some daywhen I've masteredall forms of poetryI will feel blessed by the MakerGod's Grace God's Gracewill be neededagain, when I hunt forpublishers, opportunities,success Successdefined and howwhere does it lie - in fame,money or creativitymy call my callmay be to teachall that I learnt hard wayand there won't be any studentsWho cares? Who careswhen publisherscall poetry … Continue reading Poetry

Humans are human, for ….

it takes you where you want to go, on invisible wingsyou are in the driver's seat, yet the bell never ringsmoments captured, embedded in code concealedbecome DNA for stories you tell, songs you sing you are in the driver's seat, yet the bell never ringsyou thought it's over, but it pulls you aheadbecome DNA for … Continue reading Humans are human, for ….

Mornings – an awakening

I woke up with a thoughtit intends to hijack my dayI looked at my goal-sheet thenI know I should not let it win it intends to hijack my dayit throws me at tangents, like a trollI know I should not let it wina growing orange ball enlightens me it throws me at tangents, like a … Continue reading Mornings – an awakening

The Power of 10

I choose to write in both the syllabic poetry forms specified by Laura Bloomsbury in MTB - Numbering Ten THE DECUAIN when you meet awesomeness, acknowledge it I wonder why some people criticize life opens windows to learn, don't miss it if you can master something, why surmise for all I know, it's envy in … Continue reading The Power of 10

Let me lie low

let me lie low, when I'm at peacelet me not my anger releaseI don't want suppressed rage to showmy dark side- to do as I pleaseI'm silent, no tantrums to throwwhen I'm at peace, let me lie low https://dversepoets.com/2022/02/24/poetry-form-sparrowlet/ https://dversepoets.com/2022/03/03/dverse-open-link-night-311-golden-wait/

Growing up

you are like me, but need to remain you watch my direction like hands on your watch walk we both do, so confirms the sidewalk subdued are you, but I do not subdue new are the shapes, funny lengths - but who knew stalking me are you, like a damn long bean stalk gawky teens … Continue reading Growing up

What do I see?

something in the line of visionattracts the eyemind wanders off-no interest something contradicts what I knowI step back tocriticise butalso notice that something confirms my beliefsI love it buttake for grantedclose the matter https://dversepoets.com/2022/01/27/poetry-form-the-minute-poem/

Jabberwocky – Did you see it?

I thought he was a friend, till he showed his fangs, bared his claws mask and gloves fell off his jaws I smelt incense in open air he showed his fangs, bared his claws unmasked terror - it was raw I smelt incense in open air I heard Evil laugh without a care unmasked terror … Continue reading Jabberwocky – Did you see it?

Fragments of a life not lived

1. waters dark and deep raging with angst just learning how to swim will I reach the other side Or find solace In between? 2. I slept well yesterday chirping birds greet me ask for their feed hunger drives the world I wonder if they think about skies beyond 3. A page fell of the … Continue reading Fragments of a life not lived


The forest looked inviting in the morning lightI t held a promise to freedom, visuals bright I breathe in fresh air, grass beneath my feet I take off blindfolds, as my tired feet bleed It held a promise to freedom, visuals bright I'm a little scared now in an unknown place I take off blindfolds, … Continue reading Irrevocable