Home, Sweet Home

Brina Blum on Unsplash be myself is all that matters Home, sweet home.... who gave you rights to intervene in my domain it's my Home ... Sweet Home my heart belongs here the mind feels free to travel everywhere, and then back home -where else? because It's the only place truly mine https://amanpan.com/2020/09/07/eugis-weekly-prompt-home-sweet-home-september-7-2020/

Stories in quarantine

Is the “new normal” really new?  The ideas and lifestyles have all existed before, maybe for a minority.  Conservative Indians are screaming from the rooftops, that leaving footwear outside, washing before eating and following certain rules in the kitchen have been a part of our culture for long, but we had given it up for …

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Taj Mahal

I see engraved patterns of unusual creativity and exquisite craftsmanship. White-labelling came into existence, when identities were lost in smooth paleness of marble. Taj Mahal is but a sculpted grave, with souls of unknown artists scattered in the invisible graveyard. I don’t see pine trees and the water canal, but hear muffled sounds of creators. …

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The phone buzzes… someone wants to check on my well-being. I switch off social media notifications. The frequency is higher than normal. I like seeing the well-dressed news reporters on television. There’s a normal life out there somewhere – people dressing up for work, interacting, going live … I say my gratitude for the internet …

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I enjoyed the lull before the storm, but it’s over now. Fanaticism prevails. I’m as secular and liberal as I’ve always been, but the terms are now used in an abusive manner. I grew up in a Hindu household, with Muslim and Christian neighbours (two childless couples who treated me as a daughter), and we …

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Is it time?

Seasons originated from nature. Calendars are created by us, because we need a structure to our lives. The Sun knows nothing about Sunday. It continues to rise every morning, all seven days of the week, unless clouds get too dense and overshadow it. The density clouding our mind-sets is thinning – with 24*7 offices, flexitime …

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