Mass hysteria

purpleprose impresses-nubile minds swoon overhibiscus lips, buzzing grape winesroyallollipops strewn on lilac skiesdoing the fandangoelectric charged-my thoughts


success carried lightly on shoulders pushes one to the stratosphere much faster Rise up!

Let go

She walks alone in peace, tarries shedding the burden she carries hunting freshness, looking wearied I saw dropped skins she ‘d outgrown No imposed guilt, sins to atone moving steady on paths unknown Raw forces behind her rallied Her feet heavy with commitments yet tracing paths of wonderment she creates art, does not lament lack … More Let go


diving into bluesI feel my body and mindfighting cross currentsclimb back to safe environsI have got new perspectives


Dakshali starts a new prompt, to continue every Saturday Here’s my take on the first one. textureswhen felt by handsawaken memories-invisible folds of the soulstraightenlook again at those perceptionswhich changed perspectives onceare felt no more-faded

Biggest Discovery

No … I’m not down and outif that’s what you wish to seeI’ll live on my terms, let the world be damned Yes, I still have my cloutthough I’m not smiling with gleeI’m in full control, I know where I stand don’t look at me like thisI’m no object of pitymy mind is now open, … More Biggest Discovery