Gods of the Universe

every story of crime or warde-souling of humanssun, moon and starsWhat’s the point in beinga mute witness?you join criminals in the dark you watch soundlesslyconfusion in un-lighted psychesfail to make truth heardhide facts in darkness or glarestrengthen erroneous beliefsno enlightenment, no relief mental stories asphyxiateno one else can relateunheeled, uncrowned islandsfloating in ethernessimperceptible, undefined dark … Continue reading Gods of the Universe


Places and Spaces

I watch a child discovering the world around him. What if I clean my mind of all preconceived notions? How will places and spaces and the things within appear to me? The space behind the door is just a hiding place. It has nothing to do with letting people in and out. The tree outside … Continue reading Places and Spaces


I feel the profundity of the dream, except that it’s not a dream. I’m awake. I’m in my senses, but my eyes are shut. It is a kind of meditative state. In space in time I sit thousands of feet above the sea. Below I see floating islands tagged with names and dates of centuries, … Continue reading Surrender


HIGH I see them jumping highchallenging their own dwarfnessnot accepting defeathoping to touch the targetand one day they do-my puppies have climbed the bed today LIGHT They are the light of my lifeBringing love and happinessI get carried away in their excitementReprimand them for damaging thingsSmiling when they don’t obeyWistfully, I long to have that … Continue reading Puppies

Playing with Words

fiddle with objectsfor no reasonchange somethingthat doesn’t need changechannel-surf on televisionscroll down Instagramtill eyes acheask a puppy to fetch the ballhope his energy infuses me-It’s sheer boredom open a deviceget in a state of flowplay with wordslet something emergefrom my deepest coreeffortlessly I’m just a mediumI’m at my best dVerse Poetics hosted by Lisa

Mezza Luna

I find potential to be a scary word. It comes shackled with doubt on my capability to assess. What if my estimate is incorrect, especially when there’s no historical data to be extrapolated? Mezza Luna laughs soundlessly. She carries a history behind her, but holds out no promise for the future. She doesn’t like being … Continue reading Mezza Luna

Let me be

I never wanted to be like her or youShe put a candle, with no single hue. Wherein her splendour proved an ecstasy,Yield my life, and dust your humility. She put a lighter thought along her lips,Silent as the dawn from a sweet eclipse! Poem generated through Website: Verse by Verse Image source: Photosonic on writesonic.com … Continue reading Let me be