No Gods anywhere

indecipherable gapsin unheard storiesor carefully constructedsuspense that sells fast commerce thrives on dark mattersomething they don't wantthe world to know; as long aspeople buy darkness it' so easy to paint onhollows or darknessdespite what artists opineit remains hidden because it fears exposureagendas succeedin pure anonymity-no gods anywhere.. Friday Faithfuls at MLMM Reena's Xploration Challenge #265



she hated cookingbut looked after pots and panskept accurate records of groceryalways knew her inventory she resented and grumbledbut helped my grandpa assemblerare ingredientsfor his experimentsin alternative medicine she was not embarrassedin talking about her beautyin days youngerrejected suitors she looked afterher long hairshared beauty secretsaccepted usunconditionally Grandma was illiteratebut taught us a lotabout personality,individualitydoing … Continue reading Grandma


Balance, Harmonyoverhyped wordswhat really mattersan equalizer-Temperaturefreezes or thawsfacilitates, obstructs ice enhances tastefiery opens new vistaswhat’s tolerablehow far can you go combinations are treatiessigned by incorporatingright mix and balance Temperature lies at the core dVerse Quadrille Photo Challenge #450


I think of warmer climesin loving heartssun-blessed landscapesin other geographical parts winter’s a boonfor my solitary artI collect autumn leavesread their storiesimmortalize experiencein textured charts we won’t be strangers againwhen the sun shinesI know how sultrinessmakes my skin pinefor icepacks and glowsummers packed in snow décor and recipescherished physicalityfires that light my soullive seamlesslycelebrate endlesslyit’s … Continue reading Seasonality

Challenged puzzles

space, shapes, alignmentlogic is all fineWhat puzzles lackIs a sense of time... The perfect fit todaylacks relevanceon another day I go back in searchof lost piecesangrily chucked in the binfind that shapes and texturesfit or don’t fitlike Yang and Yin virgin puzzles carryblankness of infinitymusic without rhymeinnocence of white boardsto be destroyedby stories written in … Continue reading Challenged puzzles

It’s not always you

When you act, just ask yourselfWho wrote that script in your head?call it vision, mission, passionLook for script authors in the lead. Who wrote that script in your head?you don't know, it's not youLook for script authors in the lead.who planted ideas not yours you don't know, it's not youif it's you, dig deep for … Continue reading It’s not always you

Paula Light on RXC#262

Paula Light has been kind enough to contribute three pieces on RXC #262. Enjoy the brilliance RANDOM DREAMS I'M A BELIEVER THE RAINBOW TREE

Dreams, Vision and Mission

limitations of visionexclude wondersor horrorson another plane dreams open upsubconscious worldsbut I take them assignals from universe I’m a part of the universeIts energy flows through meYetunfamiliar is strangebelief systems restrictacceptance of real let me open uptill magical realms showdreams and visionare as real as me-it’s my dream-it’s my life’s mission dVerse Poetics

Uplifting blues

she scoops her insidessurvives dreamy rideson golden sands, oceans blueauthenticitybold vivacitybanishes clouds, skies are blue I see her flash smilesstretching empty milesLet me see your soul, I saysilence engulfs windssongs unheard-she singsfrom other dark worlds she slays it's chilly out theresnowy paths nightmarewhat will warm you up, she asksfind your soul, let burnlet energy churnbask … Continue reading Uplifting blues