a tinge of sadnessovertakes the evening skyball of fire weakensin the crepuscular lightno one escapes dusk, night falls

Walk free…

minds not at rest wreck peace for all anguish on the table they consume toxicity stored negativity mutes logic they torture themselves and others don’t be an empath don’t feed on sores Cut the chords Walk free…. Walk free…..


I moved the whole caboodle to a new premise yet bits and pieces lie scattered on deserted floors broken glass with stains of blood sticky particles that defy definition neither carbon or oxygen they just obstruct respiration when I breathe free in my dreams unpacked caboodles release unknown devils strategies to deal with the unfamiliar … More Caboodles


Streets are silent. Sounds inside her get unbearable. It takes a lot of strength to pretend everything is fine, when it’s not. She feels the ground beneath and thanks the skies – she is still standing on her own two feet. She just needs courage to walk out and run – breathing in the silence, … More Silence

Did we know?

I’d no clue memories we make together will be the cushion to which I return again and again in search of comfort… I’d no clue life will be very different from whatever I dreamt with limited imagination on a very small slate I’d no clue I will have more, yet less spreading oneself out for … More Did we know?

Wandering words, or: Meandering meanings — The skeptic’s kaddish

An Alliterisen Silver stars sparkling up above pensive poet Trees trembling as brisk breeze blows through gnarly bifurcations Fingers feeling for lightless letters on keys Elbows resting upon stiff, supportive table top Tongue tasting tangy, satisfying sounds Words wandering after meandering meanings Squinting through thick leaves, sees self sitting ‘pon a star The Alliterisen The […] … More Wandering words, or: Meandering meanings — The skeptic’s kaddish