Scanning old pics

scanning memoriesentrenched in choppy waters-deep hygge envelopesWhat is it about the past?makes happiness look transient Enjoy the holidays and create happy memories, Colleen! I'm digitizing old albums today. Written for #ShareYourDay Challenge at Tanka Tuesday Weekly Prompt

The Widow

The chosen form is Anaduo Any number of sestetsSyllalbic 11/11/8/11/11/8Meter: All lines are acephalous anapesticRhyme Scheme:  aabccb widows mourn in black; or so the whole world knowsin the folds of darkness is her future thrownher indifference peeves the world strong-headed, uncaring she's made out to bein her moment of grief, un-bended stands sheher gray scarf makes a … Continue reading The Widow



Making an attempt at katauta, inspired by Colleen do you truly carewhat are they talking about?it's just me and you… you wanted our loveto permeate minds, capture,celebrate pure souls Ekphrastic prompt at Wordcraftpoetry Blog Image chosen by David

In between

crackling logs rekindle thoughtsdying branches, twigsgasping for last breaths beforetumbling into ash-fireplaces bring no comfort a soul cries aloud in shockas it recalls deathin a previous lifetimeit takes time and love-to rejoice in a new form formation to destructioncycles of naturewhat's sandwiched between layersis the core of life-cackling two faced energy Written for … Continue reading In between


once moreevil laughterhaunts me in waking hoursI sleep with planscelebrationsjust need to be perfectI swear I feeltightening gripson my busy lone wristsmask drops Tanka Tuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge Chosen Poetry form is Aquarian Invented by A. Maris MazzEach stanza  has lines of 2/4/6/2 syllablesAny number of stanzas permitted.Unrhymed.  (Multiple of 4 lines)

Dark in light

walk over a chasm to reach the idylldark depths provoking imaginationsmooth white pathways leading celebrationsbe led up the garden path or downhill anti gods bring the ink, gods hold the quillI hear bells ring in alliterationawaken the demons, spark creation different perspectives emerge in synclet me be the bridge, let me be the link Written … Continue reading Dark in light

Night Jasmine

evenings amplifyfragrance permeating airsee night jasmine bloom evenings amplifyperfect execution ofdaytime thoughts and deeds fragrance permeating airpulls you to the source - is ita weed or blessing see night jasmine bloomdarkness cannot obstruct moonswriters spin stories Troiku written for Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge - Specific Form


The Chosen Form is Cyclus The Cyclus is:○ a 12-line poem.○ syllabic, syllables per line 2-4-6-6-4-2-2-4-6-6-4-2○ unrhymed. flash ofsudden brilliancequick insight in darkness-a momentary strikefrom troubled skies-changesviewpoints-offers a choicebetween velvet darknessor illuminatedpathways tearingdark wombs Written for Tanka Tuesday Weekly Prompt - Theme - Nature of Lightning