lighting up the skydrawing lines in deep waterstracing bright patternssurfaces reflect gloryholding secrets in dark depths


Why should the people who love me, want to imprison me? I once thought they are afraid of losing me. I realised, a bit too late, that they are afraid of losing control over me. Control gives them a sense of power, makes them feel superior to me. Deep down, they know the reality is … More Escape


just a passing thought-justice will remain a dreamif past injusticeis used to rationalise- efforts to block the future


The theme for the week given by Colleen Chesebro is a haiku written by Sue Vincent clouds cover the moon, beyond dawn’s pale horizon sun rises unseen ©2020 Sue Vincent My take perceptions based onrange of visibility-our simplified worldshelp us wax poetic onunknown complex universe


remix of my songs lilting through those banned dance barsa last hiccup – for I decide not to live morediaries chucked in the bin