A work of art

this is not a painting emotions spilling over all over the place in different colors overlapping asserting resisting merging creating illusions calling for attention…. forming shapes drawing boundaries underplaying some- emphasising other structures  to make sense… I look at  leaves of hope I painted  on top of chaos to make it look like a work … More A work of art

Tightening grips

vigour and fervour hands that clasp mine hold promises for a future Relaxed, I roam around waiting to be called back there is no sound… I come back to the cosy place an unfamiliar iron grip Rings alarms – it is too late I’m placed under house arrest a public speech, new promises there they … More Tightening grips


Prompt Line Like a ruby held up to the sunrise. Is it still a stone, or a world made of redness? (Rumi) My take on I changed the day  They saw me giving new dimensions to my reality the core remains unchanged yet, the halo is not a part of me I strive to stay … More Halo

A story of when the ice detached and people floated away

it happens when survival keeps you glued togetherI know your dark secrets, and you know mineYou stay mum, and we won’t spill thineI hate your darkness though, it’s sin forever I know your dark secrets, and you know mineI sinned less, there was no option you knowI hate your darkness though, it’s sin foreverSpeaking up … More A story of when the ice detached and people floated away


a subject of  fantasy eulogies romanticisation mystery body language for ages…. eyes  occupy centre-stage once again as contours of facial beauty get masked in viral rains… I wish transparency becomes predominant in eyes and masks leaving no misunderstanding or unpleasant remnants.


I watch people unable to grow caught in self-imposed boundaries I want to open a window let them inhale freshness revise outdated patterns start living again respect for privacy their right to individuality hinders  I take the easy path run out to escape  claustrophobia  -not acknowledging my own fear of being influenced by stunted mindsets … More Escapism

Seasonal Declarations

pages flutter on calendars -ominous declarations all that started  will end -renewed vibrations gardeners set fire to dried leaves -declaring summations personal stories define the year -await reincarnation


to give up too much, too soon power of your will to trust too much, too soon withering relationships  to reveal too much, too soon untested forums  to suppress too much, too soon silent screams Folly is and Folly will be Surrender forever