life is expecting the unexpected - to tear you out of comfort zones, propel action in new directions; unseen paths beckon with promise - it just might be good for me https://wordcraftpoetry.com/2022/05/10/tankatuesday-poetry-challenge-no-273-specificform/


The form used is EP Johnson Quintet The form is stanzaic, consisting of two or more quintets. It is of Canadian origin. The rhyme scheme is abbba accca…etc.  (Indicating that the ending words of L1 and L5 are repeated in each stanza.) It is syllabic: 8/9/9/9/8 Can this ever be home for me? I look at teal and … Continue reading Incompatible

Dew Drops

luminosity of early morning dew drops reflecting the sun makes me feel lost in shadows but I let them have the stage freshness is steeped in wisdom of dark nights https://sammiscribbles.wordpress.com/2022/04/30/weekend-writing-prompt-257-luminous/

12 Steps to Self-Actualization

your dreams will confuse much more than ever let analysis give deep perception develop insights, don't just be clever understand intent, ditch self-deception get a state of flow, stay there forever pursue excellence without exception let empathy rule all your endeavors redefine goals till they are etched in stone vision, mission, values- know your levers … Continue reading 12 Steps to Self-Actualization

Whyquain – Beginnings and Endings

Whyquain A form invented on AllPoetry.com by Gloria Kim, aka Porphery.  It is a single verse of five iambic tetrameter lines in monorhyme which answers some asked or un-asked question. POEM why do we think in clean, straight linesor in a curve of some design?reach points - circles can't determinethoughts unhinged, in shapes redefinedAre we … Continue reading Whyquain – Beginnings and Endings

Tweets and Blue Skies

Bird songs are changing. The voice, pitch and content might all acquire new dimensions. Twitter has got a new owner. The birds outside my window chirp in their usual urgent tone, demanding food. I cater to their needs quickly. They give me hope. Silently, I bless the birds and pray they are not overpowered by … Continue reading Tweets and Blue Skies


The form used is Kimo - Israeli version of Haiku with 10,7,6 syllables dipping in the blues shows different worlds,fear in their eyes - my sharpnessmirrors insanity witnessing the power of unknown depthsunfathomable - their ownreflections drive judgment submarines constructed to explore whatlies below vision limitsdisturb my peace - again https://wordcraftpoetry.com/2022/04/19/tankatuesday-poetry-challenge-no-270-photoprompt/