perfection is a way of life remember the donuts she served with coffee and love Could I measure up? lazy me just loafing around met her once lost my heart then moved away – I was so imperfect for her


they struggleto find a reasonto live, butin someoneelse’s life – toxic vibes killfreedom loving souls


we connectonly with thoughts thatresonate-world’s secretslie in what we leaveuntouched and unattended those secretscalled me back today-connectorsto unknownlevels of beingI’m close to being God now


skeletonshappiness gone bycan they bidto capturebroken spirits, reinstatethem to past glory wonder how can I bid for my own property skeletons can’t speak, but do feel left out


I see you hanging between planets entry not granted by any entity to your dark soul propelled by curses blocked by positive forces Karma paybacks on a roll dark depths of my angst provoked by monstrosities battles of control go away know not what to say I see you somewhere there struggling to justify you … More Resurgence