The theme for the week given by Colleen Chesebro is a haiku written by Sue Vincent clouds cover the moon, beyond dawn's pale horizon sun rises unseen ©2020 Sue Vincent My take perceptions based onrange of visibility-our simplified worldshelp us wax poetic onunknown complex universe https://wordcraftpoetry.com/2020/11/24/2020-weekly-tanka-tuesday-poetry-challenge-no-204-themeprompt/

Home, Sweet Home

Brina Blum on Unsplash be myself is all that matters Home, sweet home.... who gave you rights to intervene in my domain it's my Home ... Sweet Home my heart belongs here the mind feels free to travel everywhere, and then back home -where else? because It's the only place truly mine https://amanpan.com/2020/09/07/eugis-weekly-prompt-home-sweet-home-september-7-2020/