Boatman Songs

Bengali literature and music in India have a rich heritage of boatman songs. Boats have been an integral part of journeys and separations in stories. I am not sure if translations are allowed in the Poetics prompt, and I shall delete the piece if it violates rules. The song I've chosen to translate here is …

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Target markets

windows gradually  lighting up they are back home…. Once again I wish  I knew what happened in their lives during the day the darkness in other windows stops me from getting voyeuristic I don’t know what fires their minds I don’t know how do I touch their lives I shed all  misconceptions of helping people  …

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A David is born, whenever a Goliath gets arrogant about his strength. Goddess Kali is born whenever oppression increases. Tsunamis unleash their force on the world, when the ocean is unable to contain its angst. The pride of those at the receiving end prevents them from seeing the connection. They like to deceive themselves that …

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Adolescent stories

stories I grew with stories I did not write  But he was always different…. I envied him at the core yet feared him in daylight mermaids in his fish tank came alive at midnight How I wanted - to be there, but something stopped me from indulging in voyeuristic delights

Forsaking the unknown

Did she really want worship while living a suppressed life? wistfully she saw girls jumping around  rising up to meet the sky scaling up dreams on the way How she’d have loved to be commonplace, ordinary with no expectations or conduct restrictions Alas! A life not meant to be  the princess lies buried here for …

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