Communication myths

I’m sure the ground speaks to the sky. It has so many deep secrets to share. Messages pass through multiple engineered layers of concrete, light, sound and air in between. Needless to say, they all have a say, and they have a right to have a say. The sky bends down creating something called a … More Communication myths

Note to self

“The gate will open on 28th May, and the spirits of your ancestors will step out. We need to be here to welcome them, beg forgiveness for our slip-ups, and ask for solutions to ongoing problems.” “You’ve been coming here on 28th May for a decade now. They never stepped out.” The son is super … More Note to self


I wish people keep telling stories and writing whatever comes to mind – on social media posts, blogs, books on whatever avenues are available to them. Stories held captive in a lockdown, are likely to change form later. The pressure they are subject to, will ignite rage within, and discolour facts. Rebellion will be an … More Repression