It's a treasure I found, and let me hide it somewhere. I’ll open it at leisure and extract toys to play with. Guess it should keep up the novelty for a week. And meanwhile, I need to keep the humans humoured. They have a bad habit to come looking for things. And how Mama shrieks… … Continue reading Treasure


Labor Day

when I work for others, it's called labor, if for myself - is it fine?technology claims to have solutions, but entails a cost - all mine politicians help only when I vote, I know they don't stand for mesomeday they'll invent miracles, watch the little hands that follow me hunt for investors, give away rights, … Continue reading Labor Day

Dilemma – American Sentence

Will you choose the devil to escape dark, uncertain waters below? What Do You See? The American Sentence is a concept of the legendary Beat Poet, Allen Ginsberg. It is simply a poem within 17 syllables in one line. The line should be written in complete sentence (s). It should capture a moment with a “turn”.


She never asked him to choose between her and others. The unspoken fear was ‘what if she’s not the chosen one?’ She put up with different forms of abuse, because singlehood appeared to be an abuse of life purpose. She started wandering in the jungles in a disturbed state of mind, and discovered that life … Continue reading Redemption


“There’s a chink in the armour. I want details of the person who wrote these lines.” The dreamy-eyed, pretty assistant alerts herself, “Yes, Sir.” She is thinking her boss can never appreciate the softer side of human nature or intricacies of love. She loves the poetic expression. Henry, her boss reads her mind. “In Communications … Continue reading Clues