Jabberwocky – Did you see it?

I thought he was a friend, till he showed his fangs, bared his claws mask and gloves fell off his jaws I smelt incense in open air he showed his fangs, bared his claws unmasked terror - it was raw I smelt incense in open air I heard Evil laugh without a care unmasked terror … Continue reading Jabberwocky – Did you see it?

Thoughts, culture & cuisines

Savour the prompt at Tuesday poetics - food! at dVerse restaurant meals take-aways -standardised to perfection -presented to condition expectations -create addiction ingredients mixed with choice cooked to delight -fresh flavour -fresh opinion -fresh taste takes me out of loops then invites exploration of what you spite but remain polite then learn to savour -new … Continue reading Thoughts, culture & cuisines


Negativity - a muse-um of thoughts burden of fears from past experience riding our back -moments passed long ago buried in history -shadows live like ghosts walking amidst us pulling us back creating mistrust -muse over imperceptible layers bid them goodbye to Move ahead… https://dversepoets.com/2022/01/10/quadrille-143-muse-cues/

A date with Death – Rimas Dissolutas

in a place of peace with no dream no movement backward or forward I wait for Death to come claim me travel, but no pics or mementoes just move at the speed of light darker than night, smoother than cream incredible lightness feels absurd No rancour - I go debt-free bereft of pain, freedom feels … Continue reading A date with Death – Rimas Dissolutas


I wake up every morning with a thought. What if there are no calendars, rituals not imposed on me? Would I still make an effort to recap, review, reset?  I take sunrise and sunset for granted. Why do I need to worry about the number of times my planet revolves around the Sun? It’s an … Continue reading Renewal

Palace Tales

The palace is not desolate any more, walk without fearfossilised stories come to life - stones speakI see each expression, feel each nuancethey review themselves - pain, fear, arrogance fossilised stories come to life - stones speakDid they do right, or was it an error of judgement?they review themselves - pain, fear, arroganceI'm awed by … Continue reading Palace Tales


https://open.spotify.com/episode/3IGumfzltlaOsasyDZLMPz?si=36687869213147a4 Strangers not so strange ….they share a special bond with me. They look at me with compassion, seem to understand my agony and pour out theirs. I dress in their stories patterned and purple as night, and life is not the same again. I’m not alone, nor am I unique. Stories seem to merge … Continue reading Strangers

Fragments of a life not lived

1. waters dark and deep raging with angst just learning how to swim will I reach the other side Or find solace In between? 2. I slept well yesterday chirping birds greet me ask for their feed hunger drives the world I wonder if they think about skies beyond 3. A page fell of the … Continue reading Fragments of a life not lived

Life is a journey

you dig, you dream you wish, you want you work, you slog you aspire, you conspire you overstretch yourself to fulfil a dream it gets magnified it looks within reach I need to get there and when you get a chance you jump at it blind It’s victory supreme you float for a while then … Continue reading Life is a journey

Impostor Syndrome

Will you recognise me without the crown? It’s the real me yet so unlike me emeralds of wisdom rubies of knowledge diamonds of trust which you gave me… I wander between gems blinded by lustre find myself in cracks burst out in full glory https://dversepoets.com/2021/11/29/quadrille-141-heady-is-the-poem-that-wears-the-crown/