she hated cookingbut looked after pots and panskept accurate records of groceryalways knew her inventory she resented and grumbledbut helped my grandpa assemblerare ingredientsfor his experimentsin alternative medicine she was not embarrassedin talking about her beautyin days youngerrejected suitors she looked afterher long hairshared beauty secretsaccepted usunconditionally Grandma was illiteratebut taught us a lotabout personality,individualitydoing … Continue reading Grandma



I think of warmer climesin loving heartssun-blessed landscapesin other geographical parts winter’s a boonfor my solitary artI collect autumn leavesread their storiesimmortalize experiencein textured charts we won’t be strangers againwhen the sun shinesI know how sultrinessmakes my skin pinefor icepacks and glowsummers packed in snow décor and recipescherished physicalityfires that light my soullive seamlesslycelebrate endlesslyit’s … Continue reading Seasonality

Dreams, Vision and Mission

limitations of visionexclude wondersor horrorson another plane dreams open upsubconscious worldsbut I take them assignals from universe I’m a part of the universeIts energy flows through meYetunfamiliar is strangebelief systems restrictacceptance of real let me open uptill magical realms showdreams and visionare as real as me-it’s my dream-it’s my life’s mission dVerse Poetics

Maybe there’s another chance

I find some old pictures,try to arrange them in serial orderalbums fall apartgaps in between start shrieking what followed is not what startednot what it was intended to be.Which chapters do I tear offto make the story look neat? The gaps start screaming nowIt’s about what was lackingI was never there on the spotand …couldn’t … Continue reading Maybe there’s another chance


it's darkabsence of lightwhere's the switch to banishlook reality in the eyeknowledge is notenough - it takesacceptance and courageto move ahead, cross obstaclesand win we havelight without heatof molten wax to singeelectric currents run through lifeconquer dVerse Poets - Bringing light in darkness


Let it go wherever it wants to goThose who believe see roses in the snow You never know what joys are trapped under iceYou need to dig life to find all things nice Discover warmth underneath, when it’s coldI’s like to die without growing old You’re not down because of cold weather bluesIt’s negativity that … Continue reading Optimism


No Sun; No Moonthick creamy days dissolvein dense charcoal nightsWe need to generate itWhatever’s called lightNo hunt; no fightNo sheers; no white faltering stepsscan sidewalkseyes adapt slowlyto dusky shadesIn witching hoursNo day; No nightNo horizon; no twilight trust reinventinghabits meltingIn unheard zonesshapes emergingfrom depths unknownNo pits; no heightsNo sky; no flights dVerse Poetics No-vember

I know who killed me

I know who killed mebut that’s not youfifty shades of greyor maybe morestopped you fromappreciatingdifferent hues I know who killed mebut that’s not youThe Lonely Ladywanted alignmentyou got swept awayignored my hungerfor all things new I know who killed mebut that’s not youThe Showgirlsflaunted wealthhated my guts and witshining through I know who killed mebut … Continue reading I know who killed me

When the marble broke

a careless construction workerdamaged the marble templeinstalled with love on your grave the news chipped awaya piece of my heartthen I hear a voicethe soul is whole… you don’t live in thereit’s a place constructedto give me emotional succorwhen I’m down and outto honor myself withloyalty badgesto tell the worldlove is immortal It sure is … Continue reading When the marble broke