Target markets

windows gradually  lighting up they are back home…. Once again I wish  I knew what happened in their lives during the day the darkness in other windows stops me from getting voyeuristic I don’t know what fires their minds I don’t know how do I touch their lives I shed all  misconceptions of helping people  …

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Another day

It is another day. The Sun rises and travels through the Sky. I wanna touch and feel the horizon, but there are some secrets Nature does not reveal. It is another year, another season. Skies turn a dark gray, as the landscape greens and it pours. There are certain treasures nature does not conceal. Pages …

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Rose Garden

“The Rose Garden is being redesigned,” said she, walking amidst brambles on the zig-zag path I saw potential which could have bloomed if not partnered with obnoxiousness -an identity that could have shaped better without the golden umbrella which encased her hungry spirit


A David is born, whenever a Goliath gets arrogant about his strength. Goddess Kali is born whenever oppression increases. Tsunamis unleash their force on the world, when the ocean is unable to contain its angst. The pride of those at the receiving end prevents them from seeing the connection. They like to deceive themselves that …

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