https://open.spotify.com/episode/6zunHFtBXlN3fLBSYEqhna I recall the same question being asked in interviews - Why do you want to switch over? Whatever answers I concocted; I knew the truth that I was trying to escape something. Today, I shudder to think that I didn't really want any of the things I spoke about. I would have preferred to … Continue reading Aphorism


The chosen format is Eight-ette. Eight-ette: 8 lines.Syllable Count: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8Rhyme Scheme: a-b-a-b-c-d-c-d or  a-a-b-b-c-c-d-d.Display Centered Written for MTB hosted by Laura Bloomsbury shakehands -wakefor partingever lasting cancel the sunriseall that's hopeful and wiseour emotional cold climesvows hold not in uncertain times


it’s not muscular as visionnor transforming as touchit reverberates in the worldlike sound, dispersing much its omnipresence hits me hardon my sneezing morning boutwhat irritates nasal chamberswhat has so much of clout it kick starts a good morningas the aha aroma of coffeepermeates my lazy sensesbanishes sleep powerfully my dog wakes up from slumberas the … Continue reading Intangible


I tell myself - labyrinthine turns can’t psyche meChin up, I walk straight looking at the sky aboveMy feet struggle to figure out what to do nextStraight won’t take me where I want to go Go in directions where my soul is freethere is no friction, I can plant a treewith seeds of intellect, let … Continue reading Loops


I look at you lovingly, my creationyet I know you will choose to go your own way I know you are under no obligationto behave as I want, your desires hold sway Why this unreasonable expectation?You are a person, a character, not clay You are not me - but the next generationthe future is all … Continue reading Debt


Whatever you fear most has no powerIt is your fear that has power To send you off on unwanted tangentsTo make you think of improbable thingsTo transfer your fears to othersInstilling negativity Whatever has to happen will happenYour fear is about your powerlessnessIn the face of changeBut change is what will drive youTo the next … Continue reading Fear


connected by birthexistenceon differentpages of timeHow does oneReconcile? -methodologiesof continuity-missed detailsof gently breakingchords at some point-to let the futuredevelopat its own free will Parenting-delusions ofperpetuatingone’s self-worththrough anotherdeprivinga child ofits own worth Here comes newsof another birthhalf-heartedcongratulationsfrom a mindthat sees futurediscombobulation. https://dversepoets.com/2022/06/02/meet-the-bar-with-dissonance/ https://dversepoets.com/2022/06/09/open-link-night-318-june-live-edition/


some daywhen I've masteredall forms of poetryI will feel blessed by the MakerGod's Grace God's Gracewill be neededagain, when I hunt forpublishers, opportunities,success Successdefined and howwhere does it lie - in fame,money or creativitymy call my callmay be to teachall that I learnt hard wayand there won't be any studentsWho cares? Who careswhen publisherscall poetry … Continue reading Poetry