Palace Tales

The palace is not desolate any more, walk without fearfossilised stories come to life – stones speakI see each expression, feel each nuancethey review themselves – pain, fear, arrogance fossilised stories come to life – stones speakDid they do right, or was it an error of judgement?they review themselves – pain, fear, arroganceI’m awed by … More Palace Tales

Life is a journey

you dig, you dream you wish, you want you work, you slog you aspire, you conspire you overstretch yourself to fulfil a dream it gets magnified it looks within reach I need to get there and when you get a chance you jump at it blind It’s victory supreme you float for a while then … More Life is a journey


turmoil speaks to me like nothing else my sharp vision penetrates a calm exterior with raging storms inside storms speak to me like nothing else ticking time bombs… will they explode to consume themselves and others? bombs speak to me like nothing else where does angst go after thunder flashes do you ignore signals of … More Turmoil


silent screams of ragetear through veils of sanityBoom Boom -go hidden bombshells-nonchalant outer worldsShhh… me to rational stillness

On the move

colors, flavours tactile inspirations aroma of good food onset of celebrations infusion of novelty in small doses keeps up excitement one smells the roses wrapped up in balls to weave creativity I know it’s all short-lived with my mortality enjoying all that I can and prepared to go I may not see next summer or … More On the move

I walk through the same corridors

I walk through the same corridors againhearing sounds of cackling, raucous laughterin pure defiance – who cares what they say? labels are giddy-headed, immaturean exciting life ahead to be liveddreams are a birthright, whatever you say I walk through the same corridors againrecalling encouragement, ridiculedreams embalmed in concrete – to live again I think of … More I walk through the same corridors


flickering lamps light up homes firecrackers damage eardrums my dog curls up in my lap shivers uncharacteristically I hate festivals I hate loud sounds I wake up with a wet kiss on my cheek A soft furry touch greets good morning It all feels normal again the crisis has blown over I’ll return home tonight … More Normalcy


insanityraises its head again-hallucinations-dark accusationsof things that happenonly in the victim’s mind -but hell raisedfor all those who breathe under the same roof insanitya different levelof mind’s existence-unbridgeable wedgebetween normal mindsand shadows who believe they are realtorture themselves , others to gather proof

Fiery Skies

FIRESTORMS moonlight picnics on the beach cosy chats by fireside an oath before you kiss a ring before you commit ready for firecrackers… provocations – a way of life verbal duels welcome -you loves fireballs sneaky lies here and there struggle to find your space -you work at fireproofing watch the stars alone at night … More Fiery Skies