It travels long miles before the traveller does It is formless, shapeless Imperceptible, soundless yet so concrete for a sharp … More


Conspiratorial silence hangs heavy in the air as sounds of guilt reverberate through every mind stopping their next thought or … More

Silent wounds

I hear wisdom shed tears silently in the insane world where growth is rewarded but the means are not examined. … More

Against the stream

There is something about going against the stream. It takes overconfidence, smugness, a couldn’t-care-less or know-all attitude. Or it could … More


I am at the sweetest spot in life – a place where I can learn from mistakes of the past, … More

Clocks n calendars

My life is ruled by past, present, future hands on clocks and calendars.   Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge

Convoluted thoughts

The past and future are overlapping layers on time machines pinning you to a slot on rotating wheels of Time … More


It will take more than a miracle to save you Karma is a bitch! Hope for redemption, miracles on my … More

The Sanyasi

They viewed with disdain his red clothes and long dread locks Is this salvation? He rejected fame and wealth to … More