Snakes and Ladders — SacredCircleforWomen Do you remember the saying “one step ahead, two steps backward” we learnt in childhood? Maybe you played a few games based on the principle. Snakes and ladders is the commonest one, we’ve all played. I found the same phenomenon playing over again and again in discussions with women where we come together just … More Snakes and Ladders — SacredCircleforWomen

The Mood Egg

Originally posted on eastelmhurst.a.go.go: Each day, upon arising, I make sure the very first thing I do is to reach for these eggs. I know from such hard earned experience over the course of my lifetime that I shall always need quite a wide variety of them. Emotions, dispositions, and interests…

Eggcellent Strategy!

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Listen well, while I tell you a story of a mom and her son at the breakfast table, once upon a time! A picky eater and a tantrum thrower at hands, left the mom eggasperated. To create some eggcitement, she thought out of the box, donned an ingenious artistic armor, creating…


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Different expressions With varying degrees of contentions Each, with concealed impressions Do not, by any measure take away the distinctions. These facials are most times distractions At the end, we all want to be happy without any form of repression.

Scrambled, boiled or fried

Originally posted on Writer Ravenclaw: I don’t want to go Halloweening, The egg at the back boiled dry. I’ll only end up scrambled, my brains will all be fried. I don’t want to go Halloweening, I don’t want to miss my show, I have just brought a new Stetson. As flat as…


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Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #203 & Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Afterglow life is hardbeing used, abused and tossed aboutbut generally something good can come of it but to be chosen over and over while watching those remainingexperience the afterglow of seeing another day … it cracks me up

somewhere ~ a decima

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somewhere near the afternoonthe sun lit up a dream I’d drawnwith true colours of my life’s stormthat turns, on a whim, glee to gloomor takes me right up to the moonand back for breakfast served- a shot of coffee, extra verveonly for me, that little moreof my sweet life that I…