Did Adam, Eve and all living forms in the garden of Eden have a genetic code? Maybe the code existed only in the Master Creator’s consciousness. The secondary nature of my being compels me to depend on elements that exist somewhere in the universe. Creativity is nothing but putting together the alphabet in different ways. … More Creativity

360 degrees feedback

Scene 1 “I hear the Branch Manager of JNPT branch is in a relationship with one of his colleagues. He is married ….” The boss is digressing from the topic of discussion. “Should we really bother about personal lives of employees? He is an excellent performer.” I suppress a smirk as plenty of unsavoury stories … More 360 degrees feedback


I remember those wooden frames in my grandfather’s courtyard. We covered it with sheets, and made temporary shelters for ourselves on sultry afternoons, when the adults were all enjoying their air-cooled siesta inside. Those were moments of freedom, of creativity for us, when unbound by rules, we created our own worlds and played out imaginary … More Layers