shreds of existence falling between the cracks emerge as insanity or fierce independence -to be berated by the pieces that stayed afloat above the surface   eerie silence of lava rocks threatens to explode with toxic vigor polluting green life sky laments its nothingness in a conspiracy of clouded facts



born and raised in a cluster yet alone in thoughts I kept looking out to talk, to share I never ever felt at home.   college was fun with kids around being frivolous Realization… of a higher mental age struck… I never ever felt at home.   work excited me as a platform to showcase … Continue reading Homeless

Unusual Leaf

I alternate between worlds I undulate, I’m serrated, I arrange myself in whorls as a flower, I’m rated   stoma – my windows to worlds absorb toxic carbon - give oxygen epidermis hides vital activity but I lend meaning to acrogens   pressed in pages of life I constitute memories read with care - the … Continue reading Unusual Leaf


Indira has posted a thought-provoking Hindi poem in response to Reena's Exploration Challenge #77 The link to the original piece is here - Translated piece from Hindi to English A woman speaks O man! I am here where I’m supposed to be neither ahead nor behind but besides you   I never nursed … Continue reading Facilitation