Heart’s Heed

Heart’s Heed ….by Caffeinated Philosophy.

Caffeinated Philosophy

Th following poem was inspired by this prompt from Reena Saxena, and this prompt from ronovanwrites. I encourage you to have a look at them if you’re looking to give your creativity a nudge. 😉

Image from Pixabay

It’s been said, “Time heals all wounds.”
Look around you; this isn’t true
Nay, mental wounds are more like glue
Tend to stick ‘til given heart’s heed

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Art and Time

Art and Time …
By Dan

Dan's Writing and Gaming Blog

On her writing blog Reena Saxena has provided two images as writing prompts for this week, one of which is an image of clocks. The clocks, together with my second job as an art model, inspired me to write a poem in free verse, illustrated with a drawing of mine that includes a self-portrait, pot belly and all. The names of both the art gallery and the artist are fictional.

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Time ….by Diana Coombes

Writer Ravenclaw

In response to https://reinventionsreena.wordpress.com/2023/06/01/reenas-xploration-challenge-282/

Time, why so slow?

As a child,

the torture of months,

Seven, seven and a quarter,

My next milestone,

years away.

Each day, an adventure.

Wanting to be an adult,

Eighteen, independence,

to live my own life.

Now, another milestone.

Thirty, forty, fifty. Now, nearly sixty.

Time, going quickly.


from spring to winter,

another birthday.

Why does time fly so fast?

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Long Before There Was An Us

Long before there was an us ….by Michelle Ayon Navajas


Long Before There Was An Us

how silly if we ever think of it though
truly time flies by so fast no matter what we do
back then we never knew it would be this fast
that’s why we took the liberty of not letting love last.

’twas funny for we knew we love deeply
the kind of love even the heavens would envy
too late when we realized love took the freedom and flew
up and far away it went to where we never knew.

so here we are in a crowded room filled of people
with our endless game of who screwed up the most, of the little
and who took the easy road out leaving the other oblivious
why love left so sudden it made the other anxious.

fast forward to today, we dare and say
“i love you with all my heart, come what may”

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Too Many Clocks

Too many clocks….by Aboli Mane

A Writer In The Room

Too many clocks 
chiming the hour
go race ahead
time is short

Until the final bell
we all sprint
horse racing has
a better win

Too many clocks
when they chime
zooming past
these years prime

Until the final bell
beyond the bend
now nobody won
you reach the end

Thanks for reading ❤️

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Modern Economies

In India, we ridicule ourselves of being called a ‘developing country’. For how long? Aren’t we ever going to reach there? But the fact remains that we are 1.3 billion strong, with 70% of the population being in the 15-64 age group. It means the spending power is there, and is likely to increase. Companies … Continue reading Modern Economies


Secret 4 Secret?

Secret 4 Secret … by Rockstargirl

Where Stories Can Spark Their Magic

Secret for secret keep it closed like the lines of the story that wrote the book but in the language of the thoughts that could speak like a dream

For heaven forbid you told the whole truth instead of a lie one that would keep your eyes on your own paper without letting anyone in on the story

For if you spoke of it who knows might have taken the words that you wrote for the sun and moon became one in their quest for there was nothing more than the forces of what was going to come of it next but you have chosen to say the truth where it came from the same ink of pages but stayed without missing the blanks

But if it was that you could speak more than dreams could ever think would you have done it all over again if it went the…

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Moonflower Blossoms

Enigma ….by Kat


Image credits: LukeRenoe on reddit

There was a patient in cardiology who reminded me greatly of my late uncle. Same pot belly, a scarily identical sense of humour, and an insatiable inquisitiveness that would drive any other man insane. Two days before he was to be discharged, he told me a story. Now I don’t know about you but the average patient doesn’t go chit-chatting nonsense to the doctor, let alone engage them in deeply animated tellings and retellings of the fictional kind. But entertaining this old man was the least I could do. So I listened with an open heart. This simple act, as it turns out, would later save me in so many ways.

When the hour nears sun's demise
And the air sings of moonflowers
One feels as if death and ice
Has come with ocean showers.

I returned the next morning to my solitary abode- a…

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