A few thoughts

I learn what’s goodonlywhen confronted with evilelseI’m passed off asjust okayor a has-beenwho could have done better parameters changewith environmenthow good or badI really am? a survival strategycounts as crimemy right to existcircumvented by law Does intent countor the damage?my upbringingor educationor just the stinging slapafter doing something? reborn in non-human bodiesI may commit heinous … Continue reading A few thoughts

Legacy of the oppressed

muffled voicesshudder in anticipationof impending stormsthat will permeatea power-driven world a world that worshipssuccess without ethicsimposes ruleswith vested interestson the pleaof perpetuatinga tradition the shadowy figure curses-unaware of the potencyof its injured right to existreleases long-held anguish curses are legacies of the oppresseddamnation- a cry of helplessnessdenunciation - a statement of rebellioncondemnation - endorsement of … Continue reading Legacy of the oppressed

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #249

Welcome back! I've experimented a little this week - taken a few lines from all your entries to weave into a new poem. See what emerged. I believe I am passing through a gate in historyA twinkle in our maker’s eyeWhat happens next is a mysteryI stumble upon cracks of time-crystallized memoriesfalling through a funnelIs … Continue reading Reena’s Xploration Challenge #249

Blogging Challenges

I moved from 28 followers to 3K+, just by participating in writing prompts. What changed in the process was the intent and theme of the blog. I moved from articles to flash fiction and poetry. I do have a flair for writing from schooldays, but I accept with full gratitude that I learnt a lot … Continue reading Blogging Challenges

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #248

Welcome back! A string of brillianceeach bead - a single sentencemakes my week shimmer,throws challenge with cocky sneerto make next week look better This is how I'll sum up last week. PROMPT # 248 We have a phrase this week to serve as your writing prompt. ...passing through a doorway in history There is no … Continue reading Reena’s Xploration Challenge #248

Smell the flowers

The train stops, and it’s not a station. It’s a mechanical fault which will take time to fix. Passengers jump out for an impromptu picnic in the flower gardens near the track. Am I not lucky to have taken a train today? The boss’s secretary said flight tickets are getting expensive, and we need to … Continue reading Smell the flowers


When did I become A searchfrom a pathway Who labeled a fading scar aspersistent ache Why did I agree to move mountainsand build a graveyard What blinded me enough to lose visionin search of light How did I change a metaphorto autobiography Written for Sunday Confessionals

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #247

Welcome back! PROMPT #247 The prompt for today is Writing in One Sentence Any thought that passes through you is good enough, as long as you can express it in one sentence. The sentence can be two words or as long as you can stretch it. It's perfectly okay if it looks like a paragraph … Continue reading Reena’s Xploration Challenge #247

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #246

Welcome back! PROMPT #246 There is no restriction on length or format of the piece. There is no last date either, unless you wish to be featured in the Weekly Wrap.  Any post that is found to be offensive, vulgar or something that hurts common sensibilities will not be included. This needs to be a … Continue reading Reena’s Xploration Challenge #246