Table Talk

Table Talk …. by Len

Responding to Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 153. How do my thoughts get processed into words?
Or do my words spur thoughts? How do they interact?

Setting: My daughters house, family celebration of the triplets 15th birthday, Brianna, Kayleigh and Devin. Fourteen people seated around the dinner table.

Devin: Are kitchen cabinets made in the factory.

Grandad: They can be made in a factory or custom crafted. Why do you ask.

Mom: Devin’s into carpentry. He made his own bookcase.

Devin: I asked for a table saw for my birthday. Still waiting.

Grandad: Were you manufactured or custom made, Tarrin.

Tarrin: I was custom made of course. Nothing but the best.

Brianna: No you weren’t. Mom and dad adopted you from Sweden:

Tarrin: She’s always saying that just because I’m the only one in the family with blond hair.

Brianna: I’m only telling the truth.

Colleen: That’s not a…

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Brews and blends

Brews and blends .. by Janani

As a Girl thinketh....

In response toReena’s Exploration Challenge #153

Her questions were,

  1. How do my thoughts get processed into words?
  2. Or do my words spur thoughts?
  3. How do they interact

My response to her questions, as to how thoughts brew into words and words blend the images in our mind,


At times they flow and blend
Like water colors on canvas
And at times get absorbed
Like ink on a blotting paper
Thoughts into words
And words into thoughts
A bustling two way road
Short of a steady guard rail
Flashing and beeping all way around
You see some, you look at some
You feel some and you let flow some
There’s a spark
One from the image or one from the word
But there’s always a spark
That catches the biggest and brightest fire,
Warms the mind, or on occasion, dies stifling.

This is my first attempt at writing in response…

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The muse. Brewing thoughts into words. #poetry and #prose

Brewing Thoughts into Words …..

tales told different

Reena’s exploration challenge.

Tentative muse
Wild and untamed
Why won’t you obey
And why won’t you be summoned
You come often
But the moment is a mystery
And the hour, a surprise
A delinquent who delights
With those feelings you infuse
And the journeys you enthuse.
Take me now and do what you may.

Will you bring me romance
Spark the tidbits of pleasure in my mind
And sweeten the words caressing my page.

Or will it be adventure
An excitement so palpable
With words that tumble pell-mell
From the echelons of dreams

Why not get my heart racing!
Drag me through dark halls of horror
And shadows of the unknown

All the emotions you bring…
Love when I’m broken
Dread when I’m safe
A sprinkle of fantasy bliss
And the euphoria of sensual ecstasy

How I crave you when you’re here
And miss you when you’re gone

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A Troubled Reunion: a #TankaProse

Frank J. Tassone

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

It has been years, but we are assigned the same co-teaching class again. Echoes of past trauma arise, and with them the familiar tension and gut cramping.

But I am not the same as I was, then. I can practice relational Tai Chi. I am water.

It’s time to flow.

no discouragement
even experiencing
unfortunate news
take one breath, then another
and stay in the moment

#tanka #micropoetry #poetry

for 19th September 2020 prompt: Gerry Muse #225 (occasional tanka prose): There’s No Discouragement

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Hindsight is 20/20

This is what NLP practitioners call Version 1 (what actually happened) and Version 2 (what/how we remember and propagate ahead) of an incident.

Eugi's Causerie II

hindsight so clever, but

perhaps of little value

actual occurrence blurred

by foregone conclusions

seemingly without qualm

and grave consequences

may lead to one’s demise

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #105

Your Daily Word Prompt – Qualm – September 21,2019


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आशार तेरे हैं

I think of you, and poems sprout
A thought or couplets – all yours

I see you wherever I look
Are these thousands of forms – all yours?

Let us divide the garden here
Give me thorns, blossoms all yours

Everyone I see has a broken heart
Are they infatuated or victims – all yours?

How do I express, blame or complain?
Defence lines are tailored – all yours….

Translated from original Hindi piece here

Playing with words

फ़िर आया ख़याल तेरा, फिर निकले आशार नए
ये ख़याल तेरा है या आशार तेरे हैं

जिस सिम्त देखता हूँ, तू ही नज़र आता है
तू ही बतला क्या रूप हज़ार तेरे हैं

चलो आओ करें इस गुलिस्तां का बॅटवारा
रख लो तुम फूल सभी ख़ार मेरे हैं

हर शख़्स लगता है मुझे चोट खाया हुआ
इस शहर में क्या सब बीमार तेरे हैं

क्या करे कोई तुझसे शिकवा गिला अमित
अपनी सफाई में बहाने तैयार तेरे हैं

In response to: Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 153

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Ideas and Thoughts!

Ideas and thoughts ….. By Radhika



How do ideas or thoughts to write come to you? Do they come in……

Like a thunder out of the blue, in a flash

and keys type in, at lightning speed?

Like the burning desert sand, under the scorching sun

the thoughts , vent out ,seething ire?

Like the caress of the halcyon zephyr in the azure sky

the thoughts compose beautiful verses of love?

Like the serene waters in deep meditative trance

 the words seek to find an answer, beyond cosmic realm?

Like the dull foreboding grey monotone sky

the writings spill out melancholic odes?

Like a long forgotten idea in hibernation

thawed by the warm sunshine, blossoming into a beautiful poetry?

Like the sultry moonlight between the glitterati of twinkling stars

igniting an ardent passion of words, culminating in a union?

Like the downpour from the heavenly skies, nurturing life,

your thoughts ink to inspire and motivate mankind?

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