when every breath is a risk to contract disease we mask fear with vincible drapery when every thought is a risk to attract opposition we mask speech with tact in vocabulary when every act is a risk of launching rebellions we mask intent with smooth chicanery When identity is at risk of getting lost in … More Risk

Tangential paths

“I understand what you’re saying. But if I change direction, how do I explain it to all my followers? How do I go back on my words and say it was all wrong?” “There is no right or wrong. Are you convinced you need a new direction?” Yes. The bigotry I drilled into people gave … More Tangential paths

Dark alleys

How could I know what I’m getting into? Neptunian vision snaked its way through dark How could I know what I’m getting into? Stakeholders showed glimpses of Noah’s ark How could I know what I’m getting into? It looked like a platform to make my mark How could I know what I’m getting into? I’d … More Dark alleys


I peel apples now to avoid eating wax I learnt with time how to deconstruct what people say and get to the core of what they mean polished exteriors notwithstanding A flicker of the mouth eyes wandering away to imagined lands to write another story tell me what’s fiction -and where’s the truth I peel … More Unpeeling


roads are designed to reach destinationsdon’t let roadmaps become obsessionsRoads? Where we are going we don’t need roadsReaching there will be a revelation don’t let roadmaps become obsessionsthese are frameworks to confine youreaching there will be a revelationit may not be your dream, your celebration these are frameworks to confine youroads are designed to reach … More Roads

Flower Moon

I flip through the pages again – the scene where the girl and boy are being sent to different places in Siberia. They almost know it – they’ll never return or meet each other again. Yet, the girl says ..”Watch the moon in the sky, and think of me. We’ll be looking at the same … More Flower Moon

Waltzing to….

she left us in the night her head hit the corner of the bed and then she couldn’t see light she must have chided me to mind my step lest I hurt her in my clumsy trap she always forgave me but not tonight… She called, I did not hear our lives entwined but cut … More Waltzing to….

Flowing forms

The poet I choose is Jude Itakali. You can find him in this space here. you deftly combine forms enhance beauty of each genre creative expressions- prose and poetry flowing into each other – makes me think This is life – incomprehensible in a single font or script, incomplete without myriad variations of love, joy, … More Flowing forms