I stand in a whirlpool awestruck, moonstruck feet encircled by storms virgin sand beneath wriggles away   the deflowered shore … More


Life moves at a speed unknown with unease open to different interpretations subjectivity   Time moves appears to move with … More

I Wish

I have stopped wishing for fulfilment of what I wish I had never wished   I have stopped regretting moves … More


Life continues to surprise me the acceptance of the inevitable.   I wonder how Hope walks following Life with a … More

Erasure Poem – Labyrinths

The response to Exploration Challenge #11 has been rather inspiring. I happened to come across an article on Labyrinths, which … More

Concentric Paths

concentric movement pain exacerbated unconnected paths distinct, but fated   fantasies of a coil oneness unabated just distant dreams lonely … More


uneven was the terrain and the battle skewed in favor of enemies from onset of conflict   exhausted soldiers with … More

Circular journeys

A dream cut short left an ache end of a nightmare brought relief.   It is the journey that matters … More

Anti Gravity

  He who invented the law of gravity had not been blessed with the pull from the top.   The … More