Life and the Living

The world abounds with expressions responses reactions, and interactions.   If it constitutes the gist of life why should I … More


I change shape each time I bounce around and spring back testing elasticity yet I carry those small dents those … More

Stark Emptiness

The sensitivity to numbness, the distrust of trust, drug-induced euphoria. Reason clashes with Emotion What is true? What is illusion? … More

I dare to bloom

I dare to bloom in uncertainty.   I know not if the thorns will protect or devor.   I know … More


I obey the master but never speak he is the blaster   I was silenced with the turn of a … More


Time held captive by history books calendars and clocks, claimed by inflated egos as their golden eras of personal achievement. … More

Lost in time

This is the opposite of Erasure Poems (erasing words from a given para or stanza to create a poem). I … More

The Seer

fearful minds do not enter untried and untested portals the internet of life is virgin territory   the hands of … More

Molten Lava

liquid dreams moulded to suit their desires and frozen with their contempt, scald like molten lava with the latent power … More