Original Soul

The mirror laughs; it’s only meNot touching real with a barge poleEternal question – to be or not to belike you? Am I a body, mind or soul? Born alone, designed by circumstanceCriticise me softly, say it aloudIs originality just a matter of chance?I’m mis-shapen, broken - but unbowed. There’s no regret, there are no … Continue reading Original Soul


Unseen, unheard

life changing moments happenwith casual or random callswe don’t know where they come fromexcept that we want it that waymoments rise from depths of Time what was it that happened ages agoleft an ache or craving in my hearta rebellion or unfulfilled desireto get it right this time arounddecisions grow from experience it seems so … Continue reading Unseen, unheard

Gods of the Universe

every story of crime or warde-souling of humanssun, moon and starsWhat’s the point in beinga mute witness?you join criminals in the dark you watch soundlesslyconfusion in un-lighted psychesfail to make truth heardhide facts in darkness or glarestrengthen erroneous beliefsno enlightenment, no relief mental stories asphyxiateno one else can relateunheeled, uncrowned islandsfloating in ethernessimperceptible, undefined dark … Continue reading Gods of the Universe


HIGH I see them jumping highchallenging their own dwarfnessnot accepting defeathoping to touch the targetand one day they do-my puppies have climbed the bed today LIGHT They are the light of my lifeBringing love and happinessI get carried away in their excitementReprimand them for damaging thingsSmiling when they don’t obeyWistfully, I long to have that … Continue reading Puppies

Let me be

I never wanted to be like her or youShe put a candle, with no single hue. Wherein her splendour proved an ecstasy,Yield my life, and dust your humility. She put a lighter thought along her lips,Silent as the dawn from a sweet eclipse! Poem generated through Website: Verse by Verse Image source: Photosonic on writesonic.com … Continue reading Let me be

We are not on automatic pilot

Laura gives us a tough assignment in MTB- Patchworking some Prose this weekend. I chose pages from the books - The Power of Intention - by Dr. Wayne Dyer and 2. Narrative Coaching by David B. Drake The lines are not very short, but so be it. Connect to the power that created you We … Continue reading We are not on automatic pilot

In my end is my beginning

Hi, Laura Thanks for the very different prompt. This is easy and tough at the same time. Endings feel so appropriate in the tired and jaded mindset I am in at this late hour. I confess I cheated a little - chose the last two lines from my poems and put them together. Let me … Continue reading In my end is my beginning

Response: MTB- Critique and Craft

To MarkLet the poetic sound of moons and stars invade your night thoughts to give you sweet dreams always for in your dreams lies the happiness you truly want. hope you enjoy the book Michelle I’m limited; I’m humanMay God be with youThrough stars, moon or sunLet radiance permeate you I see you as the … Continue reading Response: MTB- Critique and Craft