Let’s grow

The rose bushes lay a siege with velveteen petals and curved thornsBabies I pat on the head, have grown hornsThe world is changing fast, let’s grow togetherOr those bushes will soon drive us apart Petals change color, I did not see the thornsI need to keep pace, so keep the meter onOr those bushes will … More Let’s grow


well-crafted words sure have a way great oratory has power to sway followers are assets -she’s so proud engagement on content speaks loud Do they walk to move with her, or await a magic pill to find solutions in blue ether? journeys  can’t be static any movement can then become Pride of the attic


Prompt words I am the bud and the blossom, I am the late-falling leaf (Credit: The Paradox by Paul Dunbar) soul encased in fragile bodies part of the universal force A body made of elements construed to be stardust I belong to earth, yet dream of skies the mind is a bird which high-flies I … More Paradoxes


rising tides catapult desires, hit the shore, write stories in sand, get wiped off reinvent many times in hazy clouds, pour again to meet oceans perspectives make them strong -to be scattered by ships yet propel those in desired directions

Point A to Point B

just being there gives no joy of reaching  destinations -Journey matters going  or being taken to places I don’t want  to be in… -Will matters travel  does not a journey make sounds do not make songs happenings do not a story make -Choice matters


who toppled the small fry? -who felt threatened? Goliath’s inner insecurity – or instability of mind -limited perspectives don’t see high architectural expertise I’d put this house  on the top of a hill let my life  go topsy turvy with a strong will let insecurities  slide away -all negatives that have held sway on weak … More Balance

1942- A Love Story

Here is a translation of a lyric from the Hindi film “1942- a Love Story”, vocalised by Kumar Sanu I saw a girl, and thought I saw a girl, and thought (she’s) Like a blossoming rose, like a poet’s dream, Like A bright ray, like a deer in a forest Like a full moon night, … More 1942- A Love Story


alphabets on keyboards transform into faces asking for expression,  gather on the face of a clock rotating…… It’s tough… catching them  at right moments -my naps become gaps in storylines -like interrupted wi-fi -like stations where  trains do not stop -like air I punch and it becomes a fistful of emptiness but of course…. there’s … More Un-expressions

Somewhere in the middle

colorwash of optimism I give minds clarity highlighting the fact I’m yellow, not black contrasting hues of opinions -transparency to see beyond points of view -in a different light somewhere in the middle of spectrums I shine alone as others  take their place to my left or right


Aunt Maria is allergic Little Tim loves it I read about  nutritional value include it in recipes …. ….for life fungi represent growth you choose it or leave it…