Paint your mental stories

palette knife or strokes of a brushpaint images of freshness lushimaginationdriving creationdreams come true, in a rush Form - Clogyrnach stanzaic, written in any number of quintets, combining a cyhydedd fer *(a rhymed couplet of 8 syllable lines) and a tercet of two 5 syllable lines followed by one 6 syllable line of 2 equal parts, 3 … Continue reading Paint your mental stories


Places and Spaces

I watch a child discovering the world around him. What if I clean my mind of all preconceived notions? How will places and spaces and the things within appear to me? The space behind the door is just a hiding place. It has nothing to do with letting people in and out. The tree outside … Continue reading Places and Spaces

Fear encompasses Sanity

claustrophobic between the greysfear encompasses sanitymoving reflections challenge cloudsredefine windy climes a shadow moves slowlyat snail’s pacein the depth of the oceandisconnects from skiesI know it’s moving towards me I heave a sigh of reliefit becomes a boatagainst dark silhouettesto take me to distant shoreswhere the sky is blue I letdemonic dreamsoverpower oceansdive in straight- … Continue reading Fear encompasses Sanity