In my end is my beginning

Hi, Laura Thanks for the very different prompt. This is easy and tough at the same time. Endings feel so appropriate in the tired and jaded mindset I am in at this late hour. I confess I cheated a little - chose the last two lines from my poems and put them together. Let me … Continue reading In my end is my beginning


Response: MTB- Critique and Craft

To MarkLet the poetic sound of moons and stars invade your night thoughts to give you sweet dreams always for in your dreams lies the happiness you truly want. hope you enjoy the book Michelle I’m limited; I’m humanMay God be with youThrough stars, moon or sunLet radiance permeate you I see you as the … Continue reading Response: MTB- Critique and Craft


Why focus on wealth or beauty?It can be crass or superficialThoughts, manners make youwhat you are, what you’ll be It’s all in the total personalitythe only thing that’s beneficialensure that it’s deeply ingrainedThen where am I without memory? How could you miss the criticalityof something that can’t be artificialI am what I am - as … Continue reading Memory


I do my best, and leave the restLet Karma go with flowthey wait aroundand make no soundLet Karma go with flow can't believe they can stoop so lowwith their meanness astoundthey look for faultsunlock all vaultswith their meanness astound their only job is to houndspeak a lie, somersaultat the devil's behestthey belie truth, contestspeak a … Continue reading Critics

Aphorism I recall the same question being asked in interviews - Why do you want to switch over? Whatever answers I concocted; I knew the truth that I was trying to escape something. Today, I shudder to think that I didn't really want any of the things I spoke about. I would have preferred to … Continue reading Aphorism


The chosen format is Eight-ette. Eight-ette: 8 lines.Syllable Count: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8Rhyme Scheme: a-b-a-b-c-d-c-d or  a-a-b-b-c-c-d-d.Display Centered Written for MTB hosted by Laura Bloomsbury shakehands -wakefor partingever lasting cancel the sunriseall that's hopeful and wiseour emotional cold climesvows hold not in uncertain times