Sounds of Memory

The television news says that the Amarnath temple has reopened. The ritual worship of the snow Shiva idol was performed … More

The Myth

A very prim homemaker once told me, that she always eats after her husband. Before I could raise my brows … More


The calm of the hinterland attracts me. It gives me a break from the oceanic life. Being the captain of … More


Smiling memories of a lifetime spent together refuels the love for the frail figure between white sheets.   The touch … More

Student Politics

Catch them young enter their minds mould the clay here, now water the plants till they give outcomes you want … More


Taking the first step coming out of her shell pink is her color   Inspired by Ronovan at Ronovan Writes … More


One of a kind touch-me-not plants, hopes and dreams bloom in my garden   Inspired by¬† TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge … More