Life lessons

holdingstumps of a lifeonce well lived, now masked withdesire to live longer – viralfears rulevanity steps back, relearns lifecarefully separatesexistence fromlifestyles


come down cute feather-ball let’s build mutual trust tell me all about worlds you see while I feed you to boost puny egos believe I am better while you just laugh… Fly high

Taj Mahal

who knowsburied secrets-opulent royal lovemakes all average lives look solove-less Borrowed nuggets from Twitter: ik shahanshaah ne daulat ka sahaaraa le kar ham GhariiboN kii muhabbat kaa udaayaa hai mazaaq 🙂 #SahirLudhianvi कटवा के हजारों मजदूरों के हाथ महोब्बत से बेईमानी की है


just seebeauty floatingmurky waters beneathfail to contaminate- feel faithrestored

Thanks, Goodbye

Did i  want to see you sprouting a hero’s wings You were born a villain – but changed stories with your unscheduled, unplanned flight we lived isolated, independent of all that was thought of as indispensable surprised by our inherent strength -explored creative fields, emerged artists painting bright new landscapes Thank you, Corona Goodbye!


believe you can touch moons air beneath your wings will expand to accommodate dreams Now fly…


she is blessed with tresses to cover modesty but often gets so lost in thoughts -unveiled she needs to understand herself before knowing what to project, and what to hide love she has known not, never seen herself in someone’s eyes -not misled by Cupid she has time in capable hands to decide her life’s … More Unveiled