to give up too much, too soon power of your will to trust too much, too soon withering relationships  to reveal too much, too soon untested forums  to suppress too much, too soon silent screams Folly is and Folly will be Surrender forever

Recycled Glory

genes rejig expressions -of beauty  already touched -songs already sung -colors splashed on the sky  aeons ago nothing’s original except the magician who creates illusions of uniqueness, authenticity, immortalises  delicate butterflies, breeds vanity of the swan I feel insecure tipped on points moving on circles whose toes am I stepping on? whose life am I …

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west is where the sun sets, just to restmountains envelope the blazing sun-erased memories of the day callwith dusk, nightfall, imagined endings-azure, colour of hope now morphinginto grey, navy and then charcoalspring is a while away, not too farcool minds reflect, it's not end of day P.S The prompt line is from Les Murray ‘September’ …

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It’s always me

It’s always you, it’s not me,  Mercury riding on your back with light you interact playing a game designed to sell You pass judgements on me…. You catch reflections bouncing back from my skin my core  you’ll never catch it lies so deep beneath I master language write self-portraits use a few filters from fave …

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