A Pivotal Moment

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In Response To: Ragtag Daily Prompt – Slumber Word Of The Day Challenge – Meagre/Meager V.J.’s Weekly Challenge – Waves – Please join me this week in contemplating waves.  To participate, create a post and link back here, or drop a comment below. Photos, art, writing, or music are all welcome.…

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #173

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https://reinventionsreena.wordpress.com/2021/02/18/reenas-xploration-challenge-173 somedays however you try a long spell of drought hits me no flow of emotion thoughts words everything dries up like dry eyes dehydrated body just one anti-allergy pill everyday can make me a total zombie feel like a barren land

Why worry?

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Why think of tomorrow’s sorrow? Why worry? Often we soak ourselves in this poison of anxiety and fear Relax! Breathe! Take one day at a time, one moment at a time Remember worry only steals us of the joy of the presentYesterday is gone, tomorrow is unknown, live…

Insipid Life!

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Once upon a time, a vivacious girl was she. Jewels of happy times dazzled her cache of memories. Her persona emanated a sprightly laughter, until the pandemic struck. Locked down within the four walls, online, virtual space conquered her life. With friends and family imprisoned on the screen tentacles of loneliness…


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बस एक बार कर लो इकरारकरते हो तुम भी हमसे प्यार मत समझो इसको इसरारकरते हो तुम भी हमसे प्यार नहीं सह पायेंगें हम इंकारकरते हो तुम भी हमसे प्यार जाने दो मत करो तकरारकरते हो तुम भी हमसे प्यार हुआ तेरे बिन जीना बेकारकरते तो तुम भी हमसे…

The Cure

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“Don’t worry, Morton, it’s a simple procedure. And non-invasive too!” “Um…alright. But, it just seems kind of big.” Morton pointed to the c-clamp that was as large as a baby elephant. “Yes, it is quite big.” The doctor nodded. Silence permeated between the two. “Oh! You were wondering…

Lights out

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ideas vised campaign lacked a theme prone to vice Reena’s Xploration Challenge?#174 prompt image Word of the Challenge – Theme -Eugenia Photo by?Hsm Arts?from?Pexels

The Risk Of Loving

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Inspired by Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Jewels & Reena’s Exploration Challenge #174 the streaming brilliance of those i adore elicit my smiles and warm heart-felt thanksfor providing a cushion from the cruelty in this world the love i hold for those i lovefills me with joy and comfortan ease…