Thanks, Goodbye

Did iĀ  want to see you sprouting a hero’s wings You were born a villain – but changed stories with your unscheduled, unplanned flight we lived isolated, independent of all that was thought of as indispensable surprised by our inherent strength -explored creative fields, emerged artists painting bright new landscapes Thank you, Corona Goodbye!


believe you can touch moons air beneath your wings will expand to accommodate dreams Now fly…


she is blessed with tresses to cover modesty but often gets so lost in thoughts -unveiled she needs to understand herself before knowing what to project, and what to hide love she has known not, never seen herself in someone’s eyes -not misled by Cupid she has time in capable hands to decide her life’s … More Unveiled

Look again

you see insanity… Is it intensity? a new level of existence enthrals. lamps glow with a different light highlighting – facets missed in humdrum lives Look now…


I watchmy illusionsmeet yours – the world wonderswill it be a battle of wills OR LOVE? what lies at the core is the samea wish to influenceanother’s life EGO….


you seereflected raysbelieve it’s an aurathe darkness within celebratesitselfbeing the core, being realknowing the world’s bewitchedby reflectionsof truth