Change is on my mind

I enjoy several pairs of curious eyes riveted on me, as I raise my heels to look beyond the horizon. The Sun winks at me, but no one notices. I wonder if it’s a cue to what lies ahead. Yes, that is what I would like to know - what lies ahead. And this time … Continue reading Change is on my mind



I can hear dry leaves rustling outside, but overall it has been a rather quiet season. Astrologers convince people to suffer silently, as Mars and Jupiter are in retrograde motion. There’s hope at the end of the tunnel as they say, but spring is still a season away. News channels are abuzz with political conflict … Continue reading Lull

Chicken Soup for the Soul

I suffer from an allergy which makes me sneeze non-stop in the morning. A co-passenger on the train advises me to stay off cold and sour foods after 3 pm, as I swallow an Allegra pill. Back home, I settle down for comfort food - a steaming bowl of chicken soup. As of now. I’d … Continue reading Chicken Soup for the Soul

Dreaming together

We walked into the haze together, several years ago, not knowing what lies ahead. Faith kept us together, that only better things lie ahead. The rocks we had failed to see tested us at many points, as the haze thinned down and heat escalated. We stumbled, blamed each other for placing those in our way … Continue reading Dreaming together


I pass through a temple every day on my morning walk. The throng of devotees makes me wonder how we believe in certain things without any scientific evidence, visible proof or clear corroboration. In fact, we conduct a lot of research to find supporting evidence. Do these beliefs create a ground for us to walk … Continue reading Belief

XXL helplessness

I pray for uninterrupted vision, beyond the trees, mountains and tall buildings-a  whole, unbroken view before the stars take over, and the scarred Moon mocks the Almighty Sun. The birds I feed every morning fly beyond reach as the day progresses. I hope they return with a message. When they tweet outside my window, I … Continue reading XXL helplessness


I envy the artist or filmmaker who fleshes out imagination, and presents it in two or three dimensions. Some people can relate to the characters. To all others, it’s as vague as the sky - an illusion to keep imagination engaged. The root of all disappointment in the world is that we derive comfort from … Continue reading Sky


Rebirth is not always about reincarnation or different lifetimes. What fascinates me about the word is its linkage to positivity. A turning point, discovery of potential, eruption of latent forces, change in lifestyle all count as rebirth. However, a downturn is never called so. Birth always holds hope. What we do with a life later … Continue reading Rebirth


I need to call my cousin, but she’s in a different time zone … better wait for an appropriate time when she is awake. Day and night move parallelly, but in different geographic locations.  What does an equal duration signify? We walk through our lives, live out our scripts - in unison or opposition. Ultimately, … Continue reading Solstice


I’m curious to know what the island thinks.  Does it feel complete in itself, or longs for connection? Is it the lack of connectedness that lends to a feeling of being self-sufficient? Ignorance is bliss. What happens when external influence reaches its shore? a desire to move driven by attraction of external appeal I want … Continue reading Island