A conversation with my younger self was long overdue. Yes, I remember the teacher who said I can write, but never be a good speaker. She is dead now, and I pay homage every year on the social media post put up by her daughters. I remember that my favourite teacher once stained my picture-perfect … Continue reading Confidence


No spaces

My health-conscious family pushes me to take this evening walk in the woods. And there is not a single evening when I don’t think of my sister. She was the achiever in the family. She sprinted through her academic and professional life in leaps and bounds, making us all proud. She chose to remain single. … Continue reading No spaces

Mezza Luna

I find potential to be a scary word. It comes shackled with doubt on my capability to assess. What if my estimate is incorrect, especially when there’s no historical data to be extrapolated? Mezza Luna laughs soundlessly. She carries a history behind her, but holds out no promise for the future. She doesn’t like being … Continue reading Mezza Luna


I learn from a course in Heart Core Power, that the heart actually controls the brain. There is a very strong electromagnetic field around the heart which directs our thoughts and lifestyles. The theory is interesting but challenged by neuroscientists for want of sufficient evidence. What if I choose to believe in it for some … Continue reading Deserts

Change is on my mind

I enjoy several pairs of curious eyes riveted on me, as I raise my heels to look beyond the horizon. The Sun winks at me, but no one notices. I wonder if it’s a cue to what lies ahead. Yes, that is what I would like to know - what lies ahead. And this time … Continue reading Change is on my mind


I can hear dry leaves rustling outside, but overall it has been a rather quiet season. Astrologers convince people to suffer silently, as Mars and Jupiter are in retrograde motion. There’s hope at the end of the tunnel as they say, but spring is still a season away. News channels are abuzz with political conflict … Continue reading Lull

Chicken Soup for the Soul

I suffer from an allergy which makes me sneeze non-stop in the morning. A co-passenger on the train advises me to stay off cold and sour foods after 3 pm, as I swallow an Allegra pill. Back home, I settle down for comfort food - a steaming bowl of chicken soup. As of now. I’d … Continue reading Chicken Soup for the Soul


September is a seasonal transition - moving from monsoon to winter. There’s a sense of anticipation in the air, as the sky changes color from dark gray to brighter hues. Festivities and weddings start from October. It’s a busy period out there for traders, manufacturers and those in the hospitality business. Women get busy planning … Continue reading September


I pass through a temple every day on my morning walk. The throng of devotees makes me wonder how we believe in certain things without any scientific evidence, visible proof or clear corroboration. In fact, we conduct a lot of research to find supporting evidence. Do these beliefs create a ground for us to walk … Continue reading Belief

XXL helplessness

I pray for uninterrupted vision, beyond the trees, mountains and tall buildings-a  whole, unbroken view before the stars take over, and the scarred Moon mocks the Almighty Sun. The birds I feed every morning fly beyond reach as the day progresses. I hope they return with a message. When they tweet outside my window, I … Continue reading XXL helplessness