black linescircumventingdreams in color, now flowunevenly down rosy cheeks-Sorrowalters boundaries of visiona dark line moves where hopepainted pictureson life

Blame Game

blamingdiverts us frombeacons of guiding light-gives a smug satisfaction ofI'm righttruth remains in darkness somewhereit is shunned for causingdiscomfort toego


life is expecting the unexpected - to tear you out of comfort zones, propel action in new directions; unseen paths beckon with promise - it just might be good for me

Kids killed in war?

don't dunksoaring spiritsin dark, boiling liquidsthey need aerial views to buildnew worldsdon't feed them to hungry vulturesnever ending fire streamsrespect rights tolive, dream


holding a face very familiar in my hands I feel apprehensive of what I will encounter behind the known mask rawness of emotion is so scary -I don another mask to counter savageness of the real, untested you and me



I hear musical winds heartbeats resound with joy in anticipation of more -festive times abound, bringing together those who haven't met for long -events designed for love

Mass hysteria

purpleprose impresses-nubile minds swoon overhibiscus lips, buzzing grape winesroyallollipops strewn on lilac skiesdoing the fandangoelectric charged-my thoughts


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on I hearno more, but seelife changing around meI felt my own heart beat today-Silencetakes over from where all noise leftgiving me something new-incrediblefeelings