The forest looked inviting in the morning lightI t held a promise to freedom, visuals bright I breathe in fresh air, grass beneath my feet I take off blindfolds, as my tired feet bleed It held a promise to freedom, visuals bright I’m a little scared now in an unknown place I take off blindfolds, … More Irrevocable


flickering lamps light up homes firecrackers damage eardrums my dog curls up in my lap shivers uncharacteristically I hate festivals I hate loud sounds I wake up with a wet kiss on my cheek A soft furry touch greets good morning It all feels normal again the crisis has blown over I’ll return home tonight … More Normalcy


change crosses my path every day imperceptibly slow -sometimes I stop and evaluate how far have I come careening change sweeps me to other planes leaves me gasping for breath wondering If I’m still alive… Change mocks I don’t change impact on you changes


insanityraises its head again-hallucinations-dark accusationsof things that happenonly in the victim’s mind -but hell raisedfor all those who breathe under the same roof insanitya different levelof mind’s existence-unbridgeable wedgebetween normal mindsand shadows who believe they are realtorture themselves , others to gather proof


The shadow gets darker as light changes in autumn evenings. It spreads arms on both sides, as if it wants to hug me. I’m curious. I’d like to know it better. Where does it live? What does it do? Why do we fear those who exist on a different plane? I guess because they are … More Shadows

Fiery Skies

FIRESTORMS moonlight picnics on the beach cosy chats by fireside an oath before you kiss a ring before you commit ready for firecrackers… provocations – a way of life verbal duels welcome -you loves fireballs sneaky lies here and there struggle to find your space -you work at fireproofing watch the stars alone at night … More Fiery Skies

Found Poetry

Found Poem Somewhere  there  the flash of  short-term memory waiting to speak to fill in empty space with name, date, trivia, punch line. holding the shadow of life to go on hundred times a day. I greet my neighbour, who smiles looking for some clue,  anything to break the spell of disappointments in long-term memory … More Found Poetry


ash-grey eyes match the charcoal dress make me visualise her rising like a Phoenix from wherever she’s dumped dreams embalmed in an egg now sprout wings fly across the sky on the same path as the Sun Determination beats both life and death


Pain is an impermanent state. One wallows in it, internalises it, learns all possible lessons and then gets on with the business of life. juxtapositionhelps highlight what needs to bechucked out or retained What surprises is not the pain, but the response it elicits from others. Some insist on giving you more, some help you … More Pain