Code of Ethics for a good Financial Planner

I was pushing the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) course in 2002, and it was not a very successful venture. It was seen as a concept, whose time had not come. The career path for CFPs was, and is still not clear. I scanned job postings for CFPs, and found only a few wealth management firms … Continue reading Code of Ethics for a good Financial Planner



Specialization has its own advantages. But the lack of a SPOC (Single Point of Control) in most organizations delays actions that require a quick response. “Shall check with the concerned, and revert back to you” is the commonest reply. I have received vague replies at EOD or after, to a query raised in the morning, … Continue reading DEATH OF A GENERALIST

Handling Dissent

The whole controversy sparked by the sacking of James Damore by Google has highlighted the finer nuances of power struggles in corporates, unrelated to diversity and feminism. His views on his female colleagues cannot be justified by any means. The term ‘Menazis’ (as opposed to Feminazis) will soon be in circulation, thanks to Damore. But … Continue reading Handling Dissent

Is Power Value-Neutral?

The dictionary defines power as the ‘ability or capacity to do something in a particular way’. Going by this, every living being possesses power of some kind. Physical power Knowledge power Power of hierarchy Special abilities either gifted by nature, or developed with meditation. These are often termed as supernatural powers. Actually, they might arise … Continue reading Is Power Value-Neutral?

Online Lending – a ‘Dynamics’ chat with Niraj Verma

Online lending in India, has so far been limited to P2P lending. It is a platform, where the borrower and lender come together to meet mutual requirements, and the platform (unlike a bank), only charges a fee for the services. The ROI on loans is reported to be as high as 36% in some cases. … Continue reading Online Lending – a ‘Dynamics’ chat with Niraj Verma

Digital Banking – A ‘Dynamics’ Chat with Niraj Verma

Niraj Verma is a senior consultant in the banking technology space. He is a banker, ideator, trainer, an artist and a writer. He introduced himself in a rather interesting manner, which I share here – “You are of course right when you say my profile is all over the place and difficult to slot. I have … Continue reading Digital Banking – A ‘Dynamics’ Chat with Niraj Verma