So Lucky

I have been so lucky in meeting the obstacles that I did in those aggressive encounters that brought out the … More


Voluptuousness of imagination gives ┬árobustness to thought and paints pictures with words hitherto unnecessary.   I see colors coming alive … More

Objects de Art

Material things I own are external manifestations of innermost desires and forbidden longings   overlapping, clashing, competing to find the … More

Finding Myself

Bondages dissolved with disappointments and trust taking the exit door   Dependence hurts the futility of it all strikes hard … More

Space for the Self

The space for self is found only in emptiness devoid of reflections and responses ingrained early in life.   The … More


Alignment matters more than abundance   Plenty of talent and hard work do not ensure prosperity   Stay aware of … More


Adding color to the surroundings without merging or losing color identity is what defines me despite the efforts to subdue, … More


Why did you have to speak and break the magic of silence and imagination?   I admired perfection with silent … More

Fear of the Beyond

Years melt into moments in my reverie taking a trip across the skies staging a performance unseen, unheard.   A … More