Jabberwocky – Did you see it?

I thought he was a friend, till he showed his fangs, bared his claws mask and gloves fell off his jaws I smelt incense in open air he showed his fangs, bared his claws unmasked terror - it was raw I smelt incense in open air I heard Evil laugh without a care unmasked terror … Continue reading Jabberwocky – Did you see it?

Thoughts, culture & cuisines

Savour the prompt at Tuesday poetics - food! at dVerse restaurant meals take-aways -standardised to perfection -presented to condition expectations -create addiction ingredients mixed with choice cooked to delight -fresh flavour -fresh opinion -fresh taste takes me out of loops then invites exploration of what you spite but remain polite then learn to savour -new … Continue reading Thoughts, culture & cuisines


Negativity - a muse-um of thoughts burden of fears from past experience riding our back -moments passed long ago buried in history -shadows live like ghosts walking amidst us pulling us back creating mistrust -muse over imperceptible layers bid them goodbye to Move ahead… https://dversepoets.com/2022/01/10/quadrille-143-muse-cues/

Let them scoff

I borrow from the sky When I feel low, down and out I borrow from the Sun When darkness pervades my path I borrow from the birds When my feet are being cut off I live - because it’s the only option I have I know what it takes - but the world scoffs https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2022/01/10/what-do-you-see-116-january-10th-2022/

A date with Death – Rimas Dissolutas

in a place of peace with no dream no movement backward or forward I wait for Death to come claim me travel, but no pics or mementoes just move at the speed of light darker than night, smoother than cream incredible lightness feels absurd No rancour - I go debt-free bereft of pain, freedom feels … Continue reading A date with Death – Rimas Dissolutas

A beautiful friendship

Don't pluck me, let's grow together, says StalkI just smelt you to find a new friend..Wow! I'll just bask in the sun, you walk…Let's spread the love, and warmth extend I just smelt you to find a new friendI'll tell you secrets, romp around all dayLet's spread the love, and warmth extendThe world is all … Continue reading A beautiful friendship

Little Saint Nick

Jim's Music Prompt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xp9rK8FmYog My take your boys keep tossing boxes of dreams Tell me what slipped out in between frozen wishes in drafts of cold breeze fell from the stars, caught in the trees What was not a piece of cake, not workable on a quick uptake let me catch all that is unspent … Continue reading Little Saint Nick

I will come again

Eugenia's weekly prompt is JUBILANT I will come again in absence of darkness I will come -when I don’t need to carry light or carry your sins -when my palms are not nailed and head not crowned with thorns I will come again when you celebrate not birth or resurrection but existence in a better … Continue reading I will come again


I’ve watched calcification of souls with slow accretion of deposits of apathy -disconnectedness rules I was alive once but chose petrification with concentrated spirits some day I hope to connect human rocks below infuse empathy in them maybe they see what I see maybe we connect better maybe they see value in going back to … Continue reading Petrified