I’ll be right there

Do I need to go the extra mile?Where can I find you online?Maybe you like my profileThere’s something to do in quarantine Where can I find you online?I’ll be right there where you goThere’s something to do in quarantineThere’s more in common than we know I’ll be right there where you goDo I need to … More I’ll be right there


Why do we expect weatherto go by the calendar?There’s a will ticking inside….It finds ways to manifest Why go by the calendar?We celebrate inconsistencyIt finds ways to manifestWhy always do what you expect? We celebrate inconsistencyOscar Wilde instructs a childWhy always do what you expect?You’re smart, you’re imaginative Oscar Wilde instructs a childDon’t go for … More Consistency


Physics, Chemistry, Biology Philosophy, Psychology Enzymology, Neurology coming together in three pounds fascinates me no end… I don’t look out, though nature is always around somewhere on the outskirts, concrete structures surround but restrict, more than expand I wonder what my dog thinks before giving so much tirelessly, selflessly or the sly cat who loves … More Muse


they drip with full forceInfluencers are confidentthey leave deep impressions-but underestimate receptacles Influencers are confidentthey’ll cause lasting change-but underestimate receptaclespre-filled with experience they’ll cause lasting changereceptacles are not emptypre-filled with experience,notions nursed over years receptacles are not emptystained mindsets rulenotions nursed over yearsnot so easy to erase https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2021/07/19/what-do-you-see-91/


I summon you, Beasts of War! I struggled hard to convince I cried out from depths of my soul but nobody winced… Was it out of guilt or misplaced expectations Which I’ll never fulfil defiance invokes hatred works overtime to make my defences crumble, make me see red It does not happen Loops of conflict … More War


freedom of thought thought that scares you you spin stories of horror horror churning within you You – who feeds on sores sores unhealed – throbbing, hurting hurting with ignominy, blames blames that shamed shamed independent minds minds that dared to think think in different directions directions you don’t explore explore – only to hatch … More Loops