uneven, undulating pathsunnecessary complexityunnerves weak minds unaccessed, unknown worldspainted black - ignoredby fear and greed measly selves clutch onto inflated identitiesresist transformation eggs that do not breakforever unbornopportunity wasted crossing over-first stepto spiritual coronationsfinal destinations Written for RXC#250

Web 3.0

watchlayersstacking upsuperimposingcounteracting ruling forcesunproven values, open to interpretationhere comes the metaverse to dare, to scare and change the world as we know it forever donumberedwebs altermillennial-speakor enhance creativityenrich skills, let art crosses linguistic boundariesadd new existential dimensions, relate in multiple new ways, renew, refresh? Written for Weekend Writing Prompt #279 and Friday Faithfuls at MLMM

A few thoughts

I learn what’s goodonlywhen confronted with evilelseI’m passed off asjust okayor a has-beenwho could have done better parameters changewith environmenthow good or badI really am? a survival strategycounts as crimemy right to existcircumvented by law Does intent countor the damage?my upbringingor educationor just the stinging slapafter doing something? reborn in non-human bodiesI may commit heinous … Continue reading A few thoughts

Legacy of the oppressed

muffled voicesshudder in anticipationof impending stormsthat will permeatea power-driven world a world that worshipssuccess without ethicsimposes ruleswith vested interestson the pleaof perpetuatinga tradition the shadowy figure curses-unaware of the potencyof its injured right to existreleases long-held anguish curses are legacies of the oppresseddamnation- a cry of helplessnessdenunciation - a statement of rebellioncondemnation - endorsement of … Continue reading Legacy of the oppressed

Worth of life

idle dreamsunder a Tuscan sunset-wasting life inboat parties-floating aimlessly onchoppy watersin Krakow nights-planning a tripto Sunny Paris rich brats escapea vanilla existence-unaware of sea saltin tears-what mulling spiceslend to intoxication grounded mustard seedscrackling sesame seedsroasted to enhance flavourof a meal they know not how to cookof a life they know not how to leadof a … Continue reading Worth of life

Turning a page

shots of unitynot seen beforepaint and reinventforgotten sentiments-private ceremoniesto bury scandals,resurrect glorybehind closed doors-ignore a loyal forcewho faints but stands guardswear it’s not hardto be a part of history betrayals melt awayas flickering flamesmagnify glory of the orbspecter turns aroundnot hearing muffled soundsdisappointed by exclusionfearing interruptionsomeone breaks the wandand the spell ends they watch from … Continue reading Turning a page


-breaking the eggshell-outgrowing mediocrity-finding new groundor new surfaces-experimentingwith different channelsof communicationis all so intrinsicto growthto planting meaningin the mundanesoil of life Then, is it a crimeto renege on wordsI did not seeas a binding contract? Written for Weekend Writing Prompt


When did I become A searchfrom a pathway Who labeled a fading scar aspersistent ache Why did I agree to move mountainsand build a graveyard What blinded me enough to lose visionin search of light How did I change a metaphorto autobiography Written for Sunday Confessionals