Life lessons

I’d suffered from typhoid during my first year at school, and missed one paper from the first term examination. I can’t recall the fever or any other symptom. Just that my class teacher, a kindly old lady, Mrs. Kent asked my mother to request the Principal for a re-examination. I’d scored well in all other … More Life lessons

Soul Management

I cannot be an eagle, though I wish to fly high I am blessed with a penetrating vision that cuts through veils and layers of deception. Yet, what I see is an adversary, not a prey. Shedding feathers is painful, as the stories about eagles plucking feathers in isolation say. They rebirth and live for … More Soul Management

Nature’s protectors

Those twinkling eyes behind the branches looked at me in curiosity, but stepped behind as I advance with my phone camera. Shyness or fear? It is lack of trust, as the mother snarls at me for coming too close. I move away to respect their privacy, but keep watching the babies on natural swings. Baby … More Nature’s protectors


I see a congenial, smiling face and then the mask drops. A monster emerges. No. It’s not Halloween. I must be dreaming. The behaviour is different, but voices are familiar. Could it be….? Again, the mask drops. I see creatures drowning in a sea of fear. They fold hands, they pray and then exercise extra … More Halloween


You believe you shine with borrowed light. The Sun knows it clothes you, but also conceals beauty of the original. Poets are busy giving you different names to facilitate expression of the complex. You do find courage to shed clothes, but your identity remains enmeshed in nomenclature. You are just the Moon … let adjectives … More Shedding

Of hikes and spikes

Mountains and trees defined levels for us. Measurements have to start from where we are, and go up or down. What is the concept of height for a Mount Everest champion? They look below and celebrate. But do they nurse any ambition of touching the Moon? We look below us and name the seasons – … More Of hikes and spikes

Another day

It is another day. The Sun rises and travels through the Sky. I wanna touch and feel the horizon, but there are some secrets Nature does not reveal. It is another year, another season. Skies turn a dark gray, as the landscape greens and it pours. There are certain treasures nature does not conceal. Pages … More Another day


Videographers are all over the office, asking people to smile and flash V signs. Some smiles are pretty strained, as they look up from the desk, interrupting a time-bound assignment. New projects bring people, and old faces might not be there to cheer in the next round. The team moves to the CEOs secretary, and … More Magnifiers

Carefully structured

The organization structure is carefully built. There are special slots for the favoured ones, deliberate spaces between some so that the connections are not too obvious. They need to control it from all sides – ensuring that followers stay on a predetermined path, managing dissent, building intelligence networks to know what’s happening on the ground. … More Carefully structured