Crushing powers that be

How many systems failed blooming spring?When sting of darkness clipped a wingDid they ask her where she wanted to be?Powers conspired against powers that be When sting of darkness clipped a wingWas it fear or evil laughing in glee?Powers conspired against powers that beGardens withered away, not breathing free Was it fear or evil laughing … More Crushing powers that be


Physics, Chemistry, Biology Philosophy, Psychology Enzymology, Neurology coming together in three pounds fascinates me no end… I don’t look out, though nature is always around somewhere on the outskirts, concrete structures surround but restrict, more than expand I wonder what my dog thinks before giving so much tirelessly, selflessly or the sly cat who loves … More Muse


Prompt sentence It is very hard to write this way, beginning things backward… –The Torrents of Spring (1926) ALTERNATE PROSE & POETRY Who will read my autobiography? It is an excuse I give myself, every time the thought occurs. Reality is different. it bleeds Why open wounds? it’s intense agony I don’t know where the … More Memoirs

A hole in the sky

Remember when you said that? what you spewed out as words remnants of your self-esteem hurting in hope of self-repair What you spewed out as words carried venom stored for long it’s eating up your insides remnants of your self-esteem ineffective in its smallness It needs a boost for sure… hurting in hope of self-repair … More A hole in the sky


when every breath is a risk to contract disease we mask fear with vincible drapery when every thought is a risk to attract opposition we mask speech with tact in vocabulary when every act is a risk of launching rebellions we mask intent with smooth chicanery When identity is at risk of getting lost in … More Risk


I peel apples now to avoid eating wax I learnt with time how to deconstruct what people say and get to the core of what they mean polished exteriors notwithstanding A flicker of the mouth eyes wandering away to imagined lands to write another story tell me what’s fiction -and where’s the truth I peel … More Unpeeling


roads are designed to reach destinationsdon’t let roadmaps become obsessionsRoads? Where we are going we don’t need roadsReaching there will be a revelation don’t let roadmaps become obsessionsthese are frameworks to confine youreaching there will be a revelationit may not be your dream, your celebration these are frameworks to confine youroads are designed to reach … More Roads

Flowing forms

The poet I choose is Jude Itakali. You can find him in this space here. you deftly combine forms enhance beauty of each genre creative expressions- prose and poetry flowing into each other – makes me think This is life – incomprehensible in a single font or script, incomplete without myriad variations of love, joy, … More Flowing forms