You made a choice

Remember you said ‘dictatorship is good – to meet a goal’. You made a choice in that moment – to be walked upon, to become irrelevant, to write someone else’s story, to fulfil someone else’s dream. You chose to surrender your voice. The underlying desire was to trample on people you abhor, but you were … More You made a choice


who toppled the small fry? -who felt threatened? Goliath’s inner insecurity – or instability of mind -limited perspectives don’t see high architectural expertise I’d put this house  on the top of a hill let my life  go topsy turvy with a strong will let insecurities  slide away -all negatives that have held sway on weak … More Balance


BADGER HEXASTICH choosingwhat’s right makes thembright – while I absorb painenvelope screaming worldsand yet remaindull grey


lighting up the skydrawing lines in deep waterstracing bright patternssurfaces reflect gloryholding secrets in dark depths


A relic of bygone eras -convincing watchers of depths I don’t possess -see history redefined I am great ‘coz I am different deep waters laugh at me many reflections tell stories at the bottom

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #172

PROMPT #172 The theme is Components of Time Your take can be poetic or sci-fi or fiction or a piece of art , whatever catches your fancy. To whet your imagination a little (actually, it’s more than a little), find 6 minutes to watch the video below. WEEKLY WRAP Sadje at relaxitsallwrite at … More Reena’s Xploration Challenge #172