Keep going

Rise up to the challenge, give me a hand shake up inertia, hit the ground and run sweet dreams at dawn, sweeter than honey dew is still fresh, but you follow the sun burn midnight oil to learn, seek your North Star fish for the treasure lying in bottom of oceans Stay committed, come hell … Continue reading Keep going

Poems Edible

I ingest a poem in chosen colors bursting with flavors emitting fragrance of a mind that plans well scanning recipes planning menus to suit the mood and weather stocks in the refrigerator It takes loving effort to lay poetry on the table It’s not to be derided As execution of duty I spent time and … Continue reading Poems Edible


Lifeis notbroken-ness-this disconnectwith my real selfmy inner bonding fallsapart, makes me see black holesin the universe - only toblame others for perceived pathos - andsplinters of false self image pierce the soula wisp of smoke expecting handshakeshow can responses be real,when acts emanate from ashadow self? Acceptancecontinuationof value inlife till wewelcomeDeath

12 Steps to Self-Actualization

your dreams will confuse much more than ever let analysis give deep perception develop insights, don't just be clever understand intent, ditch self-deception get a state of flow, stay there forever pursue excellence without exception let empathy rule all your endeavors redefine goals till they are etched in stone vision, mission, values- know your levers … Continue reading 12 Steps to Self-Actualization


fantasies mushrooming in shell-shocked minds suspended underground by power play in the skies it’s the only way to escape doom, to plant hope in a child fingering canned food thinking of tomorrow in an alien land and come back the day after under a clear blue sky events push different buttons in different people -immortalizing … Continue reading Fantasies

Looking back

Looking back is futile with miles ahead to go if you want forward movement you need to go with the flow Looking back gives insights into paths you did not take what could’ve been done better and your destiny remake Looking back is analysis to be done from a distance don’t let whirlpools pull you … Continue reading Looking back

Neutral Ether

A beautiful face bursting with confidence makes age look distinguished droopy lids bags under eyes unerasable lines signs of changing weather the winter sun poor ghost of itself hung milky and wan behind layers of cloud she once dreamt of seeing her name etched in the skyline or even a floating balloon she sees darkness … Continue reading Neutral Ether


rolling fogs conceal things at just the right time leave edited highlights -make gross patches look sublime unreliable mirrors unsure of themselves disbelieve experiments -fleeting images enable conclusions, laugh in merriment masquerading evil dons a new garb -before the first light of dawn strikes -blows its own trumpet, proves its might Tea with Florence makes … Continue reading Un-believe