A few thoughts

I learn what’s goodonlywhen confronted with evilelseI’m passed off asjust okayor a has-beenwho could have done better parameters changewith environmenthow good or badI really am? a survival strategycounts as crimemy right to existcircumvented by law Does intent countor the damage?my upbringingor educationor just the stinging slapafter doing something? reborn in non-human bodiesI may commit heinous … Continue reading A few thoughts

Worth of life

idle dreamsunder a Tuscan sunset-wasting life inboat parties-floating aimlessly onchoppy watersin Krakow nights-planning a tripto Sunny Paris rich brats escapea vanilla existence-unaware of sea saltin tears-what mulling spiceslend to intoxication grounded mustard seedscrackling sesame seedsroasted to enhance flavourof a meal they know not how to cookof a life they know not how to leadof a … Continue reading Worth of life


background thoughtsinterfere with lifechange structuresof spacesI choose to live - clear debrisbefore you build homes all new thoughtsenter, move aroundin circlesget processedtill you achieve the peak statemind your processors Written for dVerse Poetics - The strange houses of Lee Madgwick

Better connected

from there to herefrom here to wherewhat a journeyin search of querencia he derides my kneeling posturethen, my folded handsand saysGo find it within … What a laconic expressionfor an iconic journeyfrom my world perceptionto a place inside me I only want sturmfreiwithout going astraythe devil’s wayA smooth sashayOf inspiring raysinto the core It matters … Continue reading Better connected

Only way to grow

Yes, you’re right, you’re spoilt for choicenot as simple as meat, veggies or ricethere’s a door to heaven, a gate to unknownif you don’t say yes, one is forever gone… Will you choose the obvious, Mom told you soor taste the thunder and let caution go?Will you regret giving up a bed of rosesbreathing in … Continue reading Only way to grow

Boundless Sky

I stay fixatedon mysterious bluesboundlessness of etherglued on the sky -fascinatedas it pulls a shrouddarkness on the day I’m sure gods live thereto hold sun, moon, starsclouds and windsbattles not spared-the sky never attacksthe sky never rescinds It’s a myth they sayyou’ll hit nothingnessyet blues hold a worlddivinity holds swaycherished and chasedstraightened, unfurled It flags … Continue reading Boundless Sky


waterlogged streets, cloudy skiesheavy downpour, clothes won’t dry yet, drop in temperaturea tremendous reliefheat is such an alienator my birthday’s just passed bybut Leo month keeps me high will this year be worse or betteror between the yearsjust another connector? A time to reflect, a time to dreammaybe it’s a chuckle or a scream I … Continue reading August

Goodbye, yellow brick road

ADVENTUREBreak the alphabetto write a new spellingthis one is skewedwith U creeping in betweenIt’s UR ventureI see callow cadetsbrandishing bayonetsshowing crowdsthe only path to success Goodbye, yellow brick roadI retreatto write my own storywhere words are notdefined by bibliophilesredefining saps meI’d rather reinventyour norms defiednot deified It doesn’t matterif roads are blue or red-it’s energy … Continue reading Goodbye, yellow brick road


that twitch of an eyea broken smile….Why does it giveA feel that I know it? Who smiled like this decades ago?Who reacted like this toimagined provocations?Who just stopped short of waraverted altercations?It’s another eraIt’s another generation... Certain things I likeSome certainly I don’t..Yet can’t deny….the power of genetics.. Do perpetrators knowwhat’s being unleashedAre they in … Continue reading Genetics


I envy the artist or filmmaker who fleshes out imagination, and presents it in two or three dimensions. Some people can relate to the characters. To all others, it’s as vague as the sky - an illusion to keep imagination engaged. The root of all disappointment in the world is that we derive comfort from … Continue reading Sky