Mezza Luna

I find potential to be a scary word. It comes shackled with doubt on my capability to assess. What if my estimate is incorrect, especially when there’s no historical data to be extrapolated? Mezza Luna laughs soundlessly. She carries a history behind her, but holds out no promise for the future. She doesn’t like being … Continue reading Mezza Luna


Sembine interactions

I’ve had my share of interactions with feline and canine species – both good and bad. The range spans from innocence and goodwill to sharp manipulative instincts. Sembine interactions leave me defeated. These interactions are with a person suffering from mental health issues, or living beings who do not understand my language. The worst kind … Continue reading Sembine interactions


I see what drives her to do those insane things. A childhood bereft of parental approval and expectations to fit into a mold induce unhealthy compliance or wild rebellion. It is a quest to find oneself. What perplexes me even more are those shifts in behavior patterns, moving from rebellion to compliance and back. Do … Continue reading Mirrors


do you flee the scenewhen things come apart; you missnew doors opening do you recoil fromdeath? life waiting outside goesback disappointed feet held steadfastlyto the ground cannot perceivewings waiting to sprout fear protects; disarmspotential; distrust bouncessaviors at the gate learn to recognizecatalysts; they might take youwhere you want to go Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge