Enveloped thoughts

a note from destiny a coin to be flipped over or a call from once-desired destinations maybe luck changed tracks when I switched off all notifications being enveloped is no longer glory when I fly free beyond limitations

Train to happiness

I missed the train to happiness success that could have been destinations which were a dream I’m happy the bubble burst and I found a new path…. I’m only me and my dreams as goal posts moved away Barricades gave way to detours Stations stare back at me I missed the train to happiness


believe you can touch moons air beneath your wings will expand to accommodate dreams Now fly…


Remember those halcyon days we held hands and walked across green lawns? You whacked me once, because I stole an apple from your bag. I had to explain I was hungry, and it was forgiven. innocence cutting all divides soul-to-soul bonds ruled Will I let you enter the sanitised environs of my house today? It … More A-changing

Look again

you see insanity… Is it intensity? a new level of existence enthrals. lamps glow with a different light highlighting – facets missed in humdrum lives Look now…