Light struggles to disengage  from  absorbent surfaces which swallow luminosity, emit blackness Light gets lost in solar magnificence merges with strength enhances intensity -yet remains invisible Light  reaches its target celebrates life-worth, illuminates spaces  which ask for help existence becomes  worthwhile for both giver and receiver, revelling in  satisfaction

Taking a Chance

grey skies eager to speak, share secrets colour splash restrains with buoyance who will listen to gloomy songs worlds out there are ready to dance colour splash restrains with buoyance eager to step out of constraining masks worlds out there are ready to dance no time for caution or penance eager to step out of …

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a subject of  fantasy eulogies romanticisation mystery body language for ages…. eyes  occupy centre-stage once again as contours of facial beauty get masked in viral rains… I wish transparency becomes predominant in eyes and masks leaving no misunderstanding or unpleasant remnants.


possibility of disaster prevents action possibility of pain holds back love possibility of rain drives us to buy umbrellas, build shelters possibility of earthquakes spawns whole new branches of technology we don’t act till we have  visualised results I just wonder  what is spontaneity?

MM Music Challenge

MM Music Challenge on MLMM I give here the translation of a Hindi song by Sahir Ludhianvi sung by Mukesh, from the film "Dil ho to hai". It disturbed me with its obsessive possessiveness from younger days. You don't love me, that's no problem If you love someone else, there’ll be a problem We are …

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I watch people unable to grow caught in self-imposed boundaries I want to open a window let them inhale freshness revise outdated patterns start living again respect for privacy their right to individuality hinders  I take the easy path run out to escape  claustrophobia  -not acknowledging my own fear of being influenced by stunted mindsets …

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I would like to bequeath  A thought A mindset A philosophy I would like it to spread like a pandemic overpower patriarchal systems, psychopathic behaviour treasures of my life -all that I earned and learned lies in books, online real estate I would like to bequeath A cross-over A transition A revolution it will empower …

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Let the stories perish

so many stories reverberate, images shift, giving different perspectives I struggle to find the right frame for each- and then, the final one coffins are limiting -maybe a book -maybe a culture -maybe an institution but trends are so short-lived... human memories are subjective -they change form with situations and experience I will let the …

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