doorways to the past -overarching stories paint filtering sunlight changing how one reads the script – lets it dominate life – or buries it to move forward


There are three kittens looking like Kitty, probably her offspring. They look at me with curiosity, but my eyes look for my friend. Hope she recognises me… It was a deep bond, but not a free one. Reciprocity was the name of the game. I taught her how to use a laptop and the internet, … More Impostor

Tales Unheard

Nameless people in a house on stilts without an address The lake turns red A shadow is murdered Flowing waters the only witness waters change, time flows snow unfreezes to merge with emptiness Someone calls as oars cut through tales unheard A boatman sings voiceless anonymous… A spy’s life- fictitious infamous much maligned patriotic, self-effacing … More Tales Unheard

Wisdom of my heart

wrapped in comfort of your magnanimity I try to see Your world with human lenses and yet find… wisdom of heart unmatched nobility of my soul unprecedented gift of my presence unappreciated


perfection is a way of life remember the donuts she served with coffee and love Could I measure up? lazy me just loafing around met her once lost my heart then moved away – I was so imperfect for her