Milestones on a circle

I enrich myselfgoing around in circles-not directionlessfollowers install milestonesuncover hidden layers readers add valueto a writer's long journeythey see reflectionscommemorate turning pointsit relates to their stories Moonwashed Musings

End of Day

numb to the boneI reflect on stupendous daysdid my life turn aroundor is it only a view? Am I the same personwho woke up with a yawnto smell the coffee,swallowed all venom, shed skin several timesemerged wiserbut a different personat the end of day? So what ifthe venue’s still the sameI’ve traveled thousand mileslong before … Continue reading End of Day


Finding light

wandering thoughts reminiscebeing reined in, then declaredsacrilege for defiance experience incites fearforbidden for a reasonalways battling to break free shedding cloaks of traditiondiscovering life purposelight illuminates the soul Moonwashed Weekly Prompt hosted by Eugenia

Recolor dreams

green upgrades to rustsolitary paths inspireautumnal musingscolors of dreams change with ageyellow, red, orange or brown if youlook back, more thanforward, change directiondon't let sepia invade springcolors Written for Moonwashed Weekly Prompt - Autumn