Pain is an impermanent state. One wallows in it, internalises it, learns all possible lessons and then gets on with the business of life. juxtapositionhelps highlight what needs to bechucked out or retained What surprises is not the pain, but the response it elicits from others. Some insist on giving you more, some help you … More Pain

Rocky Terrains

Prompt line given by Mish on dVerse What are the roots that clutch, what branches grow out of this stony rubbish? The Wasteland, T.S. Eliot It is her first email, six months after she got married. “I did not communicate, because I did not know what to tell you. …that it was a rash decision … More Rocky Terrains


A sole red leaf on my doorstep birds gather around to guess the branch it separated from… waves hit the shore and go back sounds whisper, but do not tell stories nurtured in oceanic depths we don’t step into the same river twice nor do I know if I see the same sky or moon … More Subtlety


your aura is golden speech divine or maybe it appears to be so from where I am -far below the place from where you are projected… I struggle hard to reach the real you connect my smallness with yours But hats off To the team That holds you aloft … I hit the ground again … More Connecting


Bare feet bruised by pebbles bloodless pain painless blood strewn on pathways -meaningless milestones -rocky obstructions -tiny stones puncture fast-moving wheels Each one has stories to tell describe their personal hell I just took too long to listen to write hurt in red


There are tiny rocks in my path every day, which I toss around to create new patterns. Today is different. An unknown mysterious force has placed a massive rock there. My dog expends energy in sniffing around it, gives me a very positive look. I warn him against trying to move it. I’ve experienced blocks … More Rocks

Let go

She walks alone in peace, tarries shedding the burden she carries hunting freshness, looking wearied I saw dropped skins she ‘d outgrown No imposed guilt, sins to atone moving steady on paths unknown Raw forces behind her rallied Her feet heavy with commitments yet tracing paths of wonderment she creates art, does not lament lack … More Let go

Colors and Taste

color of oranges on my nails strawberry on lips I long for mangoes from a childhood tongue frozen mango pulp is heavenly till I think what the fruit undergoes being beaten to pulp kept in sub-zero temperatures to serve another in cold, unfamiliar climes (Yesterday, he said At your age You should only think about … More Colors and Taste

Hatred lingers on..

those fire-spewing eyes change expression linger a little longer  on her body she remembers lewdness of his crawling fingers on her sleeping helplessness she wants to slap him,  tear him to pieces he would be ashamed of The creep  Is her abusive husband

Doing our duty

“Chuck out the non-believers” goes the refrain. The leader who refused to open places of worship to stem a possible Third Wave of Covid is on target. I see a small postscript below social media messages “Forward to 15 people to escape the wrath of Gods.” It’s a God-fearing, not God-loving population that gives in … More Doing our duty