Scanning old pics

scanning memoriesentrenched in choppy waters-deep hygge envelopesWhat is it about the past?makes happiness look transient Enjoy the holidays and create happy memories, Colleen! I'm digitizing old albums today. Written for #ShareYourDay Challenge at Tanka Tuesday Weekly Prompt

Milestones on a circle

I enrich myselfgoing around in circles-not directionlessfollowers install milestonesuncover hidden layers readers add valueto a writer's long journeythey see reflectionscommemorate turning pointsit relates to their stories Moonwashed Musings

Lost words

colors and patternsspeak, yet leave things open tointerpretationwe communicate onlywith standardized symbols I spend the night hunting for lost words. I dream of failure to deliver on a writing project, because I lose a clue. It’s a syllable falling short somewhere, or a synonym not found. The antonym is too aggressive and throws me into … Continue reading Lost words


Recolor dreams

green upgrades to rustsolitary paths inspireautumnal musingscolors of dreams change with ageyellow, red, orange or brown if youlook back, more thanforward, change directiondon't let sepia invade springcolors Written for Moonwashed Weekly Prompt - Autumn