happy memories, Colleen! I'm digitizing old albums today. Written for #ShareYourDay Challenge at Tanka Tuesday Weekly Prompt


“Is that so? What happens next?” And here those interns holding up the giant board fumbled. “Well, you might as well not take a risk.” “What kind of risk?” “It makes sense to part with some money than …” “Than what?” The screen fell, and a young crowd emerged laughing. “Join the party. We are … Continue reading Warning