Conspiracy: Compilation 01/27/2023

Conspiracy …. by Christine Bialczak

Stine Writing

You live in a world where no Gods exist
where fantasy’s real and wishes will die
Nefarious creatures you face by the dozens
to do nothing more than than leer and tell lies.
But how do you yield to a power so bold
To lurch to the front of this crowd?
Without leaving truths spun so even and fine
yet speak in harsh words so terribly loud.
Time to throw in the towel, leave through the door
put the past far from that part of your mind
Of course the best path to take this time ’round
Verify any old clues you can easily find.

©2023 CBialczak

throw in the towel
lurch, leer, face
You live in a world where no Gods exist

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The Dark Side

The Dark Side ….. Jim Adams explains dark matter

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie

In the beginning, far, far away galaxies like our own Milky Way were formed and over billions of years they got bigger through the coming together of many smaller galaxies.  During the merger, small stars of the galaxy were pulled apart and scattered to form tiny relic galaxies while the big central globular cluster that survived the gravitational tug-of-war was able to gain more star material.  Astronomers were able to work out where dark matter is concentrated because it distorts light from distant stars.  The greater the distortion, the greater the concentration of dark matter.  Dwarf galaxies contain greater proportions of dark matter than large spirals and most of dark matter is in the outer parts of our galaxy.  A large region called a “halo” of dark matter encircles the Milky Way and represents the greatest concentration of the dark matter of the galaxy.  There is little to no normal matter in…

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Without God?

Without God? … Sadje

Keep it alive

It is a line prompt this week. Let’s see where it takes you.

You live in a world where no Gods exist”


If I lived in a world where no God existed

It would be a world devoid of kindness and good

If I lived in a world where there wasn’t a Divine presence

I would feel like I am existing in a barren landscape

Without a benevolent God to whom I can pray

I would be lost in a sea of uncertainty and hopelessness

In fact there would be no world if there was no God

For nothing would exist without the Creator and His creations

Thankfully I bow my head in submission to God

Who created me, nurtured me and provided for me


Written in response to; RXC Prompt #265, hosted by Reena



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I Live In A World…

I live in a world … Aboli Mane

A Writer In The Room

The bell 
does not gong
to welcome 
the apotheosis... 
neither myths
nor paeans 
no one knows
what it means 
to pray; to beseech
heads unbowed
we stand. 

...I live in a world
where gods do not exist...

Is this a world 
where we are equal?
where suffering
holds no sway?
is karma...
a fable of the mind?
do deeds matter?
do good and evil 
remain undefined?
no promises 
of an afterlife

...I live in a world
where gods do not exist...

This one was quite a challenge. Haha 😄

I chose to work with the idea of the things that would not exist, if the faith or belief in God didn’t. If man didn’t have a deity to worship, the rites and belief surrounding that deity would also cease to exist. Thanks for reading. 💕

Written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge #265

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God (A Flash Fiction)

God (flash fiction) ….by Michelle Navajas


God (A Flash Fiction)

i live in one of the most affluent subdivisions in the city, where you would rub elbows with the richest of the rich and see eye-to-eye with influential people in politics and even in the entertainment industry. the area is 16 hectares of mixed-use shopping, residential, and leisure development. they say it is where the “ultra-rich and famous” lived.

country-inspired living meets the pleasures of city life is what our place is very much known. it provides refreshing amenities that include a freeform tropical-style leisure pool, landscaped pool deck with lounge area, children’s playground, fitness gym, shower rooms with lockers, and a multipurpose clubhouse.

some luxurious residential condominiums and towers offer generous floor layouts and incomparable views of the city. stories have it that one unit alone is bigger than the typical townhouses sold in the neighboring areas.

it is where pets such as dogs and…

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#perhaps# …
.by Destiny

Destiny's Designz

Written for Reena’s Prompt #265

You live in a world where no Gods exist.

We live in a world
where no God exists, hardships
bear witness to this

Sailed through life, not void
of trials, we reap the rewards
of efforts alone

Yet at that moment
when all falls, raged we now
look to blame someone

Death and famine rule
worlds, innocence murdered in
grand greed pursued goals

Hearts and souls bereft
pleas for help, questions of why
me, all go unheard

Enraged, we believe~
In joys we are blessed, in
sorrows lie God’s curse

Wronged by God, we feel
just maybe humanity
is the one who wronged

Perhaps we live in
A world where no God exists
Perhaps not~who knows...

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Rena’s Exploration Challenge – Where Are You?

Where are you? …
By the Bag Lady

The Bag Lady


“Darn it, Hera, why aren’t you improving my relationship with my husband? I already asked Zeus, but he’s acting like he has the weight of the world on his back! Aphrodite is ignoring my texts, and Artemis is messing up our plans to have children. I asked Hermes to put in a distress call for us, but he is ignoring my calls too! I guess I’ll have to bow again to Athena because she always has good advice, and Eros, hoping to find a way to let my husband know we can and will be happy again. I know the gods will never forsake us!


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Reena’s Xploration Challenge #265- Just a Gob without God

Just a gob without God ….by Susan St.Pierre

Sillyfrog's Blog

It is a line prompt this week. Let’s see where it takes you.

You live in a world where no Gods exist.

The king needs your money and fear,
Thus, no Gods are permitted for you.
His demands are supreme and quite clear.
The king needs your money and fear.

Your life is not worthy, nor dear,
Just a replaceable gob in his crew.
The king needs your money and fear,
Thus, no Gods are permitted for you.

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Atheistic Agnostic

Athesitic, Agnostic ….. by Jim Adams

A Unique Title For Me

You live in a world where no Gods exist, and we all live in the same world.  Many people like to believe that there is a God or some type of gods, because they feel like there is a grand plan that the universe should follow, and they want to avoid being sent to Hell if they don’t do things that please the God or gods.  People are taught religious beliefs and one of these beliefs is that you are never supposed to question God, because He or She knows everything, and that God was responsible for creating all of us.  I have found that the majority of religious ideas are partly or completely manufactured, as there seems to be flaws in every organized religion.  When people don’t understand things, they make assumptions that it must have been a supernatural cause, and this ends up with them being predisposed to…

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Divination …. By Susi Bocks

I Write Her

Cherry Laithang – Unsplash

Inspired by Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #127 – Infinite &
Reena’s Exploration Challenge #265 – You live in a world where no gods exist.

for every mind conscious
there are infinite depictions
of what a god is
or what gods aren’t

every shape and form
every sort of dogma
every possibility of the imagination is presented
for humanity’s consumption

some believe there is one
others believe there are many
and more and more think
you live in a world where no gods exist

our world endures such ugliness
with deaths in the millions
from violence, cancer, abuse, war, starvation
and so many more atrocities

if a god or gods did exist
why would they allow
this fermentation of hideousness
to fester unchecked rather than abolish it

perhaps we live in a world where no gods exist

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