Freedom is…

Freedom is when I work non-stop,but get to choosethe kind of assignments I likethe kind of work that excites meinspires me to keep learning,delivering to perfectionand not having to worry aboutbudgets or check book balancing Freedom is when peoplewith decades behind,tonnes of experienceon their back and mindlive light ….by rediscovering, reinventinglife in moments to savourcreating … Continue reading Freedom is…


Reena’s Xploration Challenge #282

Welcome back to another week! PROMPT #282 It is entirely your choice to use either one or both of the images as prompts. There is no restriction on format of the piece. There is no last date either, unless you wish to be featured in the Weekly Wrap.  Any post that is found to be … Continue reading Reena’s Xploration Challenge #282

Yellow Bellies

A young man from a premier management institute says “My father told us we can only do well in jobs, not business.” Anita suffers injustice in her marriage because her father once told her, “You are neither beautiful nor a heiress, so do as you are told to do.” Nyla, a qualified gynaecologist, is a … Continue reading Yellow Bellies

Twilight Zone

-empty eveningsslither away on black coffeewhile one ruminateson spilt milk-hollow conversationspeppered with liesdominate social niceties dreams that oncewere the driving forcenow only push regretsnear the end of daynot knowing wherenights will take you Quadrille at dVerse

Fading Lights

Will this work?holding setting sunstill they melt-inheritfading light to permeatemy dark existence I see starsstretch non-existentarms towardsmy dwindlingform - to include me in theirborrowed lights night club membershipswill not work for meif they suckout all thatI've held on to justifymy sunless courtyards Liquid Sun!Take me with you towhicheverland you goyour inseparable partnot mere reflection What … Continue reading Fading Lights