layers of blue sometime grey sometimes light fail to elevate blue moods where are the birds to show me the path my wheels remain firmly on ground failing to take off..   layers of blue sometimes grey sometimes light I wish it was dark the sun was shining in some other world while stars smiled …

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everything close to hearts does not remain close as doors close to paths we see as ours   ambitions change with directionless winds we carve new paths to reach new destinations   Torturers, be not proud you just egg us on to find more of everything

Never before

Never before has the country been so sharply and so vociferously divided into two camps. Social media is vitriolic. At the same time, people love getting doped with inane challenges- wear this, tag that person… And now comes the mega Challenge from the political leadership – Switch off all lights at 9 pm for 9 …

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Which pie?

War is hell. You can’t photograph a flying bullet, but you can capture genuine fear. spirituality vanishes in thin air hunger dominates but ego and greed take the cake   fear pervades, yet a larger share of pie attracts all I wonder which pie are they talking about?

Where power lies #writephoto

it’s not just the rocks worlds look desolate today hiding somewhere there   the Sun is up but carries no cheer from previous sojourns   light is inadequate to liberate minds from clutches of fear   wistfully, the Sun comes closer but inspires no trust who knows where power lies?