Coming Together

colors coexist beyond white loneliness   hues and shades borrow to live   vivacity of color isolates black selfishness   … More

Run for life

The playful gestures followed by cold blooded acts of unfriendliness Beware of the demeanor! Narcissist psychopaths!   Weekly Tanka Prompt … More

Floating Songs

the gift of language deciphers floating songs in the universe   Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry #Challenge #51

Why Micro?

I am fascinated by the human mind. I am in awe of its capacity to inflict seasons of joy and … More

Mental Health

I attended an event called Living Stories on Saturday, which presented Human Books to readers like us. These are individuals … More


touch-and-go moments of fleeting intimacy are missed  needlessly   Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry #Challenge


the river of thoughts just flows struggles against nothing knows no rules lays to rest all myths about beauty in … More


Here’s a septolet voices from past worlds follow me I ignore   spasmodic pain reminds of fresh wounds   Written … More


Random state of being Excelling at doing nothing Stillness rules my world Till I am yanked out of somnambulism Invoking … More