A relic of bygone eras -convincing watchers of depths I don’t possess -see history redefined I am great ‘coz I am different deep waters laugh at me many reflections tell stories at the bottom


just seebeauty floatingmurky waters beneathfail to contaminate- feel faithrestored


chill in spines – silencewatching which way the wind blowswinter of dissent

Soul Management

I cannot be an eagle, though I wish to fly high I am blessed with a penetrating vision that cuts through veils and layers of deception. Yet, what I see is an adversary, not a prey. Shedding feathers is painful, as the stories about eagles plucking feathers in isolation say. They rebirth and live for … More Soul Management


Why should the people who love me, want to imprison me? I once thought they are afraid of losing me. I realised, a bit too late, that they are afraid of losing control over me. Control gives them a sense of power, makes them feel superior to me. Deep down, they know the reality is … More Escape


I remember a poem called ‘A reason or a season” widely in circulation on social media a couple of years back. The poet opined that people come into our lives with a specific purpose, and we should let them go when they choose to go.The purpose has been fulfilled. What disconnects is a vital clue … More Connections