Rebirth is not always about reincarnation or different lifetimes. What fascinates me about the word is its linkage to positivity. A turning point, discovery of potential, eruption of latent forces, change in lifestyle all count as rebirth. However, a downturn is never called so. Birth always holds hope. What we do with a life later … Continue reading Rebirth


I’m curious to know what the island thinks.  Does it feel complete in itself, or longs for connection? Is it the lack of connectedness that lends to a feeling of being self-sufficient? Ignorance is bliss. What happens when external influence reaches its shore? a desire to move driven by attraction of external appeal I want … Continue reading Island


intertwined are all that stand in opposition to one another seeking relevance from what is real, but you dislike it's not a shadow you want to see it reduced, insignificant -it obstructs your chosen path yet gives you a direction acknowledge those in the orbits what's not yours it shapes your destiny, and you return … Continue reading Acknowledgement

Dew Drops

luminosity of early morning dew drops reflecting the sun makes me feel lost in shadows but I let them have the stage freshness is steeped in wisdom of dark nights

If I were an app

I curse my creator everyday. He is glorified for inventing an app for reading the mind, and telling users if they are on the right track vis-a-vis their life goals. I’m sure they benefit as my workload increases every hour. But … shall I confess? I break down a little every hour. The burden of … Continue reading If I were an app


Putting the alphabets together in several different combinations, do not lend the right words to become building blocks of stories. She realizes that repetition of some alphabets is necessary to make sense. One needs to allow them to collaborate, to become meaningful enough to express your thoughts. Did we invent language, or only the alphabet? … Continue reading Musings