Hazy skies, clouded vision can’t stop me chasing the Sun It seems like eternity when truth was appreciated honesty not decimated- the world hydrated, not thirsty. So uppity, but transparent battles are not a deterrent Ethics- Majestic in strife trudges along hilly terrains on a drive that looks insane -uncorrupted core of life Conflicts rife, … Continue reading Uphill



lost childhood trained to perfection claustrophobic in tents with holes   looks wistfully at the pampered child in the first row badgering his parents for some more popcorn   while the artist earns bread for the family left behind in a remote village   Come to the Circus at Poetics in dVerse


silence hanging heavy mutual exchange of conspiratorial glances unusual politeness on my face while mails and messages go unanswered I know I’ll wake up tomorrow with a knife in my back as a rank newcomer takes charge of my office misplaced loyalty injured pride oozing wounds indelible marks etched by tyranny of a psychopath   … Continue reading Foreboding


The two images I got from the links speak the same language – Intricacy, though n varying size and degrees and that is the topic for my entry. Wikipedia link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibbula_cineraria FINESSE decades spent crafting a life and facets of my inner self lost in the haze of following the crowd   No…. intricateness uniqueness … Continue reading Finesse

Latent fire

Purification by fire is my personal alchemy- latent heat inside me   Rising after a fall in the eyes that matter- a few who look up to me   Fighting my self- but not the world a few unwashed stains block me   Not conceding defeat I’m neither helpless nor weak a few destinations-still beckon … Continue reading Latent fire

Heart break

fresh heart break oozing wounds but for how long? healing wounds remnants of scars but who cares? spasms of pain refreshed wounds Who mentioned your name? suppressed groans – mine untainted reputation – yours Silence adorns lips –forever? I gather moments entrenched in memories Now … Translation of a Hindi poem by Amit Agrawal (hecblogger) … Continue reading Heart break