happy to conceal lack of it or smugly reveal action kits what gets fried poached or boiled perishes untried is Potential

Look within

Well, you’re right when you say I wanna be my own girl. But then what makes you say I’ll need someone to look after me? Check contradictions Clean those outdated mindsets Need no one, just me… Looking after me? Is that what makes one so claustrophobic, eager to break the cage, eager to fly out? … More Look within


a tinge of sadnessovertakes the evening skyball of fire weakensin the crepuscular lightno one escapes dusk, night falls


perfection is a way of life remember the donuts she served with coffee and love Could I measure up? lazy me just loafing around met her once lost my heart then moved away – I was so imperfect for her

Walk free…

minds not at rest wreck peace for all anguish on the table they consume toxicity stored negativity mutes logic they torture themselves and others don’t be an empath don’t feed on sores Cut the chords Walk free…. Walk free…..


What I call a whisper is too loud for someMy breath blows away living beingsI can’t hear below twenty decibelsmy heart murmurs away all life My breath blows away living beingsI cannot contain my own powermy heart murmurs away all lifeIt makes its beats felt sometimes I cannot contain my own powerWhat I call a … More Battles