Privileged enough?

do you have an option to stop new starts or restarts? winters roll in with the same frequency  as spring mourn or celebrate -summers to find color or an autumn to contemplate new starts  erroneous assumptions that life begins  at a certain instance on a larger circle of existence Do you have the power to …

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Unwelcome thoughts

past impressions help me read  between the lines behind amiable expressions gauge devious thoughts in the suave speaker’s mind I often wonder if I would be smart or foolish to believe once again just for my own gain dump the fraudster once I’m done I don’t know  if he has changed in the interim phase …

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Divine #writephoto

my silver fingers give away secrets of the night the piece of moon I yearned for was finally within reach It slipped out like water from the cracks of my hand but could not take away the light I know it when eyes meet divinity touching lives transforms all and each

Adolescent stories

stories I grew with stories I did not write  But he was always different…. I envied him at the core yet feared him in daylight mermaids in his fish tank came alive at midnight How I wanted - to be there, but something stopped me from indulging in voyeuristic delights


temptations to step ahead and just crush them under boots abound who has the back of autumn leaves discarded by trees alienated from natural habitat migrants travel in hordes  risking life and health to reach home the leaves had once provided shade these hands built infrastructure  you live and breathe in if you feel the …

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Alleys of the mind

it grew dark when she returned empty-handed gallivanting thru’ mind alleys in search of lost pleasures empty-handed from places which once resounded  with gleeful sounds in search of lost pleasures it grew dark when she returned with echoes of the past labelled depression or Schizophrenia or…

Exploration #writephoto

darkest of living forms symbolise hope, optimism, strength cut through stormy winds explore cloudy depths enjoy the float come back to earth for a simple meal I train my mind to be a raven explore different worlds Be enriched by experience Explore different dimensions yet remain rooted to ground reality