#Haikai Challenge #16

need for approval obstructing freedom of soul self-inflicted pain the only bonds that matter come with total acceptance   Haikai … More

The Ultimate

I come forward to meet you where you are, bowing as needed. I set benchmarks for greatness, as the world … More


don’t touch a raw nerve the pain drives me to press all the DESTROY buttons   Ronovan Writes

Recreate Reality

mindsets will float in a sea of perspectives to create history to mould present and future recreate reality   In … More


Mountains inspire awe with their seeming impenetrability and strength. I watch a boulder roll down, or the snow melt and … More


I have to deep-dive inside myself to create drama, magnifying certain elements and suppressing the contradictions. As I get into … More

Peace Within

peace radiating from nature being itself happiness within artificiality eliminated out   Weekly Tanka Prompt #Poetry Challenge- Week 80 by … More


oppressive heaviness in the air dark shadows imposing gloom generate unfortunate misgivings, obstruct mutual understanding and possible negotiations on sharing … More

A Sea of Humanity

A sea of humanity vast untapped potential ignoring it would be inanity   A sea of humanity erroneously seeing a … More

Where do you come from?

  Do you carry messages from the other worlds? You are welcomed or shoo’d away as per the receiver’s perceptions … More