Infinity still beckons

I would love to be somewhere there spreading wings tasting the sky smelling the wind cutting through light falling back on earth smoothly, softly like raindrops to gladden minds and hearts Infinity beckons….   Are you the One, God who keeps me earth-bound with no wings aching feet myopic vision shrivelling up claustrophobic in closed …

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many worlds witness soul of the sky bathed in light and are beholden to constellations supreme awaiting revelations


“I’m not sure how are you going to live together.” “Baby, we are on our honeymoon…” “I’m not sure if I want to continue with the marriage. So many differences have surfaced already.” “We just had a fun-filled day capped by a candle-light dinner …” “But what about the night?” “Wait for the magic to …

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Stone walled in the chamber I live - ignoring open windows   I heard aeons ago stories of a mirage lessons that got etched in stone   I choose rock-hard security over hints of fresh air changing the horizon   prisoner of my own mindset I’m afraid of being cheated – once again