Soul Management

I cannot be an eagle, though I wish to fly high I am blessed with a penetrating vision that cuts through veils and layers of deception. Yet, what I see is an adversary, not a prey. Shedding feathers is painful, as the stories about eagles plucking feathers in isolation say. They rebirth and live for … More Soul Management


they celebrate bondage, swaying to tunes condemning freedom, dancing on sand dunes notice not – slipping ground, controls shift euphoria; all’s well puppets telling stories vanish, dropped from invisible strings – their pictures float  programmed memories thought – on controlled oxygen  welcomes contamination  as new awakening seepage of venom –  never cared to know -is … More Ropes


You fling it open for the first time/but I’m gone A box that held my dreams A box that was my vision board A box of changing aspirations A box that captured transitions You fling it open with suspicion/ but relax It shows flowing water It shows many versions It shows evolution of spirit It … More Unboxed


humans in boxes complain the box is different from what others  live in… they feel uncomfortable In fresh air It’s scary, they say too much freedom… They look for  a change of box not a way out maybe a way to a larger box


I remember a poem called ‘A reason or a season” widely in circulation on social media a couple of years back. The poet opined that people come into our lives with a specific purpose, and we should let them go when they choose to go.The purpose has been fulfilled. What disconnects is a vital clue … More Connections


I spoke to two friends today – a corporate executive and a doctor. Both echoed the same thoughts in response to “How are things with you?” The fifty plus generation does not have much paid work left to do,  We have hit a glass ceiling. Experience is an impediment to those who want rookies to … More Bone-Weary

A work of art

this is not a painting emotions spilling over all over the place in different colors overlapping asserting resisting merging creating illusions calling for attention…. forming shapes drawing boundaries underplaying some- emphasising other structures  to make sense… I look at  leaves of hope I painted  on top of chaos to make it look like a work … More A work of art


landing dab in the middle of chaotic states being stabbed where  voice originates nobody has a clue of the grit it takes to just survive, not win or create majorities always win without debate it feels as if makers of the world died intestate