The Autumn Leaf

Dilapidated, but not fully worn out cracked up, unbroken earthen pots line the flowerbeds in the withering garden. I capture … More

Not so special

I hate to think of you Because you are not so special!   Your infamous last words ring through buried memory … More

All or Nothing?

All or nothing and everything that lies in between dying before time.   Lying in between with the potential to … More


Frozen teardrops from a bygone era creating awareness of lost spirits floating around in this deserted castle.   Glass barriers … More

The uncolored lens

I love the challenge of going nowhere just to feel like me free of expectations, dreaming unshackled under the non-judgemental … More

Just You

I have always wondered what do you think about when I think about you? What do you look for, baby … More


I cared about your smallest needs You saw it as interference in your life.   I thought love was sharing … More

What if?

What if I was not responsible for another’s happiness I was not accountable for the choices I made. And I … More