Wandering truth

journeysundertaken-destinations complainfor not being a conscious choicebut thenpaths trodden willy nilly taughtweary feet few lessons-bonds establishedfor life-infinityunknown commodityI value the tangible, forI knowno other paths to walk but youdreams, discussions misguidewandering truthlife's here Moonwashed Weekly Prompt


On the other side

My friend cribs about her tough life in a sales job, her monstrous boss and unfair incentive schemes. Clearly, she does not enjoy her job - nor did I. But being conversant with something helped me navigate the downturns better. I steer the conversation to what she’d like to do – lounge around in pyjamas, … Continue reading On the other side


I see what drives her to do those insane things. A childhood bereft of parental approval and expectations to fit into a mold induce unhealthy compliance or wild rebellion. It is a quest to find oneself. What perplexes me even more are those shifts in behavior patterns, moving from rebellion to compliance and back. Do … Continue reading Mirrors


“Provocative statements lead to deep insights. It brings out concealed and suppressed thoughts.” “Hmmm… You’ve built your career in law with this strategy.” “I need to bring out the truth, to take the case forward.” “And sometimes, plant seeds of a thought which did not exist before.” “What are you arriving at?” He is visibly … Continue reading Provoked

New Dawnings

long awaited bright lightfilters in through dark cracksof my worn-out windowscrevices on my ageing faceseek shelter from real worldsI am what I was (I tell myself)let’s wipe out all stories in between New dawnings are welcometo rearrange or meshto overwrite historyor start a story afresh my grey head perks upasking me to embrace my soultell … Continue reading New Dawnings