New portals

What’s in ChatGPT that others don’t have? Why is Google feeling insecure? Why are CEOs saying they will miss out on a lot, by not using ChatGPT? Why are colleges banning use of ChatGPT to prevent use of AI-driven answers in examinations? a new web portalopens alluring vistaswill creative inventorsstunt fertility of other minds? Are … Continue reading New portals



I do a Google search for the word ‘polershmett’. Google says, “Some results have been removed.” I wonder about missing alphabets in the word which could have made sense, without much success. I try some of the other search options. Images looks interesting, and this is what I get. So here I go with that. … Continue reading Polershmett


do you flee the scenewhen things come apart; you missnew doors opening do you recoil fromdeath? life waiting outside goesback disappointed feet held steadfastlyto the ground cannot perceivewings waiting to sprout fear protects; disarmspotential; distrust bouncessaviors at the gate learn to recognizecatalysts; they might take youwhere you want to go Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge