Walk free…

minds not at rest wreck peace for all anguish on the table they consume toxicity stored negativity mutes logic they torture themselves and others don’t be an empath don’t feed on sores Cut the chords Walk free…. Walk free…..


What I call a whisper is too loud for someMy breath blows away living beingsI can’t hear below twenty decibelsmy heart murmurs away all life My breath blows away living beingsI cannot contain my own powermy heart murmurs away all lifeIt makes its beats felt sometimes I cannot contain my own powerWhat I call a … More Battles


A sole red leaf on my doorstep birds gather around to guess the branch it separated from… waves hit the shore and go back sounds whisper, but do not tell stories nurtured in oceanic depths we don’t step into the same river twice nor do I know if I see the same sky or moon … More Subtlety


your aura is golden speech divine or maybe it appears to be so from where I am -far below the place from where you are projected… I struggle hard to reach the real you connect my smallness with yours But hats off To the team That holds you aloft … I hit the ground again … More Connecting


Bare feet bruised by pebbles bloodless pain painless blood strewn on pathways -meaningless milestones -rocky obstructions -tiny stones puncture fast-moving wheels Each one has stories to tell describe their personal hell I just took too long to listen to write hurt in red


I moved the whole caboodle to a new premise yet bits and pieces lie scattered on deserted floors broken glass with stains of blood sticky particles that defy definition neither carbon or oxygen they just obstruct respiration when I breathe free in my dreams unpacked caboodles release unknown devils strategies to deal with the unfamiliar … More Caboodles


it rained dreams last night as clouds unleashed fury -angst of cyclones rising vaporising, condensing then disappearing… I don’t know where -Peace reigns everywhere earth recharged by a downpour electricity in air flowers blooming in the sky A medley of colours nameless, formless…. pouring on my dreams to recrystallise new worlds Written for Eugi’s Weekly … More Cyclones

There’s every colour

colours floating on canvas a flow gone berserk -no rules -no direction they change with every new contact they make The only unique factor is Me watching a palm that holds life like an outsider who knows inner strife I draw lines through the flow to separate zones tear through the fabric which looks like … More There’s every colour

Let go

She walks alone in peace, tarries shedding the burden she carries hunting freshness, looking wearied I saw dropped skins she ‘d outgrown No imposed guilt, sins to atone moving steady on paths unknown Raw forces behind her rallied Her feet heavy with commitments yet tracing paths of wonderment she creates art, does not lament lack … More Let go