All that I’ve been a part of

being connected at the rootsacknowledged but joining hands makes me claustrophobic   I need my freedom to move and act my way though I may have imbibed a lot from the soil… .. that’s you …. Mom .. that’s …  all that I’ve ever been a part of


Original Sin

royalty earned through sweat and toil not by virtue of birth so, don’t recoil….   I place my faith again I worship, I follow I expect miracles from gods not hollow   Am I repeating the original sin -being convinced by arguments akin?   do I choose a promise or call to action analyse, ask … Continue reading Original Sin


potential-the word gives so much of hope is scary at the same time with its uncertainty -what if expectations are misplaced -what if blame is led at my door for possible failure and disappointment knocks unexpectedly   fear keeps me awake hope keeps me half-alive optimism is a mindset pessimism appears closer home Life in … Continue reading Potential


the sun speaks to me every morningwhile the moon sulkswanting to pull me backin the uncertaintiesof a waxing and waning worldI choose lightI choose visibilityshadows turning to silhouettesthen faces with expressionstelling different storiestwo phases of the same worldI need to fill colorsin shadowy silhouettesI need to hear soundsfrom the world I inhabitand create music frombreathing sounds … Continue reading Unrelenting

What happened to Shupnakha

This is about three women from the epic Ramayan - Sita who has to walk through fire to prove her purity. Yet, she is banished to the forest a few years later with her sons, for an aspersion cast on her character by a washerman. Valmiki's Ramayan is written during her anonymous stay in the … Continue reading What happened to Shupnakha