Osmosis of tension

who saysco-existenceis co-operationanimate and inanimateobjects cannotsee eye to eyeperspectives change with laneshumans, rocks drive on separatehighways imposedtraps show un-easeosmosis of tensiondesperate to escape - fear inthose eyes What Do You See

It’s all behind us

courageto not denylook squarely in the eyecross over to the other side-intacta prick in the bubble world helpsis it deliveranceor an escape?-breathe free I don't knowwhy I tried so hardto measureup to thoseI don't want to meet againget real - walk out the best and the worsttime for the bubble to burstit's all behind us … Continue reading It’s all behind us



it's darkabsence of lightwhere's the switch to banishlook reality in the eyeknowledge is notenough - it takesacceptance and courageto move ahead, cross obstaclesand win we havelight without heatof molten wax to singeelectric currents run through lifeconquer dVerse Poets - Bringing light in darkness

Lost truths

What Do You See

Its presence feels almost treacherous - overarching the turbulence within me, but inert. I assume it is afraid of my immeasurable depth. Who wants to get lost and lie at the bottom of the ocean, waiting to be excavated by a diver or submarine? I fear its density and compactness, its capacity to hold secrets … Continue reading Lost truths


A popular film director Ismail Merchant gave his reasons for getting married on a talk show. “When people visit your house, they ask how many children you have. They don’t ask how much money you have earned?” Unfortunately, he died of a cardiac problem before he could get married. dreams unfulfilledchildren unbornso good, so badonly … Continue reading Immortality


todayan offshoot ofa long dead yesterdayor bearer of unknown future-moments count beatsreincarnatewith unique soul beautyof a processed experiencenow dead I planneddifferent songsunsung musical chordsconquered my voice - poetic milesaway I mappedunexplored routesunderground vibrationsblew my plans off to smithereens-earthquakes I liveunredeemed timebreathe unclaimed oxygeninfuse unheard stories to makefutures Sunday Confessionals - Today