Vintage is a numberarbitrarinessof those who thinkthey define contemporary Vintage is what lends valueto a historian orarchaeologist’s workor a fashionistarunning out of ideas Vintage is digging intoclosets or atticswhen there’s time to spareand you can return to lifewithout a hint of carefor what you posted onhandles for likes Vintage is an erasmiling at visitorsfrom the … Continue reading Vintage


Freedom is…

Freedom is when I work non-stop,but get to choosethe kind of assignments I likethe kind of work that excites meinspires me to keep learning,delivering to perfectionand not having to worry aboutbudgets or check book balancing Freedom is when peoplewith decades behind,tonnes of experienceon their back and mindlive light ….by rediscovering, reinventinglife in moments to savourcreating … Continue reading Freedom is…

Window in the wall

Deer have survived as a species because they are extra cautious around water bodies. They understand the risk of being attacked, and take all measures to ensure their safety. Someone saidthe meek shall inherit the earthbare survival through centuriesor a mention in historyfor a stupendous actwhich may be termedbrave or bravadoby perspectivesto build a narrative … Continue reading Window in the wall

Twilight Zone

-empty eveningsslither away on black coffeewhile one ruminateson spilt milk-hollow conversationspeppered with liesdominate social niceties dreams that oncewere the driving forcenow only push regretsnear the end of daynot knowing wherenights will take you Quadrille at dVerse

Fading Lights

Will this work?holding setting sunstill they melt-inheritfading light to permeatemy dark existence I see starsstretch non-existentarms towardsmy dwindlingform - to include me in theirborrowed lights night club membershipswill not work for meif they suckout all thatI've held on to justifymy sunless courtyards Liquid Sun!Take me with you towhicheverland you goyour inseparable partnot mere reflection What … Continue reading Fading Lights

Collapse time

We are at the crossroads – wonderingas the clock ticks non-stopWill the plane touch the stars?Will the lighthouse guide the ship? A poet wakes up to write his pieceA flag is hoisted on the moonPyramids of power collapseFire-tipped arrows face guns We are the crossroads – wonderingAs the clock ticks non-stopWill we be there till … Continue reading Collapse time

Peace, not compromise

believe in peace, not compromiseanything less feels like a deathone dies so many times to livefor what's called larger interest power equations fall or risebelieve in peace, not compromiseI need my space in this world tooI'll get it without harming you why does the challenge feel so hugeaccept I am I, you are youbelieve in … Continue reading Peace, not compromise

When life interferes…

when life interferes with well-laid plansmessages sent, are not receivedwhen you plan carefully minute detailsthe stairs are seventeen, not thirteen messages sent, are not receivedwindows open in the sky to speakstairs are seventeen, you saw thirteenyou recount steps, miss calls from Heaven windows open in the sky to speakyou're busy counting odds and evensyou recount … Continue reading When life interferes…

Feeling whole

death staressteps backas good-natured lifewelcomes me backfrom the edge death promisesI’ll be there for youwhen tolerance endsrenewed perspectivesawait beyond pieces of lifefalling in cracks of soulwhere were the gapswhich stopped mefrom feeling whole Moonwashed Weekly Prompt

Of mirrors and kaleidoscopes

Art: Portrait of Eivind Eckbo” painted in 1914: multiple identitiesmultiple mirrorsI often forgethow to greet myself solitudea scary vacuumclueless about my valuea trophy on the shelf Art: “Portrait of Mary Alice Eckbo” painted in 1914 kaleidoscope of dreamsforces my stepI charge aheadwith multiple handsto grab destiny Poetics at dVerse