Reena’s Exploration Challenge #89

Hi, friends Last week’s prompt brought in some much-needed whackiness and  humor, as well as the usual intensity in the Exploration Challenge. So far, we’ve never had restrictions on length or format of the piece. I’m adding a rider, just for this week. PROMPT Reena's Exploration Challenge -Haiku Prompt You could write a story or … Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #89


Life changes

Cinema has gone digital, but I have changed. I feel suffocated in dark movie theaters. Screens at home serve the purpose well, with added benefits of multitasking. beauty of antiquity bewitching charms of the past forays into dark they once held me spellbound with cosy companions (276 characters)

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #86

Welcome back! I’ve been busy last week, and there were delays in reading and responding. In case, I’ve missed out on any of your pieces in the links below, please do let me know. PROMPT This week’s prompt consists of two words – BLEEDING EDGE The dictionary meaning is the very forefront of technological development. … Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #86

Human blackholes

“You managed to escape clutches, whenever a trap has been laid out for you,” said an ex-boss once. I thank him for his forthrightness.  In a flash, I recognised the nature of the evil that doggedly followed me all my life - a desire of certain people around me in personal and professional circles, to … Continue reading Human blackholes


Stains of distrust on the psyche got deeper and difficult to erase, as I saw your imperviousness to the color of my dreams. Relationships have different hues at different stages in life – what matters is the intensity. Love and mutual respect should be un-erasable pigments responding to external inputs, and creating different shades, but … Continue reading Fading