Breaking new ground

The shapes and symbols are unfamiliar. He looks around to spot a clue or see similar objects around. No help in sight… he turns back to the screen in desperation and sees the lines getting translated to a known language. The messages give him directions on things he should and shouldn’t do, during his stay … Continue reading Breaking new ground


Curating Experience

“The haziness of a disappearing platform and culture is evident in this artwork. The artist was planning to retire.” “Does an artist ever retire? There are curators who work at preserving art.”  “Do you won a museum or art gallery?” “I build castles out of the sands of collective experience. The story of this artist … Continue reading Curating Experience


Sunday Photo Fiction- Photo by Tarren Elliot He has tears in his eyes, as his daughter wheels him to the operation theatre. She is a renowned surgeon, and he is happy to see that her hands do not waver. When did his daughter grow up? The last he remembers was holding her up in his … Continue reading Consciousness

Dried up

There was an intense discussion on ‘sunk cost syndrome’ in today’s meeting on business strategy for the next year. Her mind wanders off from excel sheets, as she applies the principle to her personal relationships. There is so much that has outlived its utility and relevance in the last few years. Growing apart is a … Continue reading Dried up


“Have I ceased to exist for the ones I left behind?” “You wanted to leave them, isn’t it?” “Yes. But I spent a considerable part of my life moulding myself to suit their needs. Is there any recognition of the same in my absence?” “Those moulds were borrowed or imposed, not you. You are looking … Continue reading Purified


“Brain dead” - declares the doctor. I wonder what continues to live, as I drag myself out of the Intensive Care Unit. On that bed lay a woman who lived in fear of death for a decade. She did not believe in reincarnation or life after death.  The phone vibrates, and I answer it reluctantly. … Continue reading Headless


Desolation, take me somewhere .... home or stationI explore emptiness to find pieces, memories to teara meaning lost somewhere in logical interpretationI want to know what escaped, what's hiding where I explore emptiness to find pieces, memories to tearDiscarded tidbits for reasons long forgottenI want to know what escaped, what's hiding whereI want to know … Continue reading Desolation

Whom do you work with?

“Why should anyone want to shift these statues? They have been a major attraction for visitors to the museum, and pictures get splashed all across social media.” The Curator of the Museum was furious at unplanned moves. “Actually, Sir, we have shifted all the wax statues from the other side to another section….” The junior … Continue reading Whom do you work with?


“We couldn’t have done it without you, Officer!” The Commissioner smiled as he pinned the medal on my shoulder. Operation Forest Trail had been successful beyond expectations, and all criminals who engaged in poaching and illegal cutting of trees were arrested. “Inspector Mario, will you share with us the secret of your terrific tuning with … Continue reading Lullabies

Dark secrets

The police was at the doorstep. He thought the matter had been closed la few weeks ago. “You are under arrest.” The tone was terse, and there was no other option than getting in the jeep with the police team. A few hours later…. “We have traced out deleted chats from a number which was … Continue reading Dark secrets