Bouquet Bomb

irresistible fragrance but thorns make my fingers bleed and then… that bomb hidden inside Who’d expected this? It’s a bouquet called Life


diving into bluesI feel my body and mindfighting cross currentsclimb back to safe environsI have got new perspectives

Sustaining a flow

know howto sustain changetill new waves sweep landscapesredefine beliefs, paint mindsetsInspire… Inhalethe air that blowsyour way, to meet your thoughtsknow that you lived in this momentbut lost


I hearno more, but seelife changing around meI felt my own heart beat today–Silencetakes over from where all noise leftgiving me something new-incrediblefeelings

Back to School

It is a school reunion meeting. Wandering in the revamped school premises, I wonder what would be different if I had to do it all over again.  We depended so much on what was written in books, and whatever teachers said. There was nothing wrong in those times. It had a certain quaintness of innocence, … More Back to School

In a row

colors unitedemerge from same prism – each sovibrant on its ownGetting them all in a row?Individualityscreams – I’m the star of the show


I seeDeath standing thererobed in deep, dark secretsexotic as a purple moonWelcome!