August is not my birth month, but it’s eventful for Leos, even if one was born late  in July. Somehow, the major changes in life occur somewhere around this time. August is full of grey skies and heavy rains, but how one loves this weather in sultry tropical climes…. A couple of festivals also fall … More August

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #189 – Weekly Wrap

Xploration Challenge #189 was different – innocent, childlike, light-hearted, opening itself up to myriad interpretations. I was not sure if serious, mature writers who stand as pillars to the Xploration Challenge will respond, or walk away with disdain. Respond they did, and it makes marvellous reading. Do check out all the blogs… WEEKLY WRAP Susi … More Reena’s Xploration Challenge #189 – Weekly Wrap


freedom of thought thought that scares you you spin stories of horror horror churning within you You – who feeds on sores sores unhealed – throbbing, hurting hurting with ignominy, blames blames that shamed shamed independent minds minds that dared to think think in different directions directions you don’t explore explore – only to hatch … More Loops