Leaps and Bounds

lush growth of fur on tiny bodiestickling my heart, making me laughyou just leapt into my life-mischief personified-curiosityfor all corners-you know notyou are-love Chosen syllabic form is Nonet Synonyms spring --- leap green --- lush Tanka Tuesday Weekly Prompt

Scanning old pics

scanning memoriesentrenched in choppy waters-deep hygge envelopesWhat is it about the past?makes happiness look transient Enjoy the holidays and create happy memories, Colleen! I'm digitizing old albums today. Written for #ShareYourDay Challenge at Tanka Tuesday Weekly Prompt


watch yellowsturn flaming orangechallenge sun,pallid moonssupported by deep watersthen meet a mountain rigid rockscompel a retreatteach lessonssurvivalneeds good navigation skillsnot raw bravado Written for Photo Challenge #439 at MLMM

In between

crackling logs rekindle thoughtsdying branches, twigsgasping for last breaths beforetumbling into ash-fireplaces bring no comfort a soul cries aloud in shockas it recalls deathin a previous lifetimeit takes time and love-to rejoice in a new form formation to destructioncycles of naturewhat's sandwiched between layersis the core of life-cackling two faced energy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7hIz5khVPA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gD9xyTWO8fQ Written for … Continue reading In between


Night Jasmine

evenings amplifyfragrance permeating airsee night jasmine bloom evenings amplifyperfect execution ofdaytime thoughts and deeds fragrance permeating airpulls you to the source - is ita weed or blessing see night jasmine bloomdarkness cannot obstruct moonswriters spin stories Troiku written for Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge - Specific Form