parallel lines walktogether despite gaps ineverlasting love

Pain Ineffable

Loneliness stems not from being alone, but not being understood. Am I ignored because my ‘being different’ created discomfort? Do I need to shed authenticity to gain acceptability? In a flash, I know why yogis meditate in the mountains, and not inside their homes. Enlightenment does not flow from trees or rivers. They are misfits …

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It must have been a mercenary who introduced the concept of eternality of love. It has caused heartbreaks for ages, around the world. People walk out of jobs and contracts – maybe with some disappointment, uncertainty and sometimes with absolute ease. But a relationship breakdown feels like the end of the world. Love is energy …

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Eternal Myth

Fire changes, and each moth approaches it without knowing the fate of those who died before … at least without being able to connect the cause of death with fatal attraction. The Sun is one, but fields of sunflowers change. Moods and emotions change. Undying love renews itself every moment to sustain itself. Understanding is …

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