The forest looked inviting in the morning lightI t held a promise to freedom, visuals bright I breathe in fresh air, grass beneath my feet I take off blindfolds, as my tired feet bleed It held a promise to freedom, visuals bright I’m a little scared now in an unknown place I take off blindfolds, … More Irrevocable


A sole red leaf on my doorstep birds gather around to guess the branch it separated from… waves hit the shore and go back sounds whisper, but do not tell stories nurtured in oceanic depths we don’t step into the same river twice nor do I know if I see the same sky or moon … More Subtlety


blinding ray of light strikes, crosses her thoughtsThey are insane, they believe they are God They nurse illusions in very huge lotsThey play power games, but don’t know the odds He moved a finger, and said ‘Follow this’failed again to see brewing resentment “Forget your schedules, just give those a miss”He cannot see a mind … More Rebellion

Dark alleys

How could I know what I’m getting into? Neptunian vision snaked its way through dark How could I know what I’m getting into? Stakeholders showed glimpses of Noah’s ark How could I know what I’m getting into? It looked like a platform to make my mark How could I know what I’m getting into? I’d … More Dark alleys

Waltzing to….

she left us in the night her head hit the corner of the bed and then she couldn’t see light she must have chided me to mind my step lest I hurt her in my clumsy trap she always forgave me but not tonight… She called, I did not hear our lives entwined but cut … More Waltzing to….

Maniac’s Dance

Previous poem The dance of a maniac lacks the grace of a gymnast the gay abandon in expression of joy calculated steps to build a rhythm The dance of a maniac disturbs the balance of tolerant earth stirs spasmodic earthquake energy to unearth some more madness The dance of a maniac Strives – to make … More Maniac’s Dance


Well, I had fun playing around with online tools and doing this one. Thank you, Peter. for hosting this one. Here’s the pantoum I wrote.. not going anywhere’s an artjust going round in circles…but worlds are what they arefor they go around in cycles just going round in circlesmanipulate eyes to see, agreefor they go … More Circles