All Life Is Built From Song — Fourteen Lines

James Weldon Johnson (1871 – 1938) You are young, gifted, and Black. We must begin to tell our young, There’s a world waiting for you, Yours is the quest that’s just begun. James Weldon Johnson If-ing by Langston Hughes (1901 – 1967) If I had some small changeI’d buy me a mule,Get on that mule […] … Continue reading All Life Is Built From Song — Fourteen Lines

Temporary.. #senryu

Temporary …by Artie

Literature World

the forest dwellers
reached the town in search of prey
it’s a human trap

can’t break inner strength
the wires of an enclosure
It’s temporary!

Copyright ©️ 2022 Jane Aguiar

Written in response to:

reenas-xploration-challenge-250 by Reena

what-do-you-see-153 by Sadje

Thank you for reading!

Stay Blessed! 💞

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Welcomings …by Artie

Artie & Stu

Lost in the woods
I spy the door
from a recurring dream
a warm glow tucked
between outstretched surface roots
for no such tree
I’ve known ever before
the forest breathes, listen
the breeze says you’re
not lost, you’re here
welcoming love all around
let it find you.

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An ode to the unknown

An ode to the unknown … by Sangeetha


The unknown attracts and forbids

Treachery or treasure, don't know

Possibilities entice

My ego tastes of surprise gifts

Don't stop. Ready or not, Just go

Logic and Reason don't suffice

Will wonder wander wherever
On the only road to forever

Mindfills for Reena’s exploration challenge; The Skeptic’s Kaddish ~ W3 prompt – An Ode hosted by the Deepthy;

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Dreaming …. by Diana Coombes

Writer Ravenclaw

Written for A narrative, story, or a poem or wherever the inspiration takes us.

Covering the forest floor, I had seen these roots before.

Perhaps in a dream, I wasn’t sure – I couldn’t remember most of my dreams when I woke up. But this was familiar, like de-ja-vu had me in its gentle grip. They seemed to have a life of their own, reaching into my memories, and guiding me back home.

The door, tiny, but I saw the light beyond the window.

I knocked, once, twice, three times and the wood door creaked open, to reveal what was inside. Was it heaven? Was it hell? Was it somewhere in between. I had long been convinced that the life I was living bordered on hell. Like everything was going wrong that could go wrong.

‘Tara,’ a voice from the beyond said. ‘Welcome home.’

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Grief …. By Mich



grief is like driving
over the speed limit
in total darkness
and people around
are yelling at you
for goin’ the wrong
direction, you went
there anyway
‘cos you wanna
be over driving
not seeing the light
then boom!
you hit the wrong spot
before you knew it
people who loves you
are now the ones grieving.

you’re off to some place
where grief is no longer


this photo felt like grief for me. it gave me a strong overwhelming emotion of sadness.

For Reena’s Exploration Challenge

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Reena’s Xploration Challenge #249/ Legacy

Legacy …. by Indira

Sharing Thoughts


A single word,


but you can use any of these or other synonyms

Benefaction, Bequeathal, Bequest, Bestowal, Birthright, Devise, Endowment, Gift, Heirloom, Heritage, Inheritance, Patrimony, Provision, Settlement, Hereditament

For a further twist, you have a choice to include its opposite word


or its synonyms

  • cross to bear
  • disgrace
  • load
  • millstone
  • misery


Hunger for knowledge

legacy I’ll leave behind

Carry forward, please

Ocean of knowledge is vast

Don’t waste time sitting on shore

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Old Oak Tree

Old Oak Tree…. By Mich Navajas


Old Oak Tree

dig a grave of me
upon the shallow old oak tree
no, not in the fancy cemetery where
people are laid to rest
for when i die i will not be at rest
i don’t belong there.

my soul belongs to the vastness of the universe
where i will wander and wander more
maybe in the wilderness i will see the beauty of life
i was deprived of when i was alive.

my spirit belongs to the deep blue ocean
where i could freely swim down
at the bottom of the sea and there maybe there
i would find peace i so long to have for free.

i belong to the skies
i belong to the seas
i belong to the mountains
the hills and the valleys.

dig a grave of me
upon the shallow old oak tree
and let me die freely in peace
let me…

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