Whyquain – Beginnings and Endings

Whyquain A form invented on AllPoetry.com by Gloria Kim, aka Porphery.  It is a single verse of five iambic tetrameter lines in monorhyme which answers some asked or un-asked question. POEM why do we think in clean, straight linesor in a curve of some design?reach points - circles can't determinethoughts unhinged, in shapes redefinedAre we … Continue reading Whyquain – Beginnings and Endings


The king of the jungle is called so, because other animals fear his power to harm. I wonder if democracy is just a garb for imposed assumptions. They manipulate you into believing that a powerful ruler protects you against harm. The harm done to your independence is not mentioned. We pay to be controlled. it's … Continue reading Representatives

If I were an app

I curse my creator everyday. He is glorified for inventing an app for reading the mind, and telling users if they are on the right track vis-a-vis their life goals. I’m sure they benefit as my workload increases every hour. But … shall I confess? I break down a little every hour. The burden of … Continue reading If I were an app


Putting the alphabets together in several different combinations, do not lend the right words to become building blocks of stories. She realizes that repetition of some alphabets is necessary to make sense. One needs to allow them to collaborate, to become meaningful enough to express your thoughts. Did we invent language, or only the alphabet? … Continue reading Musings

Don’t sell short

will you measure strength and then teach wrong techniques - with inaccurate tools? -survival is compromise if I can prosper and lead https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2022/03/07/what-do-you-see-124-march-7th-2022/ https://amanpan.com/eugis-weekly-prompt-survival-march-8-2022/


How many hours more would it be, till the inevitable happened? He stares at the walls surrounding him, and helplessness stares back at him. The engraved scripts appear to shed tears, as words get blurred with the saltiness of truth. He tracks time on international clocks, with a faint hope that he will find a … Continue reading Walls