they hang heavy on minds they force my hands I hear sounds in the silence of tombs I’m yet to be born I’m still in the womb -an unfinished piece not allowed to bloom   my fears pull me in them I’m riding a broom the scene changes Kaboom, Kaboom I’m now the Master worlds …

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embroidered memories of nurtured illusions   innocent doe-eyes were just that   -youthful traps for a thirsty soul   thirst unquenched… youth spent


Quietly they go, the intelligent, the witty, the brave unable to fight complex, corrupt webs burdened with guilt feeling inadequate they withdraw into lonely shells which the world calls intellectual ivory towers     I believe in a force to make them bounce back with vigour re-establishing kingdoms of fairness and lost identities   I …

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Stony silence

imperceptible shifts in the horizon rock watery graves but your stony silence conceals manipulations and conspiracies curated over decades   It is a face they dread watching over surrounding turbulence -but nobody knows when secrets will start pouring out as smoldering lava from a volcano