skeletonshappiness gone bycan they bidto capturebroken spirits, reinstatethem to past glory wonder how can I bid for my own property skeletons can’t speak, but do feel left out

Sustaining a flow

know howto sustain changetill new waves sweep landscapesredefine beliefs, paint mindsetsInspire… Inhalethe air that blowsyour way, to meet your thoughtsknow that you lived in this momentbut lost


I hearno more, but seelife changing around meI felt my own heart beat today–Silencetakes over from where all noise leftgiving me something new-incrediblefeelings


I seeDeath standing thererobed in deep, dark secretsexotic as a purple moonWelcome!


Dakshali starts a new prompt, to continue every Saturday Here’s my take on the first one. textureswhen felt by handsawaken memories-invisible folds of the soulstraightenlook again at those perceptionswhich changed perspectives onceare felt no more-faded