Peer Pressure

Who does that? raised eyebrows mockThere are words in my mouthBut I swallow thoseand get on with my life calendars changeso do mindsetsI can’t connecttheir irrepressible instinctsto enter doorwaysnow gone digital social isolationis not lonelinessI feel completein my work - thoughtsbordering on unboundedness And of course…those disruptive peopleare only a button awaywaiting to enter doorwaysto … Continue reading Peer Pressure


Whatever you fear most has no powerIt is your fear that has power To send you off on unwanted tangentsTo make you think of improbable thingsTo transfer your fears to othersInstilling negativity Whatever has to happen will happenYour fear is about your powerlessnessIn the face of changeBut change is what will drive youTo the next … Continue reading Fear

Die Empty

Do I want to write a bookbefore I go away?for that bookwill die inside me…but who cares reallyfor what I have to say? It’s the map ofmy brain synapsesof what was framedin those spacesbefore responseafter stimulus-somewhere in betweenincoherenceand actionto make sense of lifeit just had to be done I know nowthere’s no going backto reframe … Continue reading Die Empty


connected by birthexistenceon differentpages of timeHow does oneReconcile? -methodologiesof continuity-missed detailsof gently breakingchords at some point-to let the futuredevelopat its own free will Parenting-delusions ofperpetuatingone’s self-worththrough anotherdeprivinga child ofits own worth Here comes newsof another birthhalf-heartedcongratulationsfrom a mindthat sees futurediscombobulation.

Jumping out of the canvas

being the musefeeding imaginationimmortalized in paintartists’ inspiration dressed in evening clothesstanding by the seais not what both of usset out to be I love frolickingwith my furry friendwithout a caresalty waves and frothrefreshing mindsmessing up hair We wait for an era, wherevideo cameras aboundcapturing us in motionexpressions and soundwaving to meet the skynot glued to … Continue reading Jumping out of the canvas


Riots color the landscape red with the blood of innocents.  Actually, they’d prefer another color - one they’ve been using to paint mindsets. People do not become followers unless they think alike. And to think alike, they need anger, a common cause, a common source of fire in the belly. It needs to be ignited. … Continue reading Strategic


I exhume stories buried premature before they could show courage or silent torture Before the world acknowledged the author but they come loaded with perspectives to kill truth - repaint victims on social channels in courts of law till they lose identity originality a society that rewrites history to suit the ruler arrests evolution lessons … Continue reading Excavation

Delete files

Time complains as I browse through books of life find pages populated by memories, karma voices and remnants imperceptible imprints disappointment, guilt gnawing away silently at potential Can you make space by deleting files to write the future, give meaning to existence? Time complains…

Keep going

Rise up to the challenge, give me a hand shake up inertia, hit the ground and run sweet dreams at dawn, sweeter than honey dew is still fresh, but you follow the sun burn midnight oil to learn, seek your North Star fish for the treasure lying in bottom of oceans Stay committed, come hell … Continue reading Keep going