silentsmall implosionsincrease toxicityand the only way is to justlet go An explosion that looks spontaneous needs to be carefully crafted. Etch deep lines in the glass – the kind of humiliation that people don’t forget. Frame rules which imprison the genie in the bottle. The underdogs strive hard to contain the pressure, express their anger … Continue reading Explosion



Valights are special kind of lights which shines on the unconscious and subconscious parts of the psyche. gremlinscollected dirtnot dark, but transparentshadows scare me out of my witsvalightsshow me unseenembarrassing figuresIs that really me? Take meout quick No Nonsense at MLMM Reena's Xploration Challenge

Markedly Humble

stop herewhere nature ruleswatch compelling beautymagnificent geometry-rainbows reflecta hidden prismwe only endeavourto reach levels of perfectionmastered and justdemonstratedby a Supreme Powermarkedly humble to concealitself Moonwashed Weekly Prompt - Markedly