I wish people keep telling stories and writing whatever comes to mind – on social media posts, blogs, books on whatever avenues are available to them. Stories held captive in a lockdown, are likely to change form later. The pressure they are subject to, will ignite rage within, and discolour facts. Rebellion will be an … More Repression

Foggy minds

moss gathers on experience etched on bodies yet flowers bloom to make a crown freshness of ideas preserve youth judgemental fogs sometimes blur vision -miss the difference


come down cute feather-ball let’s build mutual trust tell me all about worlds you see while I feed you to boost puny egos believe I am better while you just laugh… Fly high


I’m not in hiding. There are doors to the left, one of which will take me to the past. There is a road on the right, which goes straight ahead to freedom and bliss. The choice seems obvious. But what are these currents passing through, highlighting alphabets from a script? It feels as if the … More Swaying

Taj Mahal

who knowsburied secrets-opulent royal lovemakes all average lives look solove-less Borrowed nuggets from Twitter: ik shahanshaah ne daulat ka sahaaraa le kar ham GhariiboN kii muhabbat kaa udaayaa hai mazaaq 🙂 #SahirLudhianvi कटवा के हजारों मजदूरों के हाथ महोब्बत से बेईमानी की है


who toppled the small fry? -who felt threatened? Goliath’s inner insecurity – or instability of mind -limited perspectives don’t see high architectural expertise I’d put this house  on the top of a hill let my life  go topsy turvy with a strong will let insecurities  slide away -all negatives that have held sway on weak … More Balance


lighting up the skydrawing lines in deep waterstracing bright patternssurfaces reflect gloryholding secrets in dark depths


just seebeauty floatingmurky waters beneathfail to contaminate- feel faithrestored