Maniac’s Dance

Previous poem The dance of a maniac lacks the grace of a gymnast the gay abandon in expression of joy calculated steps to build a rhythm The dance of a maniac disturbs the balance of tolerant earth stirs spasmodic earthquake energy to unearth some more madness The dance of a maniac Strives – to make … More Maniac’s Dance


Well, I had fun playing around with online tools and doing this one. Thank you, Peter. for hosting this one. Here’s the pantoum I wrote.. not going anywhere’s an artjust going round in circles…but worlds are what they arefor they go around in cycles just going round in circlesmanipulate eyes to see, agreefor they go … More Circles


well-crafted words sure have a way great oratory has power to sway followers are assets -she’s so proud engagement on content speaks loud Do they walk to move with her, or await a magic pill to find solutions in blue ether? journeys  can’t be static any movement can then become Pride of the attic


they celebrate bondage, swaying to tunes condemning freedom, dancing on sand dunes notice not – slipping ground, controls shift euphoria; all’s well puppets telling stories vanish, dropped from invisible strings – their pictures float  programmed memories thought – on controlled oxygen  welcomes contamination  as new awakening seepage of venom –  never cared to know -is … More Ropes

Narcissist colors

her arrogance painted in wine on walls pushes him deeper in agony submerged in blues – a peculiar shade not of his choice purple drinks of superciliousness greet visitors -as they long  for vibrant vibes or peaceful whites In their humble abodes I see dark shadows  entwined in leafy greens as I take a flight … More Narcissist colors


remix of my songs lilting through those banned dance barsa last hiccup – for I decide not to live morediaries chucked in the bin

Who could it be?

The bell rings, Tring Tring Tring Who could it be at this hour? Eyes are shut, hands in coins jar The bell rings, Tring Tring Tring What ominous news does it bring? Eyes are shut, hands in coins jar Parasomnia, if you see from afar…. What ominous news does it bring? The truth may make … More Who could it be?


time is money takes us on scalar lines however what is precious is relative to  what happened  before or after countable is easy uncountable too vague  to talk about And we confine our existence to pre-existing frameworks time moves on finite in small capsules floating on oceans  of infinity bypassing human understanding of expansiveness and … More Time