Aria …. by Susi Bocks

I Write Her

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Inspired by Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Harmony & Reena’s Exploration Challenge #213

There once was this awkward-looking fellow,
Who said, “Help, I’m stuck in this awful yellow!”
But it coordinated with his shirt,
And even though the sight of him hurt,
One could hear harmony in his bellow.

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Words ….don’t miss this excellent piece by Mich



i exhaled it all out of my suffocating lungs
i needed some space to loosen the pain
i took on the comfort of my gentle words
but i couldn’t tame them not this time

so i use the harshest expressions in a very jarring way
to pierce through every single cell your body has
so that blood will slowly trickle out each of your vein
maybe then you’ll know how much ache it was

i could think of all the bad and the worst
i could summon all that is hated and that is condemned
all the things i need just to get it through the cut
i probably want some solid-fluid air than them

i so ceased, i stopped being gentle and kind
even with the words i try to rhyme and count

for once i tell you, i’d be better when i’m good

For Reena’s Exploration Challenge…

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Jabberwocky – by Aishwarya

Kitty's Verses

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Oh! how grand it is to write

A poem,

Jabberwocky, you say?

Mix, confuse, re-use,



Create sense out of non-sense,

Oh! how grand it is to write jabberwocky,

Had the jitters thinking,

What to write,

Strands of hair flew hither- thither,

Glasses lay askew,

Laugh lines halt trying to image something funny,

Oh! Create sense out of non-sense!

Oh! how grand it is to write jabberwocky,

The thinking cap churns ideas,

Do I write about a man who always cried for help?

Do I write about a lady who missed her every step?

Do I write about a monkey who ran without any plan?

Do I write about a cat who chased pigeons just because he can?

Oh! Creating sense out of non-sense!

Oh! how grand it is to write jabberwocky,

The thinking cap tried ,tried and now tired,

The pen tumbles without…

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Gypsie elucidates the Covid nightmare…

Gypsie's Writings, Musings, Quotes & Gripes

Reena has given us this PROMPT #213

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The nightmare came again. Yellow goo swallowing me into a diseased COVID haze. I dare not lay back, lest the yellow muck of phlegm and mucus my body is suffocating me in, in its feeble attempt to wash these toxins from my ailing cells, drowns me instead.

Shaking my fist at the irony of man in his attempt to salvage life, to make it last longer, to be healthier; has inadvertently created an illness that converts, changes, metamorphosis’ into something even man’s feeble drugs can not touch.

The body aches for release from this torment. I shall not give in, I shall not let COVID win. I sleep.

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Help ….. by Sadje

Keep it alive

Reena has given us this PROMPT #213;

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For those who read only text:

Catching something. Cheerful caucasian young man poses in torn yellow paper background, emotional and expressive. Breaking on, breakthrough. Concept of human emotions, facial expression, sales, ad.


If I hold out my hand to you, will you help me
Will you pull me out of this quagmire of commercialism
I feel trapped and cannot free myself of this web
Can I count on you to lend a helping hand
Will you be the bridge that I can walk over
And step out of this world which just pushes me
Deep and then deeper again into consumerism
Can you help me out?

Written for RXC # 213, hosted by Reena



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I Love My Shirt

I love my shirt ….. by Jim Adams

A Unique Title For Me

I ripped my way through this yellow paper background, because I feel like singing.  It is hard to express the joy that I feel in my heart without singing and today I want to tell you all about my new shirt.  You probably think that I am a nerd because my dad cut my hair using a bowl to make it look even, but this re-born bowl cut has a fresh punk feel to it that’s perfect for showing off your modern, masculine style.  That old fashioned rule of never buttoning up the top button on your shirt unless you’re wearing a tie no longer applies as when I do things, they become cool and trendy.  Perhaps you are thinking that my arms are way to long for my shirt sleeves, but in my opinion, the vast majority of men are wearing dress shirts that are one to two sizes…

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Afflatus (a quadrille)


(From Pexel)

The wandering muse
is a whimsical captor
choosing randomly
willing slaves
for amusement
lavishing gifts
of ideas and words
nurturing the fledgling
giving it wings to soar
like a deft kite-flyer
controlling the flight
then suddenly
when it takes her fancy
moving on.

Written for dVerse. Today’s host, De Jackson says: Muse. Musing. Amusement. Amused. Use it as a noun or verb or pen some fabulous whimsical word usage of your own.

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Candice Louisa Daquin

The metaphor is great here…

I Write Her

Exulted Flay

Here the sound of water being circled in machine, washing clean, our plates scraped raw in delight
Here the rustle
of forms, out of focus, lying together with fright
How in
intimacies stitch they need speak no words to convey
A joy as deep
in lasting satiate turning on exulted flay
Here our
mortal coil resolves its eternal ache to meet
A place of
sanctuary for those who wander, must also find their sleep
It’s only
pain daughter
Okay let’s
bring in the shame, have a good look, make it your friend, blaze and fall loose
on dancing hooks
We can’t bear
the suffering so watch the flames die down, to slender remembrances all in a
row, we are golden and then we are dull

Relinquished habits

Deep below the earth
I might have found you
Climbing from stalagmites
Brushed in clay
There’s a…

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2022 ….. by Susi Bocks

I Write Her

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #212 – It’s new… does it mean it’s welcome?
& Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Chapter

another year
another chapter
it’s new… does it mean it’s welcome

… only if it brings us something better
what does better even mean
seems insurmountable

the division, the animosity, the inhumanity
politics, people, our ever-deteriorating climate
it’s not new… but some positive change would be welcome

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