A pair waiting for another, just like that.... for companions on a journey to walk or run together share, yes... but not speak For companions on a journey vocal in silence laden with camaraderie share, yes... but don't speak lest it breaks the spell, my dearie vocal in silence laden with camaraderie they move on, …

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Recycled Glory

genes rejig expressions -of beauty  already touched -songs already sung -colors splashed on the sky  aeons ago nothing’s original except the magician who creates illusions of uniqueness, authenticity, immortalises  delicate butterflies, breeds vanity of the swan I feel insecure tipped on points moving on circles whose toes am I stepping on? whose life am I …

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Seeking forgiveness

Dark hues of midnight blue close in  -claustrophobia  is a word  -for a feeling not actual  happening Sometimes…  I fly light challenging  a kite -kiss horizons visualise worlds unseen -and write Forgive me, blues for all my life -I kept fighting my personal skies


west is where the sun sets, just to restmountains envelope the blazing sun-erased memories of the day callwith dusk, nightfall, imagined endings-azure, colour of hope now morphinginto grey, navy and then charcoalspring is a while away, not too farcool minds reflect, it's not end of day P.S The prompt line is from Les Murray ‘September’ …

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Write like a dog, edit like a cat

ORIGINAL POEM I struggled  I strived burnt midnight oil binged on knowledge  be they books webinars or value-adding conversations I battled Scarcity of time to gather thoughts process write publish I tapped  inner resources dug canals pathways for expression became a medium for thought energy  to flow  effortlessly -all done to make an impact -and …

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It’s always me

It’s always you, it’s not me,  Mercury riding on your back with light you interact playing a game designed to sell You pass judgements on me…. You catch reflections bouncing back from my skin my core  you’ll never catch it lies so deep beneath I master language write self-portraits use a few filters from fave …

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