multiplicity of colours makes me wonder what is the real face like -dark backgrounds -acquired sophistication -or monotonous monochrome? I pick up a brush and paint you with my imagination but moods interfere -making you look different with each brush stroke

Growing up

adventures galore call me once more it’s not safe out there Mom says, with due care Not just love her, but adore Yet I need to explore I like how she rears as she smoothens my hair A risk-taker at the core I’ll jump through the door rough and tumble of life awaits there is …

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Eclipsed world

“This is where I wanted to be. This is what I’ve dreamt of all these years, while perfecting my skills.” The voice was loud, but the winds did not carry it ahead. There appeared to be an invisible block around the castle. Maybe the winds had decided to stay away from happenings in the castle.  …

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